what's a scam that people living in Calgary should be aware of?

  1. I've never had the pleasure of speaking to one myself, but I'm assuming that those people on the downtown street corners (the ones with nametags and lanyards) are wanting money in some form or another.

  2. The one that talked to me was raising money for something to do with animals. Not that he sounded scammy or anything, I really just don't remember the details. I always just tell them I am poor. Which isn't exactly a lie.

  3. i did this for a few months. similar concept but the company i worked for is contracted by some charities for a certain amount of money and these employees then ask for donations for that charity. the business model seems so dumb and a waste of donations. they also don’t allow one time donations, you have to pledge a certain amount monthly. it feels so scummy and basically the money made from donations isn’t that high so it just covers the wages of these people. and they don’t get paid hourly, it’s a lump sum per day plus a bonus on each donation and if you get 3 donations in one day you get promoted to team lead. if you consistently get 3 donations a day for a week or 2 weeks, you get to open your own office somewhere in the city and manage your own team. i doubt the charities profit anything from this so idk maybe it’s a tax write off or some bs

  4. One talked to me a few months ago and said “can you help me? Only thing is you need to be 25”. I said sorry no I’m not 25… but I wonder what they wanted from me that I needed to be 25??

  5. This should be tops. Fuck Kyle Lumsden. Fuck that whole company. Such predators. And then they are probably the worst trades people in the industry. I swear they must not pay much at all because all of their employees are either fresh out of school or downright incompetent. For the love of everything good, NEVER USE CLEARVIEW. I wish everyone in the city could hear this. There is no company so prevalent in Calgary seemingly scamming every customer they have. I think it’s cause they advertise a lot.

  6. Action Furnace was like that to me too. As soon as they walked in the door to clean my ducts it was all about the monthly membership. Even though I said I might be selling or leaving the country. Then up selling the cleaning solution. Then told me I should buy a new furnace and hot water tank, when I said I don’t have that kind of money I got a long spiel about how it’s better to buy new instead of repair. Did more sales then work.

  7. Omg I’ve been trying to find answers about all the marketplace mattresses!! So many “liquidation” and “warehouse” sales and I had no idea if they are legit. Not quite like you explained but “brand new” in the plastic mattresses for like $100-$300 I was sus

  8. I'm so sick of seeing people BS on the pricing for anything on there. Kijiji is a nightmare too. If you're trying to find a used car both will be flooded with payment plans from dealerships. I honestly think they should be banned from the platforms.

  9. Yup, so many times I've seen everything from PC's to tires advertised on FB marketplace for low low prices only to read the description and see it says "monthly payments of x,y,z"

  10. Tbf a new mattress at Costco is $800-$1200 so they’re cheaper AND offering financing on a new item like that.

  11. People who phone you our your business claiming to be Enmax and threatening to cut your power if you don’t pay them within a couple hours. Even tell you not to phone Enmax but rather the number they provide you with. Tried my partners work and then 20 mins later tried my work as well. Makes me wonder how many people it’s worked on.

  12. I spent a week leading one of these people on, wasting their time. Was it the smartest choice? Probably not. But it was funny to see them slowly get more and more frustrated til they ended up blocking me.

  13. that step up 4 kidz foundation. i asked for a legitimate registration and something to make me feel like i am contributing to the cause, and the guy shows me a permit that he can have his table at the safeway entrance. what a con artist.

  14. Yeah. I came here to say this guy. Unfortunately I did donate something like $20 bucks to “Step up 4 kids”. I was dumb. He was selling cookies in return. Sleeze.

  15. - MLM's being pitched in coffee shops/library. If someone approaches you just "loving" your book or your outfit and then launches into an unrelated conversation about your happiness at work... just be aware that they fully believe they are about to retire at 30 in a business model that has a 1% chance of earning them money.

  16. This happens at retail jobs all the time. I was working at Chinook mall about ten years ago when I first moved here and thought “wow this is my shot at a great paying job” then the person couldn’t even explain what the job was was. RED FLAG.

  17. I had no idea it was a scam until I saw comments like this a month or so ago, but I've gotten several of these calls. Explains why they're rude and just hang up after I tell them I live in an apartment.

  18. Yup, another one is I keep recieving mail that goes on about how someone wants to buy my house.....I live in a 12 door townhouse complex thing

  19. tldr; if someone calls you and you don't recognise the number, DO NOT ANSWER AND LET IT GO TO VOICEMAIL. A lot of scam/spam happens from you even just ANSWERING in the first place, as that explicitly confirms a human is at your number and answers. If you let it go to voicemail every time (for a number you don't recognise) then that actually typically reduces the scam/spam you get as they are more inclined to mark the number as useless. These records are resold amongst scammers/spammers, so if you answer, other future scammers/spammers are more likely to call you as a result of you even just answering.

