What drives you crazy playing with randoms?

  1. Doesnt talk entire game until they die, turns on mic for first time, "YOUR TRASH, WHY DIDNT YOU FOLLOW ME IN!", then disconnects before revive.

  2. Lol my favorite is the guy that goes on their own and whines about the team. I have had this happen alot and they even leave. Then guess what? Our team pulls out a win lol.

  3. I’ll take no comms over people who won’t shut up so you can hear the enemy. Not to mention the chirping smoke alarm and crying kids. Change the battery America and shut the game off and take care of your kids if your baby momma ain’t home.

  4. Stupid, completely unnecessary pushes bother me. I'm down to push when we have an advantage, but throwing yourself into the fire, getting a couple kills, getting wiped, rinse and repeat is the opposite of what I call fun. Some people play for kills and some play for wins, and I definitely prefer the latter.

  5. Yes, this is very common. Everyone plays like they are a streamer. It happens alot where my team will aggressively push into a situation that looks sketchy. Especially when we have position.

  6. I’m curious why you play resurgence mode when you dislike aggressive play style. Getting kills is the whole point of rebirth and keep. If you want to play slow and go for wins then why not play proper battle royale where the wins mean something? Then we can all go back to when rebirth was fun and there wasn’t a stacked team of 4 hiding in every building for the whole game.

  7. Landing in separate places. Pushing. Won’t give up loadout money and always lands on prison and the other place on fortunes keep where everyone goes. Not pinging enemy, ammo boxes, and guns. Stealing your dead teammates loadout guns.

  8. Landing split can actually be a great way to keep from getting wiped early. When you play together, yes you are stronger but you are vulnerable to getting wiped together. You just have to be confident that you can play your life and get your own loadout.

  9. People like to blame FOV, aim assist etc for their deaths but the biggest handicap in this game is without a doubt the random team mate.

  10. What I specifically hate is shit talking teammates that get pissed off you didn't help them push a four man team when all you have is a shit ass single shot rifle and a pistol so you find money and bring them back and they still shit talk you after you do buy them back and then unexpectedly die from it and then they don't bother buying you back..... Like wtf?

  11. There are alot of dudes who call the team trash and they have the worst stats on the team. How do you even have the nerve to say that lol?

  12. I'm pretty quick to mute people that behave like this. Then I play like normal while repeatedly reminding them that I can't hear them because they are on mute.

  13. Exiting the plane without pinging your intended drop or any contracts/buys. Some people just bail out and expect you to read their minds. Then half way to the ground they'll ping...control station. Good luck with that, see you in 60 seconds when you respawn.

  14. This i don't understand. You can't flip your mic up our put it on mute? There will be people having full blown conversation with their family over the mic.

  15. If you have your TV volume all the way up while talking on a mic, I’m automatically assuming you’re an idiot

  16. With randoms its just a waste of time. Game is based on communication and team work and if you dont get any your fucked. And 99% of time you dont.

  17. What's funny is that I have won more games with randoms than my bros. There have been quite a few games where there isn't any talking on the mic.

  18. I mean if you are good I can understand but the majority of people who do are not that good. They push and ping like we are next to them.

  19. I have never understood why anyone would play with randoms, if my squad isn’t on, I’m playing solo.

  20. I only play FK and that option isn't always there with the rotating playlists. Plus I use to play solos but it got to boring because it's a big campfest. I am not saying every random team I have been on have been bad. Like I stated in my OP, I have practically doubled my wins in resurgence in a month. Some teams mesh so we'll but it's usually one individual who kind of ruins everything and throws off the synergy.

  21. IMO a big part of what makes CoD special is the social aspect and comms. It's entertaining to talk with random people and to hear angry reactions through deathcomms. I like solos too, but it's a different kind of fun.

  22. Too many comms, communicating unnecessarily drives me nuts. I can’t hear footsteps or literally anything but you people.

