Is anyone else in Calgary having a super hard time getting in to see their family doctor?

  1. My old family doctor, who just retired, was booking appointments 3-4 weeks out. I think he had way too many patients that he took on because after he retired, two new doctors took over his practice and now I can get in pretty much within the next day or two after calling.

  2. We don't always get to see our specific doctor, but our clinic will always get us in within a few days. My kid had a issue last week and they had us in (with another doctor) two hours later, even though it wasn't an emergency and we could have waited a few days.

  3. This seems like a better system. I know that mine has some same day appointments but I feel bad taking one as it's just routine prescription renewal I need. At the same time, I drive in two hours from out of town and them cancelling the day prior is a huge inconvenience.

  4. No reason given. They said I could have a phone appointment which I did take but I have close to 20 prescriptions needing to be refilled and other issue to talk to them about and phone seems not enough time. It's super disappointing.

  5. I do not have that issue, never have. I can call my doctor and can sometimes get in within a couple of days, the following week maximum. It sounds like your Dr maybe has too many patients or something. My doctor closed his new patient books.

  6. I can usually get in same day I call in the afternoon or next day. Super old fashioned doc. He doesn’t take new patients anymore.

  7. Yes, takes me 3 weeks to get in and see my GP. I remember when I used to be able to see them in a couple of days. Not sure if they’re taking on too many patients or they’re busier now

  8. I can for sure and I took a phone appointment they had, but I have around 20 prescriptions and it's just hard to get them all right when we're not in person. Usually I just give her the list. I also want to talk to her about other things like a GI referral, so it's just a lot to get into a phone conversation is all.

  9. I just called to book an appointment for chest pain and the receptionist said my doctor is fully booked. I asked if they could put me for a later date and she said nope can't make an appointment cuz she is fully booked. Forget 3-4 weeks, I couldn't even get an appointment...

  10. I'm a healthy (as far as I'm aware) male in late 20s and never had a family doctor. There are a few medical concerns including scheduling a full physical that I want to schedule ASAP as I have quality of life concerns now. I tried for the last few weeks to get a family doctor but all the offices listed as accepting new patients asked me to fill out some form but never contacted me back. Are these things (including mental enquiries) something a walk-in doctor can address?

  11. I have a really great doctor at Chinook Mall Medical, Dr. Safi Saeed. AFAIK he's still taking new patients and there are at least a couple of other doctors there as well. It never takes long to get in to see him. A few days at most, sometimes a little longer but that's because I don't want to take time off work. He also does phone consults for results, etc.

  12. We used a virtual service. It worked out well. The doctor prescribed my daughter medication and also asked us to get X-rays. We got the requisition online and got them done.

  13. Where are they all going? Because it sure as shit isn't any of the other Canadian provinces because their doctor shortages are even more acute.

  14. I don't feel I'm like that as a patient but I understand what you're saying. I'm sure everyone in the medical community is getting burnt out which is unfortunate. They don't deserve that.

  15. Doctors burnt out and frustrated with "me first" attitudes is rich considering they leave about 100 unfilled Family Medicine residencies every year.

  16. Shoppers Drug Mart does prescription consults and can refill them if that’s all you need. They can also get you lab requisitions.

  17. Wow I didn't know that! I'd like to be tested for my cancer marker as well so maybe I can just go see them and get it all done. Thank you!

  18. My family doctor has definitely reduced her workload and is this hard to see. But if there is an emergency the clinic can usually find a way to make it work.

  19. A month is quite a long time. I’ll usually see any of the doctors at the clinic that I go to, there’s 3 that I see regularly but one is listed as my “family doctor”.

  20. I've never made an appointment with my doctor, and I've never waited over 30 mins from walking in to seeing my doctor.

  21. Mine is a month wait but has been for a long time. I tried to get a new doctor but they declined me because I had too many chronic conditions that I saw specialist for and the new doctor preferred to handle everything herself. Kinda glad she declined me.

  22. My doctor is at Braeside in an old pizza hut and they do walk ins. Yesterday I was able to book an appointment for Thursday. Granted the appointment is for noonish and I had to get work sorted out for that.

  23. I've never had a family doctor, and on the one or two occasions where I saw one (like 2 and 12 years ago) I just used walk-ins. Unrelated, but I am related to a GP and they gave patients one-year notice of their retirement... and good luck to those people finding a new one.

  24. My family doctors office used to have one doctor as walk in only and then the family gp. So if you had an issue that couldn't wait you could see the walk in. If you could wait, you booked an appointment for a day or two later.

  25. Yeah, I'm having a lot of trouble seeing mine since he died of COVID and my new family doctor, his replacement, since he moves to Nova Scotia.

  26. No haven’t had that experience yet. Have you tried walk in clinics? Sometimes you can get good care in walk in clinics. Might be a long wait but at least you will see a doctor the same day. But yes there is a shortage of doctors in Alberta

  27. Yes it seems like all the dr. Offices close now at noon or 1 when online it will say they close at 5 or 4 . Even going in and there's not many people or 1 person waiting ? Must be short on Dr.s???

  28. It usually takes me about a week to get in with my family Dr. If I have a more urgent issue they are part of the primary care network and I can normally get in to the after hours clinic to be seen the same day. Not sure how it would work for recurring prescription refills but if it was taking a month I’d be searching for a new practice.

  29. I always had that problem with my family doctor when I lived in Calgary. She was my GP since I was born, and she was alright but the wait time was always brutal. I used to get respiratory infections frequently and any time I called it was a 3-4 week wait, so I ended up going to walk ins for most stuff other than physicals that I could schedule way in advance. After she moved the practice to a different building I noticed signs in all the waiting rooms that explained she had like 1000s of patients or whatever (can’t remember the exact number but it was big) and so to basically expect long wait times for everything. This was all pre covid. I think depending if your doctor is the only one at that practice that could be part of it. Too many patients, not enough doctors at that practice. Moved to Edmonton last year, and it took 8 months on a waiting list to get a new family doctor. Had to make an appointment recently and she was booked up for 2 -3 weeks. So I think it’s probably pretty common right now.

  30. Not normal, and not acceptable. Can even call 811 to ask which clinics they are aware of that have walk-in doctors and book an appointment for same or next day.

  31. If you have a company benefits plan, check if it covers virtual doctor’s visit. I just used Lumo health app which is on our plan to get an appointment yesterday within 4 hours of registering. GP online for 30 min video consult and then she prescribed medication. Very convenient.

  32. you want to switch family doctor ? ... did you not realized yet that those are in short supply and it is going to be harder to get one.

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