What Calgary winter related hacks are you willing to share?

  1. If you have not changed to your winter tires, and do not have access to a garage, go to a parkade and do it there. Preferably an underground one that is heated. You can be warm and do it quickly instead of freezing outside changing them.

  2. A worked with a guy who did all his car maintenance on weekends in our office parkade. Tires, oil changes, brake jobs.

  3. Lanolin is the best form of lip chap. The easiest way to find it is as nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers. It works amazingly well.

  4. To add on to this, avoid chapstick that has peppermint or menthol, which will only irritate your lips and promote further dryness/dry flaky skin on them

  5. I do this with blistex lipmedex. I find that 3 consecutive nights with it on takes care of the worst cracked/chapped lips.

  6. or use blistex ointment instead. brings instant relief and nothing to lick off. chap stick is supposed to be preventative, not treatment.

  7. I don’t put on makeup when I’m going for a walk in this weather. Instead I apply a thin layer of Vaseline over sunscreen. It keeps my skin from drying out after spending 1 hour walking in -20c and below.

  8. Vaseline is like my secret weapon. I mix it with lotion for trouble spots on my body. Mainly my lower back and my lower legs. I dunno why but they get so dry and painfull itchy.

  9. Long underwear, thin light gloves under regular gloves, pull a neckwarmer up over your face so you don't fight with a scarf

  10. I got a thin set of long underwear for -5 to -15, a thick set of stanfields for -16 to -25 and then just double those up if it’s below -26! I love being outside in the winter and long johns make it that much more enjoyable!

  11. Tbh KN-95s are the best winter gear I own now. It’s wind proof, it’s not right against your face so it doesn’t get wet and cold, it’s just a perfect pocket for your mouth and nose to be protected from the cold. It also doesn’t get drastically unpleasant or hot as soon as you go inside. People may make fun of me for wearing a mask outdoors, but I don’t care at all, my face feels great.

  12. For the life of me, I can’t be without tissues. I don’t even have cold but nose keeps running. I feel like I should have tissue stuck to my nose.

  13. Better yet, get one of 'em portable tissues packs where you can pull out tissues as needed, and throw it into one of the weird, out-of-the-way zippable pockets on your winter coat.

  14. Keep a spray bottle of -45 windshield wiper fluid in your car and near your front door. You can just spray it on your windshield to get the ice melting while your car is warming up. This is much better than using your car fluids as it will sometime freeze up preventing you from using it.

  15. Nice one, never heard it before. Good way to avoid chewing up your wipers after losing all patience for the ice to come off.

  16. I keep one in my car specifically to clean off the back-up camera which gets dirty easier in the winter.

  17. Don’t forget the roof or the snow blows back onto your freshly wiped back window, or worse case scenario chucks fly off and hit the windshield of the cars behind you.

  18. Snow blindness is a real thing, don’t feel weird if you feel like you need to wear sunglasses outside during the winter.

  19. Second to this: Nothing wrong with wearing polarized sunglasses while driving in overcast weather. As long as they’re not dark sunglasses they’ll actually help to improve your visibility.

  20. Get a good broom, too. I can often avoid shovelling altogether if I just head out and do a quick sweep every hour or so while there’s only an inch or so of snow on the ground.

  21. Yep - if you leave it, the combination of thaw/freeze and people treading all over it means you can't really shovel down to bare concrete without an ice chipper.

  22. Keep a winter sleeping bag or blanket in case you end up stuck in traffic in snowstorm. Car doesn't heat that well when you are standing in -30 blizzard.

  23. Buy a cheap push broom from the dollar store and keep it in your trunk. Its 5x as big as a normal snow brush and the bristles are the same. No matter how much snow is on your car, it only takes about 15 seconds to completely clear the snow off.

  24. .1 Learn to put your snow tires on yourself. Then you can just check the forecast and put them on a few days before the first snow.

  25. As someone who works in a dealership but removed from the sales people - yeah... I have got a bit of a chuckle from the screaming Karen's though.

  26. Or better yet, put winter tires on before it snows AND getting a vasectomy, ensuring that you can’t put the tires on even if you wanted to for two weeks.

  27. I spent a winter in bank view! We would sit on our balcony and watch cars slide backwards and hit the parked cars on the side. If you live in bank view, don’t park on the hills, if you can avoid it!

