What map is your most favourite ?(tray ark only)

  1. I can understand the love for the DE EE because the map feels like it was built around it. But if you’re not doing the EE the map just a bit of a chore IMO. I wish I thought differently about it cause it seems like everyone loves it

  2. Personally I find ascension really annoying with the monkeys, so I generally stick with kino, or shang, shang in bo1 is actually really fun to me, it's also not aids like bo3 shang.

  3. I have very fond memories of that map when it was released. I’d just stopped being homeless (I was 17) and I’d moved into a house share and met who would become my best friend for over a decade now. I had eaten only 10p ramen and baked beans for 2 months to be able to afford a 360 in the January sales. The house had no internet but I managed to get a good deal on unlimited 3G on my shitty 2012 Samsung. So we tethered it to the Xbox and waiting 19 hours for Die Rise to download. We just sat up all night, I called in sick for college and we played for like 10 hours straight.

  4. I love Die Rise, it's by far the most unique map we've had in black ops so far, plus it's really fun, my only issue with it is that it only had like 2 good locations for high rounds.

  5. I have great memories with it, I came home from high school early that day because of a minor accident and just played it all day

  6. Ascension. Primarily for that lander spot with PhD. So many memories of dolphin diving off of those stairs repeatedly, killing horde after horde of zombies.

  7. Dolphin diving off the stairs and rapidly spamming Mustang and Sally clips with PhD was super fun, and IMO that feeling has never been matched in future 3arc games.

  8. WaW wise, Zombie Verrückt, Bo1, Call of the Dead, Bo2, Mob of The Dead, Bo3, Shadows of Evil, Bo4, none because I didn't play the game before and that's about it.

  9. If I had to choose 1 id probably go with Der Riese (the original WAW version) although bo1 and bo3 versions are still good but I do love me some MG42

  10. That map is definitely a classic but I find it gets boring after a while... the newer(b02/bo3) maps have so much more to offer imo

  11. Shadows of Evil, literally perfect atmosphere, music is incredible, margwa is the best boss ever made, first A.I. robot friendly in the civil protector, AS is an insane WW, all 4 districts have insane amounts of content and feel very balanced in training strategies. Beast mode is a better version of afterlife with more intricacy and strategy to get as much turned on in one beast mode as possible, the first technical boss fight with the Shadowman, fun ass EE with a lot of natural progression in the sword and upgrade being a part of the EE. Also unique side EEs like margwa mask, free gobblegum, 500 points, black and white mode, and lil arnie/trip mine upgrades. Tons of cyphers and lore that really adds to the ambiance of the map, and there isn't a single bad character (dont even question it when you have Jackie FUCKING Vincent on the scene) and Nero is one of the best characters ever imo. Overall the only thing Shadows doesn't do perfect is having the final step of the EE as 4 player, there really should've been a solo or at least two player ability to complete it

  12. SOE is my #2 after Origins. If you could do the ee solo it would be even better. It limits a lot of replayability in solo which is a problem.

  13. Origins, I've been having quite an extensive go at CW and BO3 zombies and I stopped for a month to play the Halloween event then i got back to origins after like almost 2 months of not playing it and I still just love it so much, it has everything the newer maps added but it takes so much more to just get to round 30 on that map and you're pretty much forced to get the whole zombies experience with that map, getting to round 30 on DE is completely different story than Origins, i just feel like it has everything zombies has to offer and the setting on top of it all is so dark, dreary and bare bones that it truly feels like a survival map at it's best

  14. Dead of the night, I’ll stand by it. The color scheme is amazing, I love how it’s an inspiration for great gatsby. I love the quests for the Easter egg, the wonder weapon is so much fun to build/use. BO4 was potentially my favorite zombies game, it was a difficult game and the Easter eggs were long, but I loved the difficulty. Yes the insane spawn location were annoying but I’d say every map has its things. Shadows-Easter egg required 4 people and the dcs were really annoying DE-I got nothing the map was great, I just enjoyed DOTN more ZNS-bit to tedious with the challenges, growing the plant, getting the bullet, aiming Gorod-obnoxiously hard, and the challenges would mess with ur rounds Revelation-pretty bland if ur not doing the Easter egg I’m not gonna comment on the rest of BO4, bc it’s a lot, plus I’m not writing an essay here. I just really like DOTN

  15. ancient evil when it comes to zombies i literally only play for wonder weapons (which is why my fav maps are dotn, ix,ancient evil, alpha omega, cold war maps, origins, der eisendrache etc) but ancient evil had the best wonder weapons ive ever used

  16. Buried, perfect setting, best version of the python, paralyzer, introduced Ray gun mk2, witches, Leroy, everything about the map is great.