  20. If someone ever sits near you specifically (right in front of you/behind you/across from you) out of the many empty seats on the transit, move. Their next move will be to ask if you have a phone they can borrow because they're "lost", if you say no they'll follow you out whatever station you get off. And they'll keep following you asking for money, saying they're not from here (will usually say from Cochrane) sob story about getting lost, and since you have no change, they know there's an ATM machine at the station.

  21. Had a guy once ask for money. Saw he had a limited yellow/black G-Shock on. Said I’d give him $20 right now for it. Said no and walked away.

  22. What I find funny is that the ATMs at the train stations have like $300 put in them every month and it's never replenished lmao

  23. Dont know if the furnace scammers are still going door? They “sell” you a furnace you never actually own and are conned into renting and then to sell your house they make you pay the remainder which is 3 times what the furnace is worth..

  24. Your great-great-grand-nephew that you've never heard of before has been arrested and is using his one phone call to call you, and you specifically, for bail...via ITunes gift cards...

  25. Trying to scam for iTunes gift cards baffles me. Who tf is using them? What do people even use them for 😂

  26. I always find it ridiculous that they want to be paid in gift cards and the victims that fall for it don't find it weird that they're paying some company or government in gift cards rather then cash or credit etc

  27. Those tables at grocery stores have sketchy organizations sometimes. The one promising laptops for kids got $40 from me and I felt like the biggest dumbass when I looked them up later.

  28. Yeah I feel like donating at stores (either at checkout or at a table) is always a bad idea. Just donate on your own (bonus, you get a tax receipt).

  29. Not confirmed to be a scam but dubious enough to be wary of. The lack of drive to become an actual charity is the biggest red flag as they continue to ride on the fact many people won't know the distinction between charity and not for profit.

  30. The classic guy-approaches-you-in-the-parking-lot-with-a-jerry-can ("my car ran out of gas while I was driving to get my child cancer medicine and I just need half a tank to get me to where I was going - no I can't let you buy me gas with your credit card, only cash will work in this particular situation, you can trust me man") scam.

  31. Donating to value village, thinking that it goes to charity. Have you seen what they charge for some of that used clothing?

  32. Was selling my car on kijiji and this guy messaged me to get some random carfax equivalent thing claiming it was better than carfax and that as the seller of the car I should provide it. Told him to fuck off and that I already had 4 people lined up to see my car.

  33. Anyone who post looking for help or support but includes a very long sob story! Normally something about kids, a single parent or someone is sick. A lot of the time it’s a scam and you’ll see when they only reply to people who offer money Especially with the holiday season fast approaching we’re gonna see more and more people asking for help this way

  34. The home security sales people are contracted. That’s the hilarious thing. Years ago I worked for Telus retail and those contractors always created heat for us.

  35. - People who ask you to cash a cheque that's mailed to you. You buy a few things for them, "you can keep the rest." Your account goes into deficit for the bounced check.

  36. Speaking of tipping, be aware of the dicks who add the tip onto the machine before handing the machine to you to pay.

  37. Real estate agents telling you that you’re building equity by simply making your regular mortgage payments. You’re paying interest for that “equity”!

  38. I had a car full of people pull up as I was walking down the street in Beltline - looked like a family but the passenger asked me if I would hold on to his gold ring.. I thought it was pretty strange so refused and just kept walking and they drove off but I think it was the makings of some type of scam.

  39. What, just like, rolled the window down, waived you over, asked you to hold on to a gold ring while all the family members were watching?

  40. Try explaining this to your in-laws. The UPC is not the party you voted for under Lougheed and Klein.

  41. Buying food to donate to the food bank, give them cash instead. They can buy food for a lot cheaper than you can.

  42. That's not actually true. At least not universally. They don't get discounts or any special deals. They have to use volunteer power to shop and look for deals. So they may get cheaper food, but it isn't without its own cost.

  43. Used car sellers being asked to get a car report using the interested buyers contact. Not unique to Calgary but something people should know about. They don’t care about buying the car, they just get a commission from the people that buy the report.

  44. Those "foreign charity" people with clipboards and 1 single laminated flyer who want your credit card info right away?? And then when you walk away, they guilt you with the ol' "THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!"

  45. Not sure if they are still active, but there used to be a mother-son looking duo that would ask for money in downtown. The son would give some story about how their car died and need to get back to Airdrie and ask for some money for a taxi, while the mom would look sad as if they are running away from a house or something.

  46. There was a post on my neighbourhood fb group recently saying that a man was going around knocking on doors and telling people that there was something wrong with their car. He would try and lure them outside and then show them a “flaw” in their headlights and try and sell them a “solution”. It scared a lot of people.

  47. I never give money at lights, because that's enabling a dangerous situation for everyone. But every once in a while I give money to someone who asks me directly, usually outside a 7-11. Then I feel stupid, because in that moment I forget about the organizations and support networks they are choosing not to use. The options aren't enviable, but they are there for a person when they've had enough and want to change.