  28. I was born here, and have lived here for 60 of my 70 years. Always been an outdoors guy, worked search & rescue for a bunch of years in this and other provinces. Plenty hacks;

  29. Try not to let your fuel tank drop below 1/4 tank. You risk getting a moisture build up in the tank and water in your fuel making it harder to start and keep running. I generally fill up when it gets to 1/2 a tank.

  30. If you're due for an oil change, pay a little extra for full synthetic before the cold weather hits. Full synthetic is significantly better for your engine in extreme cold weather, and actually makes it easier to start the car.

  31. Only live in houses that don’t have sidewalks. It prevents you from having to shovel a huge amount of snow multiple times a week when we get weather like this!

  32. The cold can be overbearing. But keep in mind that no matter how cold it is, there's a chinook coming. So keep your eyes looking to the South West for that all familiar warm-air arch in the sky. Knowing there's a respite coming can help you power through several cold weeks in a row. -30 on a Tuesday morning? No problem, "they" say that on Friday it's going to be +3.

  33. Honestly, that was the worst part of living in Edmonton. I could see the Chinook Arch from where I worked and knew it was probably hovering around zero there, while I was freezing my ass off and -25 and howling wind.

  34. Bruh my neighbor has a beautiful Tesla which he parks outside on the driveway. Occasionally leaving the doors open. Like bro you bought a status symbol car and THAT'S how you treat it?

  35. My wife is from Texas, and insisted we do this before winter was even on the horizon. She can't even fathom the idea of leaving the car out in snow and ice.

  36. My block all have 2-3 car garages. We are the ONLY house on our block that can park both vehicles in our double car garage.

  37. If you forgot your snow brush and need to scrape some ice off your car, credit cards (or any card in general) are a surprisingly good alternative

  38. I'll agree with most it doesn't do much to warm up the engine on most newer cars, but a remote start as I'm putting my shoes on at least gives the heated seats/steering wheel a minute or two head start to take the edge off... That's the game changer.

  39. If you work in an office all day and/or burn the shit out of things, get an instant pot. Quality, cheap, warm meals ready when you get home.

  40. Leave some extra space between you and the car ahead of you when stopped at lights. When you can, watch the traffic pattern and anticipate when your light will turn green, ease off the brake a bit to allow your car to get some grip. It will make it easier to accelerate.

  41. You can enjoy a beautiful walk in winter too! Dress appropriately and enjoy the sunshine. Microspikes can help prevent slippage.

  42. Battery powered snowblower! If you are fit and don’t have too much area to shovel, a good shovel works but for fat, broken back guy like me, battery powered snowblower has been an wonderful purchase.

  43. Carry light gloves and toque with you whenever you go out in addition to the gloves you might normally use. The light gloves work great as a back up or for layering and a toque is a quick fix when it starts feeling colder than you expected...

  44. You wanna walk on ice? Lean forward a little and kinda waddle like a penguin but not enough that it’s noticeable and you can walk on ice simple as

  45. A half decent pair of rubber boots works great in winter and in deep snow, just fire on 1-2 pairs of thick winter socks on under and you’ll be good.

  46. This gives me flashbacks of students in Boston in the winter. either knee high Hunters and warm socks or summer athletic shoes. That’s 95% and other footwear is maybe the remaining 5%

  47. Once and a while, go to a fitness club with a hot tub or sauna. Many places have drop in rates. Get your body warm again.

  48. Driving on shitty roads is a fact of life in Alberta, if you drive at all you're probably gonna have to do it sometime. Top 3 tips:

  49. Scrub your headlights with snow to remove the road grime and save washer fluid. Makes your lights work better and you can be seen.

  50. Those with automatic vehicles, you CAN gear down in your vehicle. When rolling down a hill or approaching an intersection where people in front of you are slowing down, gear down! It slows your engine before you need to tap your brakes.

  51. Let your car warm up. To the point that it’s melting any ice on your windshield. Anyone that says you don’t need to let your vehicle warm up is either trying to sell you a new car or has never lived through a Canadian winter with -30. Do it. Every time. Plastic bullshit will break instantly. Viscous fluids will blow lines. Cavitation from the extreme cold will destroy pumps. Don’t even try to tell me otherwise, go back to Texas. Also during prolonged colds snaps make sure to start you car every day so the battery doesn’t freeze solid. P.s plug your car in if you can, don’t be cheap, it’s the cost of driving during the winter.

