COD: Black Ops 1 has the best zombies game mode

  1. Respectable, bo1 is where it all started for me too nostalgia does kind of play a part but it’s my favorite because there’s not a single map I dislike from it and I love just about everything about it. To the atmosphere, characters, storyline, soundtrack, aesthetics, etc. the gameplay is challenging but fair, the wonder weapons were unique and awesome, Bo1 is just my happy place you know. My favorite map is Shang

  2. I agree. Best balance of story/easter eggs and round-based survival game play. That's the key to its greatness imo. It's the most balanced game. Others do certain things better, but overall, it's the best all rounder.

  3. This is where most things die. They keep trying to dream bigger, go more grand but in the end it ends up feeling more confusing and annoying. There is a certain sweet spot in anything where is convoluted enough to be interesting but simple enough to enjoy as well. BO1 and BO2 hit that perfect spot imo. They neither dream super high or stay bare bones. The perfect yin-yang where the map can have an awesome EE but have enough simple chaotic enjoyment or where there is a series of maps for both parties who want one or the other

  4. I think the biggest problem is the weapon inventory. Bo1 and probably bo4 have some of the worst guns in zombies.

  5. B02 started the delve into the story and rewarded its players for getting good at mechanics, and threes story was my favorite overall, seeing all the characters old and new versions and having to earn the right to see the story, I appreciate the convoluted, he'll still a big fan of moon despite its agony

  6. BO3 is absolutely awesome. I respect all the other zombies game but bo3 has everything i need from the older games PLUS amazing new maps. The only older cod game i ever come back to is bo2 to play some mob but bo3 forever imo

  7. Imo black ops 3 was where zombies started taken its downhill slope. The maps are complicated for no reason. The guns aren’t that great compared to bo1 and bo2. And the game generally looks cartoony and doesn’t capture that same vibe as WaW, black ops 1 and hell even black ops 2. Also it doesn’t help that whenever I voice my opinion I’m harassed by fanboys for not loving bo3.

  8. Why are people asking whether this is an opinion or a fact? In what way could this possibly be a fact? I’m confused as all hell. Black Ops 1 is awesome, though I think I slightly prefer Black Ops 2.

  9. Yea i mean why did people suddenly start saying that a literal fact is just an opinion? it’s like saying that gravity isn’t pulling you down and it’s just that you don’t want to fly.

  10. Bo4 was alright what I really liked about bo4 was the difficulty toggle, if I’m trying to teach my little cousin how to play I can just set it to casual and if I’m really feeling a challenge I can set it to realistic. That and a lot of QOL changes like max ammo refilling the clip and being able to share a gun from the box with your teammate

  11. Been playing since WaW was released. Both WaW and BO1 will always be my personal favorites when it comes to zombies. There's just something about the dark, eerie & gritty atmosphere that those two games posess that I absolutely adore. It had an aspect of horror that made you feel creeped out and lonely at times, and the zombies made you feel genuinely terrified and overwhelmed by how deadly they were. For me, the newer games fail to capture this atmosphere. The older games were well balanced and actually about surviving through an endless horde of zombies. The newer games just don't do it for me. Nowadays it just seems that it's about doing missions that happen to feature zombies in it, and the player is extremely overpowered. BO3 took a weird direction in the overarching storyline by throwing a Lovecraftian flavor in it, and adding dragons and all kinds of over the top stuff that I just don't care for. With that being said, I can understand why BO3 is a lot of people's favorite game for the zombies mode and I respect that. There is a variety of new maps, weapons and mechanics, it's more modern and updated, and it has a lot of the classic maps available in the Zombies Chronicles DLC which gives older players a reimagined experience of the maps they love, and allows for a newer generation of zombie players who missed out on the originals when they were first released to play and enjoy them too. Overall, it's about playing what you enjoy the most, and there are no wrong opinions when it comes to having a favorite!

  12. I liked b01 system alot, but nothin tops b03 in terms of gameplay and aesthetic the only I'd say 3 was missing the dolphin dive mechanic and one of my favorite perks

  13. i’ll never forget my first time playing kino w my older brother i died and he was stuck in the tiny barrier room after you open the first door with a packed olympia just jumping around spraying while zombies piled on he somehow clutched it up on round 20 and that’s a core memory for me bo1 is goated

  14. I really wish the new games just had the option of playing zombies like in bo1. Like instead of doing missions to open doors you just paid money.

