The player everybody dislikes starter park

  1. Not really. i rather like dying in a honorable 1v1 by one of those tryhards instead of a rat that has 1 kill after 5th zone camping in a building with claymores and rpg.

  2. Completly agree, i get the most mad when i'm killed by a guy that has 1 kill 10 minutes into the match and was ratting in a dark corner

  3. To be honest, i bought this PS4 Controller adapter thingy that lets you set buttons to but its just 2 buttons not four (also playing on my PS4 so no FoV for meeeee)

  4. a lot of m&k players dislike them lol, i've seen console players mention they're on a "normal controller" too

  5. Having xbox elite controller with paddles, atomic (damascus and dark matter aswell), hit 1k level once, heard that i’m a cheater dozens of times, but since i’m on xbox my fov is 80, fps is 60, with my shitty internet i get 70ms in very good day and my clan tag is [.)(.] - how many ppl hate me?

  6. Is this sarcastic? Those are literally all good things except maybe the cheating claim... The rest is extremely desirable haha

  7. I’ve had a Scuf Impact for about 2 years now, still going strong. I take very good care of it; never dropped, clean it regularly, replace consumable parts when they go bad, keep it in the protective case. Sometimes it’ll seem like I start getting stick drift every few months but taking it apart and blowing compressed air into it always fixes it. It’s definitely on the high end price wise but I use it almost everyday and it is by far my favorite controller.

  8. My old Scuf Impact worked fine but always felt a bit flimsy. I recently got a Reflex and the build quality is a lot better. Expensive though

  9. Funnily enough they either pay someone to unlock their mastery camo or just buy cheats like an unlock tool. Very few actually grind for them.

  10. Never really got the whole TTV thing. I mean, I know it’s become synonymous with “sweats”, but I don’t understand why every single one does it.

  11. How is the mastery camo a “secret camo” lol. It’s the goal for camo grinders and not hidden whatsoever

  12. Wish I got those kinda frames. I get those numbers staring at the sky on rebirth island. Actual gameplay much much lower

  13. That's why rebirth is cringe af, full of tiktok kids running around abusing rotational aim assist aimbotting you thinking they're good at the game lmao

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