What Perk is This?

  1. Still would’ve broken the guy he hit if it did 250 damage. I have a good amount of playtime and there’s times where I’ve either hit someone barely, or barely been hit and only had a little damage. I’d guess vehicles (or at least some) have a non-lethal hit box that’s hard to trigger. In this case, poor servers/connection led to this hit box getting triggered even though on this guys screen he should’ve got the kill.

  2. Weird things can happen with vehicles sometimes, my buddy got smacked by a bertha once and was knocked like 30 yards and tanked it. He was able to run away

  3. Looks like obsidian on the new-ish H4 blixen. Maybe he picked it up, maybe he's cheating and used an unlock tool. I'm going with the latter considering it's a level 30 account.

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