  17. Probably Five. I know that sounds crazy, but I have a super good soft spot for that map. I grew up playing it and it still slaps for me today

  18. Best map in terms of Easter egg I would say shadows of evil or origins, most fun I’ve had on a map would be mob of the dead. But I have to say origins cause that’s the first map I played with the boys and it was so funny how bad we were until we eventually beat the Easter egg, so many memories.

  19. I think no map is the best in every criteria but overall, it has to go to Origins. Now I do understand that many people think Origins is overrated because of how often people say it is the best map, but there are definitely some things about this map that put it in such a position in the first place. It was the first map where you can solo the easter egg, the first map where everybody can go about their own business of building their staff, "best" map for 4 player easter egg speedruns because of the teamwork required to get all the parts of the staffs as quickly as possible, has 3 easter egg songs, introduced the wonderfizz, first map where you can "beat" the game by getting into the cut scene, and some other things.

  20. Verruckt. I prefer the BO1 version because I prefer the older weapons over the "futuristic" ones of BO3 but either way it's a great map in all 3 games. I would have loved to see a remake in cold war with an expansion go outside the asylum maybe some sort of underground area.

  21. Mob ez. That map is perfection. The setting perfect, wonder weapons perfect, afterlife mode perfect, traps perfect, getting to pap perfect. As you can see perfect.

  22. Call of the dead in a the best map ever IMO WaW- Shin No Numa BO1- Call of the dead BO2- Buried BO3- DE (Can’t spell it) BO4- Didn’t really care for it

  23. Waw der riese bo1 Call of the dead bo2 origins bo3 gorod Krovi bo4 tag der toten/alpha omega/ blood of the dead sorry couldn’t choose between the 3 Cold War mauer der toten

  24. WaW: der reise Bo1: Moon, Bo2: tie between origins and MotD, Bo3: der eisendrache(I think that’s right), Bo4: Classified, BoCW: tie between mauer der toten and forsaken.

  25. Forsaken, high rounding in the starting area is fun, Easter egg is mostly chill, the ending is great, and the wonder weapon is satisfying

  26. Revalations it’s actually a new phenomenon for me and i didn’t enjoy it back then but it has sick PAP camo, easy, cool EE, good places to train, gave me nostalgia. However i think one of the best maps is Shadows of evil even if it’s not my favorite. Now that i stated my. #2 my #1 is hands down Der Reise on [email protected] it was my first cod and i sucked at the other maps but loved Der Reise. Something about it i can’t explain it’s my favorite but my least favorite to play if that makes sense

  27. It will always be Der Riese, even without nostalgia. After 12 years, I'm still not bored of it and it's still addictive as a casual. Fight me

  28. Origins, just does everything so well. My only flaw with it is gramophone portals not staying open which adds some unnecessary time to the game. Insanely innovative, majorly advanced story with Primis, awesome Easter egg and the theme and atmosphere of WWI. Easter egg can be done with any number of players, map has tons of side quests to do as well.

  29. Why do you care? Zombies is boring and repetitive, just like Multiplayer is. It's nothing more than a gimmick to keep you from selling the game, after you've completed the Campaign.

  30. Zetsubou No Shima. It’s odd because setting up is an absolute nightmare, but getting the buildables are actually pretty easy. That and the overall Aesthetic of the map is more gloomy and dark compared to other Bo3 maps.

  31. I can’t really decide about my favorite map of all time since it’s always changing but the ones I commonly find myself going back to are Bo1 moon, COTD and bo2 origins. COTD is probably my favorite out of all those as of right now though.

  32. My favourite map is shadows of evil. Mostly because of the atmosphere and environment. I also think the map has a great flow and layout to it. It hits the balance between fun and complex pretty well for me. Also I’m a big fan of the time period it’s set in. It also helps that I’m a huge fan of cosmic horror and it adds that little extra to me with the Apothicons.

  33. Obviously Blood of the Dead, Der Eisendrache, Gorod Krovi, IX, Dead of The Night, Ancient Evil and Outbreak. Older maps just havent aged that well.

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