What obscure short lived drinking establishment would you bet no one else remembers?

  1. TRUE DAT, I had one of the greatest days of my life there. Went for there brunch, found out they had 7$ pitchers, called all our friends stayed till close and shut'er down.

  2. I play basketball with one of the guys that opened this place. I always meant to go, but never got around to it.

  3. I loved that place so much. I miss it still. Saw Twisted Sister, White Lion and Slaughter (loudest concert I have ever been to) there.

  4. I remember ordering wings at Paddy O’Learys. The waitress was excited to offer us a discount because they were cleaning out the old food from the bottom of the freezer. We laughed, but we ate them. Maybe the 1 cent ribs came from the same place.

  5. The Broken Jug. Really the only pub I ever enjoyed. But mainly because half of us were barely legal and the other half underage and they never IDed. The couches and pool tables with the patio. Was the perfect little hidden away spot.

  6. Mortal coil and the Distillery are the first that came to mind, though other people probably remember them and I dont know if they were short lived.

  7. A guy I met in first year of university wanted to take me on a date here. I figured it was a made up place and thought I may get murdered instead so I never went. Poor guy.

  8. Good times there. $1 beers or hi-balls before 10 p.m. on Fridays. Different rooms for different music tastes. The roof-top patio was nice and was the least smokey.

  9. Facts. The owner of that establishment Kevin Younge- got out of the bar game and now in the restaurant end of things. Benny’s breakfast!

  10. Venom (Next to where Leopolds is now. I think this was the first joint in town that patted people down as they came in.)

  11. I think it was spelled Venum. Loved the way they painted that on the outside of the building. Home & Away now occupies that space.

  12. Manhattens on 1st st beside NYLA. I think it was Thursday where you paid $10 cover and they gave you a solo cup and it was 25 cent highballs from 9-10.

  13. Alcove- $2 sambuca and karaoke. As as an added plus you got to walk out to the swat team taking people down at the Savory Lodge next door

  14. Spagootchies on McCloud tr. Citca 92' , 3 Cheers , Coconut club and the shark shack on Electric avenue around the same time. The crossroads , The warehouse/underground, Jimmy Dean's , Stavro's and The Mezzaluna. My liver will never be the same.

  15. Blackbeards - you could get a Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against A Wall there. Consisted of Slo Gin, Southern Comfort, Screw driver and a Harvey Wallbanger in one glass. Then you staggered home.

  16. Club California, Raffels, Chaos, The Crossroads, All American Bar, The Office.. think I still have my bar card from that place too.

  17. Pastimes in the leisure centre by Southcenter. And the original Earls in Southport tower. Underage drinking establishments at their finest.

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