  52. Always keep your vehicle topped up with fuel - learned the hard way that during storms it can take more than two hours to get home

  53. Keep a freezer bag or two full of cat litter for insanely icy patches your car has no chance of scaling. Got out of a steep parking lot exit in Fernie with a nearly jack-knifed uhaul attached only by tossing some cat litter around the tires (it was girlfriends idea love you baby). And yes we had winter tires, it was ice all the way up baby.

  54. Emergency car care kit in vehicle, and a collapsible shovel. Lord that shovel saved me one year after I had to dodge around an idiot that still had summer tires in January.

  55. I literally leave a hair dryer on my night stand. When I get in bed I run it under the covers until it’s toasty warm. Be sure to cup your hand over the back air intake so sheets don’t block the air flow. Also don’t fall asleep with it on or burn yourself. I’ve been doing it for 20 years and bought one just for using in bed. I’m not responsible if you burn yourself or your house down lol

  56. You can get a heated mattress pad at Costco that you can schedule to come on automatically every evening. (I do this, and then turn it off when I get into bed.)

  57. Plan home gatherings and hang out with Friends. You may not be able to go out because of the cold but atleast it will be less depressing hanging out with friends. :)

  58. Somein shared this to me a few yeqrs back. You know those small silica packs that absorb moisture in bags or shoes? There are bigger packs like those and if you put them inside your car, they help prevent frost buildup on the inside.

  59. Put you heavy coat on while you are doing the last 5 minutes of tasks before you leave the house. Like getting a coffee to go, turning off lights, gathering belongings, when you are ready to leave you are quite heated up. Mitts and toque on. When you get outside you don’t feel a blast of cold. You feel a perfect amount of warm.

  60. Exercise your dog in underground heated parkades. Obviously not every walk but some time spent running around there helps get their exercise needs met.

  61. If you own a vehicle, make sure to get rock chips repaired right away. With the freeze/thaw cycles Calgary gets that chip will turn into a cracked windshield very quickly.

  62. Nasogel. Basically saline in a gel spray. I used to get sick every year with a sore throat and sinus infection. I started using it to moisturize my sinuses and I haven't got sick since. Calgary is very dry and your sinuses will thank you for a little moisture.

  63. Move to somewhere not here. I find myself asking why the hell do I stay?!?! This is not my kind of climate

  64. Take up skiing or snowboarding. Instead of groaning about "more white sh%t that you have to shovel", you'll start planning your next trip. It definitely makes winter more bearable if you can associate snow with fun.

  65. 150+/day is just too expensive now to be a consistent activity. I'm gonna learn to skate and play some hockey this year instead. Free rinks everywhere.

  66. Putting the car in lower gear assists when stopping (either manual or automatic). Putting it in neutral only helps you coast and isn’t recommended since you might forget to switch out of neutral if you suddenly need to accelerate.

  67. Where did all you people hear that putting your car in neutral is a good idea to slow down let alone any time while driving? MAYBE in an old RWD vehicle (To avoid rear wheels locking up under engine braking causing a skid) but this is generally useless or downright BAD advice in any modern vehicle. The gas is just as useful as the brakes in unexpected situations.

  68. Life's too short to drive boring cars. Throw good snow tires on a rear-wheel-drove sports car, use a bit of bravery and skill, and powerslide through winter like a boss. Make it fun, it's here for half the goddamn year.

  69. You can get a car heater, that plugs in and just heats up your car over night. I plug in both the heater and the block heater if it's really cold. Snow melts when it touches my car. Windows are always clear and doesn't need to warm up for 20 minutes.

  70. If you use transit, wear a pair of wool socks while commuting and pack a pair of normal socks to change into when you get to were you're going. Frostbite sucks.

  71. Vitamin D! So many people are deficient, especially during winter, and no one told me this until this past summer so wanted to spread this around.

  72. Cheap men's snowpants from Walmart, big enough to fit over your clothes. Sorel snowboots, big clunky ugly, can't drive stickshift with them on, but OMG the best warmest winter boots for dog walks!

  73. Windshield snow covers! They are like a giant eye mask for your car and the 'ear straps' go around the side mirrors. You pull it off in the morning and rarely have to scrape or wait for the defrosting. I picked one up at Canadian tire 7 years ago. Best winter hack ever!

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