Would you be interested in a return? Extinction coming back sooner or later..

  1. 100%, and love or hate extinction they done bossfights before zombies did and my god did they know how to make a bossfight, mayday still holds up as the greatest one in call of duty when you face against the kraken, such an epic and intense moment

  2. I never really got to appreciate the kraken, cuz the player doesn't kill it and it doesn't have any umph to the punches. Amazing design though, really want it back

  3. I found extinction an absolute score on the game developers part rather than zombies. It was fun and it’s horde co-op survival was definitely different with different classes. Reminded me a lot of Gears of War or World War Z (the game)

  4. Also different ammo types or combining them to make cryptid ammo and for those who really put the time in the ability to pick 2 separate class types was pretty advanced for the time!

  5. Agreed, however I hope they wait until they inevitably do a Ghosts 2. They left the damn campaign on a cliffhanger that implied a sequel, but since the game did so poorly because of MP they scrapped it.

  6. Man, really digging seeing other people liked Extinction. Ghosts was so universally disliked on release I always felt Extinction would be forgotten. Glad to be wrong.

  7. Extinction didn’t have a single bad map if I recall. I really wouldn’t mind it coming back as a mode. Probably will never happen (thanks beast from beyond)

  8. TBFB isn't canon to extinction, it's a what if going from nightfall. As said in the cutscenes, a rewrite of nightfall. I have hope it comes back tho

  9. I won't buy MW2022, same tradegy happened to me. Maybe after playing warzone 2 and like 5 months after release I'll think about it but currently no.

  10. I played Extinction for 200+ hrs, probably even more than the time I spent on BO3 Zombies. It's such a great mode. I think Outbreak shares a lot of elements from Extinction and became a success because of it, despite not having its unique map.

  11. I’m probably gonna get downvoted for this but, I want zombies instead with how Infinite Warfare did with zombies. That’s just my opinion though

  12. I loved extinction but I was always hoping to have some form of „endless survival“ in it, don’t know what the best way to combine those 2 would be tho

  13. Nah, all the og people are gone, they'd more make a multiplayer feeling extinction mode than improve Extinction proper

  14. Honestly I wished that sledgehammer and infinity ward did more unique zombie modes in general. As a way to differentiate themselves from Treyarch.

  15. While I LOVE Extinction, they would have to retcon their retcon from Infinite Warfare Zombies for me to enjoy the mode again. If they don't somehow, then I feel like I would just be playing a meaningless side mode they slapped on instead of an actually story that had some effort put behind it. Might as well play Spec Ops if I wanted to play a pretty meaningless side mode.

  16. I absolutely lived ghost and extinction, i owned all the dlc and when a new dlc would come out and raised the prestige for extinction id be max level again within a couple days. I do miss the game, i havent enjoyed zombies since bo4 i think i cant remember if it was 3 or 4 its been a while

  17. I LOVED point of Contact but hated all post launch maps as they never felt balanced for solo play. so I would like to see them come back but with some massive balancing changes.

  18. I hope it comes backs, but maybe it could be a little more solo friendly the next time? I remember playing with randoms was a nightmare and in solo I could never progress without getting ganked

  19. I agree with the accuracy challenge (the shotgun is a good cheater for it), and sometimes a few others are impossible. Overall I think it's a fun co-op experience and the extras unlocked with teeth add to the fun.

  20. Loved extinction, hate the re releases and nostalgia advertising. A real lack of forward movement and innovating because of all the cash being sucked In by things that don't have to be fresh. Lootcrates/microtransactions/paid personalization have removed the need to innovate and create new ideas and take risks. The gaming industry is now nothing more than another hollowed, soulless trap for cash instead of the true art and adventure that gaming used to be. Things just changed so drastically over the past decade that it's craziness that people buy the same things repeatedly when it's half polished, better graphics, massive download sizes, and full priced.

  21. Extinction was so damn good, it’s just a shame that it was attached to ghosts and the fan base was so hot for new zombies content after origins.

  22. I’m feigning for another extinction. Asked my friends to go back and play the other day, but they weren’t interested unfortunately.

  23. They gave us extinction during the height of zombies popularity. Now that they have ran zombies completely into the ground I fully welcome a second swing at extinction.

  24. I like zombies but only Treyarch makes good zombies mode(even then Vanguard feels so lifeless) I felt like IW finally found a mode to be on par with zombies mode. They just needed to add their own flare to it, like a way to upgrade guns and stuff like that.