  23. I am in the same boat. My friends I played with for years quit and now I play almost solely with randoms BUT I win way more games with randos than I do with friends and this is very interesting to me. It seems like I’m getting placed into much harder lobbies when I already have a squad, but when paired with randoms the lobbies definitely seem easier. Playing with my friends actually almost became unplayable because our lobbies were so sweaty. We would rarely make 2nd/3rd circle. But I can play with mediocre randoms and near final circle consistently. Anyway my biggest random pet peeve is jumping out of the plane without marking a location and then they just spiral around until they drop 2000m away from where they initially jumped, and 1500m away from you.

  24. Ironically, my pet hate is when people are spamming the money request button. I heard it the first time, there’s no need to press it 30 times a minute, and usually when that happens I refuse to give them anything because they know what they are doing is annoying. And that’s why people don’t end up with loadout. I really don’t know why they picked such an annoying noise for it but they did

  25. People who leave in plunder or the Zombie mode after they die. I won a Zombie rebirth mode after half the team left when they died. You can come back guys.

  26. They don't revive you despite the fact that you are right next to them. They can't sense the enemy who just killed someone 10m away from them. They never land where the squad leader points to. They don't stick together.

  27. Before fortunes keep i was a 98% solo player. But since FK I've started to play fill trios or now quads. I never understood the frustration with people leaving when you'reclearly heading to a buy to get them. But now I get it. Geez

  28. When the only option is quads so you hop in and you KNOW the 3 others are partied up but refuse to join game chat. Gets kinda lonely :(

  29. I've never had consistent teammates so I can confidently say I hate when they keep pinging the buy station when we can't get them back. I get it, you think your superior skills will absolutely get the win, but let the people who didn't die before first circle find somewhere we can get you back.

  30. Hopping into quads solo wearing a mic expecting to get 3 other mic’d teammates, only to end up getting 2 other teammates. Both without mics. Ends up taking 10 minutes to actually get in a random quads fill match.

  31. Had a random in resurgence quads shoot at me next to the buy. I had enough for loadout but it was graveyard and I just wiped a team. Thought he saw someone but he was just shooting me to get me to buy it. He had no kills. Then when I bought it he stole my dead silence.

  32. Asshats who land prison or control have zero skills get destroyed, continue to land there as me and my team get money for a loadout,. Then proceed to talk shit only after getting their free unearned load out.

  33. I hate the teammates that have mics but don’t use them, they don’t talk at all until they die and they only turn their mics on just to trashtalk the guy who killed them, and then, silence, not a single word until they die again

  34. People who won't ping an enemy. Especially if they're also on the mic saying "over there, he's over there" . It's even better when I say "where? ping them."

  35. Just played random quads on Keep with a dude named online tough guy. He didn't say a word until he got sick of pushing solo into teams and blaming the team for him dying. He had one kill calling the rest of us trash so I calmly reminded him that he wasn't Rambo with his one kill. All kinds of slurs rained down from him afterward as I calmly reminded him that he only used his mic to cry which set him off even more.

  36. Played with two friends and a random yesterday. Gas coming in right behind us, plan was to jump out of a window and get to safety.

  37. Can't stand when I'll have 8 or so kills and my team is just doing god knows what in Narnia. Whenever I can tell someone is the best player on the team I follow them.

  38. I'm a no mic player so I don't care about having no mic but the worst is them insulting you for not doing what they say blaming you when you can do better than them not buying loadout with enough cash and getting a gas mask instead and requesting something that no one even has

  39. People who don’t play with the team usually, but I think my biggest pet peeve is people who play without a mic. Plays solo game mods if you aren’t going to communicate, not team games.

  40. When they insist on buying loadout them selves and drop it in the most exposed place. Sometimes even when someone has mentioned a sniper or another team close by.

  41. I hate getting paired with trios of 0.8 stains that can’t manage to stay alive in Rebirth. They all die at once over and over again, and don’t bleed out when they’re knocked so they’re effectively always dead. If I wanted to play solo I’d just queue no fill, but I’d rather have second chances. Everything else is tolerable in Rebirth fills.

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