What five star public bathrooms are you willing to share with your Reddit friends?

  1. I found an unmarked bathroom in my building one day when I was walking around and tapping my card on random readers. That's pretty 5-star to me!

  2. Any 5 guys. I mystery shop them and a bathroom inspection is part of the assignment. In 10 years I have never ever found one that is not clean, fully stocked, and smelling good. I have done hundreds of shops.

  3. I have a better one. The bathrooms in the Taylor Center for the performing arts, next to the box office. So nice and so quiet. I would walk across campus to those washrooms all the time just for some peace

  4. Dalhousie Canadian Tire. Always clean and private. The suction when you flush is enough to make you think it'll pull out some innards if you're still sitting.

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