  15. I still prefer BO2, 3 and 4 over BO1 (even tho it was my first zombies game) but I respect if you feel it is the best one

  16. A lot of people think this too strangely. Back when I was younger I’d say the same since this game started my cod days. But playing over 100s of hours of zombies I’ve realized that bo1 is extremely janky, glitchy, and low ammo having. Your guns also fall off so fast similar to advanced warfare, though I’d argue that games smoother. Bo2 isn’t much different from the ammo problem, but guns are definitely stronger and there are new types to wield as well. Bo1 is still in my top 3 pretty much but I couldn’t rank it as 1

  17. For me yes, I started all the way back on November 14th 2008 with zombies. I remember specifically because it was my Friends birthday and we sat and grinded out the WaW campaign and then got the Easter egg cut scene ending and then go straight into a Nacht match. So put it this way, I’ve seen zombies evolve over time and it’s community. Black ops 1 felt like the perfect balance between the simplicity/accessibility of WaW and the complexity of later games. It had challenge but never felt like a drag. I like most of the Treyarch games except Bo4 but tbf that’s probably just down to the UI and reworked perks. If people disagree with me, that’s fine. Remember it’s subjective, Vanguard could be your favourite and technically you’re not wrong, it’s all subjective. However you do smell.

  18. I love every zombies experience from WaW to Cold War, but I 100% agree with this. Bo1 in my opinion has the strongest map roster

  19. Black Ops III is the clear winner to me, although WaW through BO4 all have their great maps. I guess it also depends on what style you like. BO1 has always been hit or miss to me with a lot of features. Moon for example. The map itself is great and especially the space aesthetic, whereas the astronaut and excavators are absolutely atrocious features.

  20. I mainly play bo3 PC for playing splits reen mode with my friends meanwhile I still enjoy playing WaW Nazi Zombies the most when I play by myself

  21. In my opinion most BO1 maps didn't age well at all, the only one that has aged fine for me is COTD. Ascencion aged so poorly not even chronicles saved it

  22. It’s fun but no where close to 2 or 3. I honestly felt like the games got better with each installment. Mod support on 3 was icing on the cake.

  23. i love bo1 and it was amazing at the time but all of the dlc maps have big flaws to me and the guns just always felt weak af. I wish we could go back to this time though, before all the aliens and alternate universes.

  24. In terms of gamemodes, Cold War takes it imo. I absolutely love the open world zombies mode and the one mod where it sticks you in a small map and just perpetually spawns zombies.

  25. If they remade BO1 with some of the Cold War mechanics like a better engine, mantling, crafting and PaP then it would be a perfect game. Still, Bo1 is my favourite to go back to and play.

  26. I think it peaked there honestly. Easter eggs could have been a bit bigger but at least it doesn’t take 20 steps just to open pack a punch like bo3. Bo2 was nice right in the middle not completely ridiculous steps to get to pack a punch but still a little more difficult. All depends on what you like I guess.

  27. Cold war has to be my all time favorite. Cold war has a dash of sprinkles of something past call of duty zombies have created. Specialist, bosses, end game easter eggs and perks. But bo1 definitely deserves it’s own crown

  28. no, it’s bo3 if we’re looking at it objectively. it has the most value with chronicles. really polished too.

  29. I recently played bo1 zombies again and I now remember why I got into the franchise and loved it as much as I do. I think it's nice that setup is miles easier on the older games where all you have to do is get a couple lucky box hits and really lets you just get into the game without worries

  30. BO1 will probably always be my favorite zombies game. The only game that has came close was Infinite Warfare for me.

  31. Agreed. However, I think in my opinion bo3 has better maps than bo1, but bo1 definitely brought some of the most classic maps in the entire series. Hell, I can’t think of a single bad map in bo1 other than maybe kino der toten. But even then, it’s still got a lot of enjoyment to it even if I do think it’s slightly overrated.

  32. For me black ops 3 has the best zombies. It hits a good balance between gameplay and story. The atmosphere and environment is amazing. The wonder weapons are all cool and unique, the maps also.

  33. Agree, Black ops 1 was the chefs kiss of zombies imho, perfection. Black ops 2 is a very close, almost tied runner up as well.

  34. Yes I know I played them but I prefer the originals, they made Kino way too colorful and censored it ascension suffers from that too but even has more problems like No phd, no mp5k, the monkeys are much worse because you can’t place multiple trip mines around the perk machines like you can with claymores and for some reason they take away your perks much faster than in bo1. The baby gun in Shang was unnecessarily nerfed hard, no spikemores, no phd + mustang and sally that really works with the close quarters of the map. Phd works better on moon instead of widows wine (it’s basically useless on that map bc it can break the windows in the labs and spawn) the qeds are worse on bo3, the anti gravity is less fun, the training spots are worse because of the zombie ai, all of them play better on bo1.

  35. No...just no. Is the zombies mode good? Yes, is it an AMAZINGLY SOLID mode? Yes. Are all of the maps at least a 6? Yes. But it's not even close to the best zombies game there is. It's your opinion, I get it, but that's mine. Bo1 is not even close to the best zombies game.

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