Way more engagements in Fortunes Keep.

  1. Yep, I've been playing solos and it just seems that no matter where I go I'm with half a dozen other players. I understand that this island is roughly the same square area, but something seems to funnel everyone to the same tiny, random sections of the map.

  2. I think its because essentially its just 3 big POIs. Theres Keep, Winery and Town. Nobody wants to drop at smugglers cove because then you are down below and have a disadvantage and camp and lighthouse are just micro POIs with less loot and less rotation options.

  3. I think it's actually the opposite. On rebirth you could land a number of places and have no other teams or you could land somewhere like: control or living quarters with 20 other people. Now on Fortunes Keep there's no one spot where lots of people go so no matter where you go you're bound to have some people join you.

  4. Fortune’s Keep is freaking awesome. And they were smart to make it rebirth exclusive. One of my squad mates hates change and would’ve never tried it if we had access to the rock. Now he loves it too. That’s the ultimate test in my book.

  5. It’s a shockingly good map. I keep being surprised by how much I love it. Like I was so prepared to hate it after hearing it was replacing Rebirth. But it’s just so well done.

  6. Thats because you can get shot from dozens of angles in so many areas. Rebirth only had 3 towers, this map has many more.

  7. Yeah but on the other hand you also have a lot more options to get out so I had way more instances where I was engaged and I managed to escape (im a complete casual and regularly get melted in BR). I really enjoy it.

  8. I think it’s because even although fortunes keep is slightly bigger than rebirth, it has less main points of interest. People seem to land at the same main spots consistently.

  9. Stopped playing after caldera dropped, map is awful and I’m tired of the constant meta changing where I don’t have the time to lvl up the new weapons (non-map related)

  10. I play solo as well and sometimes there's 6 or 7 people fighting in the same small area. Which means there must be some parts of the map where people are skipping around looting and getting their loadout very peacefully.

  11. I’m saying that duos on Fortunes Keep seems to have WAY more engagements than when actively seeking people on Rebirth Island. We’re running into teams constantly without trying to find them. Much bigger map, same amount of people but they seem to be everywhere lol.

  12. Yes definitely a lot more action. Had loads of Rebirth games where we could drop at Nova 6 and not see anyone else for several circles except for sniping at prison roof.

  13. I play Quads/Trios and find the opposite to be true at the beginning of the match, then as the gas starts to come in it’s like Rebirth with more engagements

  14. I think it’s the map design that keep the rotations from Various POI’s converging into other teams. I must say the map design is brilliant

  15. So far the map is okay but I feel like we need more players or shorten the resurgence time or extend the resurgence to smaller circle? When resurgence is disabled, the circle is still bigger than what we had in rebirth. Loadout campers still exist though lmao! imho. have a nice day!

  16. I think it’s because there are hardly any buy stations on the map. People go near buy stations to get load out etc. but there seems to be much less than there were on Rebirth Island in my opinion.

  17. Prison while amazing did really cut the map into pieces and offered a huge sheltered area to fight in. There’s less of that in FK. Most fighting happens on rooftops rather than in buildings.

  18. No way the player count is accurate, or we have shit luck landing. Non stop action till final circle every game and half the time there are about 20 people left.

  19. this map is barely any bigger than rebirth island, the problem is that every POI is in the line of sight of another unlike in rebirth where Prison separated the entire map resulting in less engagements. This map is kinda unbalanced and fun at the same time.

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