When anarchist unity does not go as you expected.

  1. Bad idea, not only does it alienate the poor pacifist bear, but someone's got to be around to patch everyone up once the violent maniacs have had their fun. Armies need more than just foot-soldiers, not everyone has to fight to do their part.

  2. yeah and not only that, but anarchism is a lot more than just an army. revolution occurs everyday through peaceful direct action, food not bombs being a great example.

  3. Not every resistance fighter is on the front lines though. That’s bad orginazation. You need people in support of the people fighting.

  4. Nah I support anarcho-branniganism. Throw wave after wave of freely associating people at the bourgeois until all hierarchy is destroyed. Don't need logistics for that.

  5. Maybe duck is just a sword and gun enthusiast who wants to share their interests without expectations of bear actually using them?

  6. Are people really in here arguing between whether pacifism or violence is the way? It’s both. The answer is a mixture of both at different times

  7. Hand me a gun and a sword and i‘ll be ready to make the news. Not necessarily in a good way, but oh well you can‘t have everything

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