1. Nitemare from bps and its a very known fact idk why this nigga tryna gatekeep when the nigga that did it died like 5 years ago lol

  2. Niggas be thinking nitemare got killed by 40s etc, he got killed by like menlos or 50s, I think menlos tho somebody that was brim huntin . Wasn’t no 40s , 30s none of that

  3. Nah I ain’t gone cap that’s not it, You def close but nitemare ain’t hit him, he wasn’t even there. He tried to kill Africa a different time but he smoked somebody else. Cause the niggas that did it got hit in the face by Africa boy and everything and Lived. When nitemare got popped, he died.

  4. Nitemare got hardhead frm 40s at Vermont square park, Africa seen nitemare got away and told niggas and that’s what got nitemare killed by the dyke frm 50s

  5. half of la know this and talk about this, and I ain’t give up no names lol who I tell on, a blood in la that’s poppin on ig 😂😂😂😂 like it’s not 10 million of them

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