Follow up to my faint line post

  1. Had the same thing. That particular test you are able to see the faint line when you add the solution. I thought it was a positive result as well but then I decided to test the kit. I ONLY put the solution in without stabbing my nose on a brand new kit. The very faint line was still visible. Went to the store and bought a completely different brand of kit and retested.. it was negative

  2. 10000000%^ two tests from same brand were positive and all other rapid tests were negative. Some kits from a company can be FAULTY. PCR test also negative

  3. When I first tested, I had a line that was even more faint. I could really only see it if I tilted the test a certain way. Suuuuuper mild symptoms. The next morning, the line was dark red within 2 minutes and symptoms were full blown. Treat it like any other positive.

  4. That's a positive test. False positives are incredibly rare and would mostly never recur on multiple tests. False negatives are more common for all test types. And "rapid PCR" will be less sensitive than regular PCR as it's effectively only running a few cycles.

  5. I beg to differ : two rapid tests from the same brand yielded positive results and every rapid test I took from other brands were negative AND PCR negative. False Positives are a thing! HOWEVER, I think the LOT of this brand is defective . Just my experience

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