  48. I fell for one where you take out loans of over a hundred thousand dollars that you're expected to pay back by spending a third of the entire rest of your life or more working for the profit of someone you've never even met, and if you fail to do so you freeze on the street. It's very insidious and impossible to get out of, please be careful.

  49. Did you take this out from a financial institution or a private lender? If you went through a financial institution and there's no possibility of paying this back, it might be worth looking at a consumer proposal. There are ways to resolve this.

  50. Parking. Their system will ultimately kill you in parking fees and tickets. They’ve built it so you either get charged out the ass for 10 mins of parking( because you don’t cancel) then they’ll ticket you, somehow even if you’re just stopping for a minute to check your texts. City of Calgary parking tips my list of scams.

  51. Most panhandlers you shouldn’t give money to. A lot of them want it for not food, some just dress up then go to there nice new car cause it pays pretty well compared to a lot of jobs. Also giving them money promotes this behaviour, if no one is willing to give, no one is going to do this for long.

  52. I don't think it's anything you said specifically, but it reminded me of this song/spoken word thing a friend introduced me to a long time ago. Thought I'd share it just in case someone enjoys it :)

  53. Man, 11:30 PM on Christmas Eve. They looked so confused when I told them the time and told them in no uncertain terms to fuck off. But they did fuck off.

  54. I fell for one of those ladies who stand outside a supermarket parking lot with a sign saying she and her kids needed help. Honestly though, it wasn’t the worst way I’ve spent $40… whether she actually needed the money more than me or not. Didn’t know this was a scam until a few months later when I saw something about it on Reddit lol.

  55. Really! They posted on Facebook yesterday that they’d closed for good. Someone commented that the staff are finding out from that post and weren’t told otherwise.

  56. Any Kijiji offer to buy a vehicle that wants you to do an online form with the VIN. They are relentless

  57. I was approached at superstore by some guy who broke the ice by saying he really liked my jacket. I can't remember what his actual pitch was but it seemed shady and he just wouldn't stop. I finally told him to fuck right off and noticed a woman close by. In passing I told her to ignore the guy because he just had some dumb money grab pitch. She was like OK thanks for letting me know. I saw them together a bit later in my grocery shopping and the guy confronted me and said to stay out of his business. I ended up freaking out on both of them for preying on vulnerable people. I wish I could remember the scam. Anyone have a similar experience in the last couple of years?

  58. For anyone dealing with Scam calls, there's a feature called "Call Control". Turn it on ASAP. It'll be in your network app or you might have to call in. It forces first time calls from new phone numbers to press 1 before being connected. I was getting 4-6 calls a day and not one since I turned it on.

  59. make sure you hit a few different stores for those gift cards... don't want those nosey cashiers trying to meddle with your important government affairs.

  60. "Getting your foot in the door" at an oil company never works. You will be in that clerical job forever unless you are already connected.

  61. VW in North Hill, wife had a new Golf several years back, I was out of town, they said she was due for checkup, was ~$400, they did brake line flushes, replaced steering fluids, alignment, balanced tires, etc... had less than 15,000km on it... I think it was 1 year old at the time... Scam artists!

  62. You can be given a parking ticket at any time as the city can decide out of nowhere you are illegally parked despite no indication

  63. Not unique to Calgary, but UPS. If you get anything shipped from out of the country via UPS they will tell you that you owe them a large amount of money on taxes and brokerage fees, it's a scam. But you have to call them to get them to reduce the fee by their 1-800 number. Always call them about their insane brokerage fees!

  64. I don't recall exactly the steps (I think a guy on beyond.ca detailed what to do in a forum post) I went through, but I ended up driving to the UPS facility at the airport, got the form from them, drove over to the customs office, cleared the package myself, drove back to UPS and got the package free and clear.

  65. Northstar Ford, We had bought a new Escape, was to come loaded SEL with remote starter, they called and said they had to change to another similar vehicle but had a lesser package with more options, when we went to pick it up, they tried to make us pay an extra $800 for the biggest pile of crap starter, and then threatened to sell it after we had to wait for it to be brought in, there was a few other things that we didn't get in the shuffle...

  66. I always get phones about an arrest warrant about me, or that a package addressed to me has been seized at the aiport contain illegal goods

  67. those random messages when you try and sell your car, asking you to get a car report. they won’t accept CarFax and send you to a random website to fill in your information. costs like 60 bucks or something, nothing ridiculous but they are persistent and a lot of them out there

  68. Mr lube. Specifically 52nd street. Fucked up my buddies bmw oil filter, not even 200km later the engine sized. After thier "internal investigation" they negated all responsibility and when my friend borough up lawyers he was told go ahead, we have deep pockets. Fuck those guys

  69. The Calgary Pie Bandit. Years ago in inner NW Calgary a guy would come around to houses asking people for money in exchange for pies. “I locked my keys in my car, but I have this pie” and would take $20+ from people who were being thoughtful.

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