  25. I wouldn’t hate the idea, but I personally wouldn’t play it. Feel like extinction was supposed to be what CW zombies is and it missed on that

  26. Yes I definitely would be. Something about the environment really hit right for me, even though Ghosts as a whole kinda fell flat. I was doing really poor financially when it came out, so I never got to play the DLCs, but I would love to play a modernized version. How likely is it though?

  27. I really like extinction but if it comes back it needs to have alternate routes for. After playing the maps for some time I got bored because it's always the same path which the same events happening

  28. I loved extinction more than I’ve ever loved zombies. The objective based zombies in Cold War and vanguard can’t compare to extinction, in my opinion that is.

  29. Oh god yes. Extinction was so underrated and overlooked just because it wasn’t zombies. I wish ghosts was still active otherwise I’d be playing that shit with randoms

  30. Extinction > bo1, waw, cold war, AW, and WWII zombies. An absolute fantastic mode that was mostly hated because it wasn't zombies. Definitely needed some work on the last 2 maps but 100% a fantastic mode that we need a sequel of for sure. I play it a lot to this day with a friend to grind teeth and just because its amazing

  31. Extinction > bo1, waw, cold war, AW, and WWII zombies. An absolute fantastic mode that was mostly hated because it wasn't zombies. Definitely needed some work on the last 2 maps but 100% a fantastic mode that we need a sequel of for sure. I play it a lot to this day with a friend to grind teeth and just because its amazing

  32. The reception was too negative and Activision has been too scared to make a non-zombies COOP mode ever since (Except MW2019)

  33. PLEASSSEEEE!!! I don't like the idea of trying to have zombies in every cod, only think treyarch should be doing traditional zombies. I personally loved extinction and wish it'd get expanded on. It was pretty solid for a first iteration.

  34. I think it would be cool to see it back, but I think their effort should be better spent in other modes and not just trying to copy zombies

  35. It's crazy how years later the experience somehow became better. People screamed from the rafters all that time ago that extinction was like the worst mode in any cod ever. Bruh.

  36. If they bring back extinction they wouldn’t bring it back in mw2, down the road eventually they’ll make cod ghosts 2

  37. Extinction was awesome it was so good, with teammates because it could actually be played as a team and feel like a tea, not that in zombies you don't, but being in the hands of a task force, to eliminate and complete an objective which it was not easy

  38. Yes. I love extinction, but it needs revamped so it’s not the same thing over and over again. They started to realize that on the last map and things were changing up. Just need to expand on that

  39. The most fun times I had in non-multiplayer, was in extinction, so I definitely hope it’ll make a return. Do I think It ever will? Not a chance.

  40. Extinction was great, and I get people may have not liked it at the time, but it was Infinity Wards own thing, and Its better to make their own thing then copy another's

  41. Yes, but separate to the standard explore and defend game mode there should also be an endless mode. It would work exactly the same as zombies except it has aliens. That would fix it’s only real issue, which is the lack of replayability.

  42. Seems like zombies needs to take a break for a little bit. I’d be down for another round of extinction. Then they can have remastered zombie maps for people that hated extinction.

  43. If they do bring it back, I hope they make it less grindy. I would play those maps over and over and it just felt like the progress gained for leveling up and improving your character seemed so slow

  44. Possibly but I think it would be better as an outbreak type mode where instead of a singular objective it would be multiple hives or bosses instead of the linear maps we got with ghosts

  45. i would! extinction was a pretty good concept, just not amazingly executed, given the chance, i bet they could make it pretty awesome.

  46. I’d like to see some new Extinction. If you are going for a zombies experience it isn’t the place but it’s own thing and I really enjoyed it in Ghosts.

  47. I love Extinction. I was prestige on Xbox 360, prestige 8 on Xbox One, had a few prestiges on PC on Steam, and played a lot on IW6x with everything unlocked. Awesome mode.

  48. Yes definitely. It’s criminal that extinction hasn’t returned imo, yes it had its issues but I loved it so much it’s iconic

  49. As long as they make the story from infinite warfare zombies non cannon because that final map basically ruins the entire plot of extinction

  50. There was a point around 2013-14 where I liked extinction more than zombies lol. I played zombies since waw, but at that time bo2 was the latest zombies and Origins Mob and Buried were too complicated for me (I love them now), and I did play some tranzit and die rise, so zombies kind of left a bad taste in my mouth lol. It wasn’t until like mid 2015, right before bo3 came out, where I got into Origins and I liked zombies more again.

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