Now 3 for 3 on "Just buy a Glock"

  1. Agree, hallmark of a bad gun store. At the one where I went they showed me a variety of guns and told me the positives and negatives of each. When I was looking at glocks they even told me that the grip angle takes some time to get used to(which I was already aware of, but appreciated) and that the sights could be brittle

  2. I worked at an electronic store as a commissioned sales person when I was younger and I can confirm this is probably what's happening. You try to sell what has the most profit margin not what's best for the customer.

  3. That’s my biggest gripe about the gun community. A lot of people have this attitude of “if you don’t like what I like, you are an idiot”. So what I like metal hammer fired guns? It’s my preference.

  4. The Glock fanatics always try to convert you, right? It’s like a fucking cult. Whenever they start ranting about their G19 or some shit, I quickly tell them “I didn’t ask you about Glocks. You’re here to sell me a pistol, not your opinion” while looking them square in the eyes. Usually shuts them up pretty quick.

  5. Can’t stand a Glock. They love’m they can have my share. Beretta Storm 15+1, Springfield XDe 9+1, 1” wide, FN x, all hammer fired all ambidextrous. There are others and I’ll get them, too.

  6. I always laugh at the “heavy metal guns” argument. Yea, a Glock is lighter. However, a P-01 (steel slide w/ alloy frame) weighs within one ounce of the P-07 (steel slide w/ polymer frame).

  7. I love my PCR. Like you, it would be my “if I could only have one pistol” it would absolutely be my choice.

  8. I started doing this two years ago and it's made it such a pleasant experience. It's also so easy that I'm now fairly poor because of it.

  9. It seems like I'll end up doing this. I do like to support local businesses and prefer to feel something in my hand... But certain CZ products are not so easy to find locally

  10. I'm new in the game of firearms and own a shadow 2 and 75B omega. Both purchased at a retail store (used) so I was able to test fire them before purchasing them.

  11. I’m chuckling at how eager they were to get you to hold a Glock. Did they think you’d be impressed by the 2x4 ergonomics and aggressive grip angle? Bro you just have to buy this pistol most new shooters will be shooting low for months

  12. New shooters typically shoot poorly, bad shooters blame the gun, worse shooters blame one brand over another.

  13. I walked into a Kia dealership last week looking for a small, affordable commuter car. The guy tried selling me a $60k Stinger since their inventory was low. Salesmen will just try to sell you what they have instead of what you want.

  14. Hope you find a shop that has one. FWIW, I’m a lefty and I carry the P-01 decocker. The decocker isn’t a time critical control and it’s out of the way on the left side of the frame.

  15. I bought the Omega over the regular for the sole purpose of having the decocker on the correct side for me. While it's nice having it for comfort, I would like to try the regular one for the supposedly better trigger.

  16. When i bought my first firearm, I shot a few glocks. I shot shitty. The grips always felt uncomfortable. After all my research - and I wanted to mod it for a range toy (and glocks have all the mod options) - I was going to get a g19. My buddy in the next lane had a 1911 and a cz P-01 ready to go in his lane. He let me shoot a mag through each and at 7 yards, the P-01 was better - for me - in every way.

  17. Honestly it’s an easy decision depending on the use for the gun. If you’re looking for competition/JUST range use and money isn’t an issue, Shadow 2. If you have any intention of using it for home defense or carry (now that we in Jersey are starting to get carry permits), go with the P01. I’m a lefty with a P01 and controls aren’t an issue. Swapping the mag release is pretty easy, decocker isn’t a time sensitive thing and breaking your grip isn’t a concern when decocking. Slide stop is the only control remaining and honestly as a lefty it’s usually a pretty good practice to just manually rack the slide anyway. No way to make it ambi but it’s really not an issue for me.

  18. As a do-it-all handgun, Glocks are extremely practical, and these guys probably just want you to spend your money at their store.

  19. Similar margin as other pistols. Buddy of mine works at a LGS and says they pick up Gen5 G19’s from the distributor for $425, they go on to sell them for $595 in shop.

  20. Tbh the P01 alloy frames don’t feel much heavier than my G19 does in pants and it conceals/shoots better so it’s a no brainer for me. Most gun store employees don’t really know shit.

  21. I had a hard time deciding between a Glock 19 and a P-01. The P-01 just felt so much better in my hands than a Glock did. Even then I still had a hard time deciding. I ended up going with the P-01 and I do not regret that decision at all. The gun feels amazing to shoot and handle and the metal composition makes it feel rock solid. I’m really glad I got it as my first firearm. With that said, the P-01 is just my first gun and I still want to own a Glock at some point. If you plan on owning multiple firearms I would change your mindset from “which gun should I choose?” to “which gun am I getting first?”

  22. P-01: hammer-fired CZ style Glock 19. Great at being pretty good at everything but unlike a Glock it looks good while doing it.

  23. Where in NJ are you? North or south? I would recommend Range 129 in Absecon. I picked up my shadow 2 from them and love it

  24. Honestly, as a lefty who has shot both, they’re pretty much the same. I prefers a P-01 with a decocker as a carry gun, but that’s about it. Lefties can actually run the gun faster as when you do a slide lock reload, your finger goes immediately to the slide stop before swooping down on the trigger again.

  25. Buy online and just get it transferred. I picked up my P01 from dahlonega for about 670 all in after transfer (fucking NJ ffl transfer fees so high) and nics. No tax but you'll have to pay shipping.

  26. My wife is a lefty and didn't like the controls of the shadow 2 being right hand dominant like the mag release that hit her hand. She however likes the CZ85 and I can't find one to buy.... Only rent.

  27. Or you could just swap the mag release to the right side, takes maybe 5 minutes if you're taking your time. Yeah the slide release doesn't swap over, but if you're not teaching her to slingshot and to ram the magazine home like it owes her money, then I don't know what to tell you.

  28. Range/house gun. For that I probably prefer a Shadow. But when I start teaching my wife I feel like the smaller one will suit her better. And if I decide to move to a carry situation, I can at least get going with the P-01. It's kind of a hassle to get permits in New Jersey.

  29. Because your indecisive between two different models so they're going to recommend just getting a Glock because that's the basic answer when somebody doesn't have their mind made up.

  30. Specifically for the shadow 2 vs P-01. If you have any serious defensive use planned for the shadow 2, it's a competition gun without a firing pin safety and it isn't really considered drop safe. Range toy only.. go shadow 2. Any other use, P-01 or SP-01 with some Cajun parts to clean up the trigger.

  31. Gun store clerks are generally idiots. If you find a good one, never let him/her quit. Good ones are like unicorns, rare and valuable. I hate hearing someone's opinion on what I am trying to buy. Like I know wtf I want and why. That would be why I am asking about a specific model and type of firearm and totally ignoring all the damned Glocks. You like your Honda Civic and I want my Porche.

  32. They probably have a large inventory of glocks, and are encouraged to push them. Plus Glocks are stupid easy to maintain, so they’re legitimately the best option for most people

  33. Most modern semi autos stupid easy to maintain and are every bit as reliable as glocks. I part time RO at an indoor range. Glocks break just as often as anything else.

  34. Hah, it happened to me the last time I went in to a shop to scout out guns for someone who asked me to help. I knew what I wanted to look at and the mostly absentee owner tried to push a glock on me.

  35. Maybe it happens all the time, but not at the two local stores I frequent. They'd much rather have a customer base that is interested in all kinds of different things.

  36. I love my po1 and shadow2; but in practical terms a Glock is a very utilitarian tool. Frankly, for whatever reason, I shoot them pretty well (on my standard).

  37. The P01 is great, I've heard good things about the Shadow 2 as well. I think you'd be happy with either, I would pick based on your intended use-case (home defense VS range toy)

  38. Reloaderz in Wayne had a Shadow 2 for a very inflated price. I held it when I was there to use the range and I loved it, so I bought one online for substantially cheaper. CZs are a little more niche in the US than Glock (one of the most common brands), S&W, or Sig, for example.

  39. Also in NJ. Which store is this at? I'd tell whoever is insisting you try x, y, or z to fuck off unless they don't want your business. It's your choice and not theirs.

  40. Just got a P-01 this week. As a lefty, the decocker on the left side is not an issue at all. It’s a dream to shoot and I just need to practice more in order to suck less.

  41. I went in the store to buy a glock in 2016 and walked out with a P01 urban grey. Guess I went to a good gun store lol.

  42. When I bought my first handgun, I was intent on buying a Beretta. The salesperson at the first store I went to was pushing a Glock on me. After holding a few different makes and models I based my decision on the feel. Glocks felt like a brick in my hand, Berettas were better but still felt odd. Sigs felt great, but the CZs felt so natural. I walked out with a P01. I now own five handguns (two CZ, two Bersa, and a Ruger six shooter) the P01 is still my favorite.

  43. I’m a Glock whore that now owns a shadow 2. Glocks are do it all ordinary man’s gun. Practical and reasonably priced. I tell people that glocks is the girl you take home to meet your parents. Vanilla af and standard. The shadow 2 is the dime piece whore you smash on the side and tell all your friends about her onlyfans

  44. I m from the Czech Republic, my first gun was CZ75. I held and fired both a cz p10 and a glock, decided to go with the glock, and even most gun stores in Czech will tell you: "you want a metal gun? Buy a CZ. You want a polymer gun? Get a glock."

  45. Stuff like this drives me nuts. People in positions to do so shouldn’t push their personal preference on others. What works for them may not work well for others. My first few rounds with any Glock my shots would always be slightly low. Glocks just didn’t feel good in my hand until the Gen 5 came out. I have always respected Glocks for what they are and their reliability, I just gravitated to CZ because of the ergonomics.

  46. Usually if someone who isn’t all in to guns says that they want a hand gun I usually just say buy a glock. It’s so much easier to tell someone to buy a glock then explain the difference between all the different handguns. If it’s someone who takes guns seriously then I always say CZ! I own zero glocks.

  47. The shadow 2 is a competition gun, the p01 is for concealed carry. You need to buy what would suit the purpose that you want.

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