I don't understand why these companies work with these people

  1. It's hilarious that this sub shits on the game all day but when a streamer shits on it they say their opinion is terrible and doesn't matter

  2. true,what courage says about quitting the is most likely hes kidding and be back playing it at no time lmao

  3. Popular streamers often aren't particularly talented or funny, examples would be Lirik, summit1g, Tim, it's more about how they relate to their audiences and an element of luck

  4. He barely even played Warzone to begin with. IDK why anyone even acknowledges his thoughts on the game.

  5. And he’s always complaining how his views are low🤣 like bro maybe if your content wasn’t so god damn annoying and cringe people would watch.

  6. I feel the same with SO many streamers..xqc is at least funny as aids as his community can be. But streamers like Dr Lupo, Courage ect aren't funny nor all that talented in the game

  7. I've watched him watch cool Apex clips one time. Mf was annoying saying "that's soooo toxic bro" on every clip

  8. I don't understand why people shit on content creators like this, it's understandable if you don't like him but jeez don't be a dick about it, I totally understand why he would want to quit this game. Wish him the best in his ventures even if I don't watch him.

  9. It’s annoying to see a company constantly pay someone to promote a game that they clearly don’t enjoy and haven’t enjoyed for some time, same goes for a lot of streamers honestly

  10. Yeah I'm trying to understand what the problem is here within the op screenshot. COD is a really unfun bad game experience and I totally understand where Courage is coming from. I'm done with the game already myself.

  11. He chose to put himself out there. If people want to say he makes shit content and chats rubbish that’s fine.

  12. I mean, look at guys like NickMercs and Dr. Disrespect. Watching them play Warzone is like watching a hostage being forced to read out the hostage-takers’ demands. They’ve said everything short of saying “I hate WZ so much and wish I could play anything else, but I’m trapped here because leaving WZ would absolutely crater my career.” It’s like watching someone play video games at fucking gunpoint sometimes.

  13. At this point, continuing to play COD is a loyalty/patience thing. Other games are just as good if not better and devs seems to be me responsive to the community and better at their job/are in a better work environment. It’s had major issues for a while and it’s hard to see a time where this game doesn’t have major issues wether it be bugs, weapon balancing or cheaters. It’s annoying.

  14. warzone pros when they can’t get a load out the first 20 seconds of the game and grab a huge armored truck to push burgers and now they are forced to fight in the open

  15. Yeah the load out thing is annoying, but I almost feel like they shouldn't be complaining, they are a lot better than the casual person so show us your skill with ground loot, we know you can generally kick our ass with it anyway. Sorry you can't steamroll people for content immediately and get lower klll counts bc better people survive, like F off

  16. Yeah I like watching Tim, one of the only streamers I'll watch play casual pubs, and I hate when he's with Jack. Annoying af

  17. Jack has always been very vocal about Warzone. While I don’t particularly enjoy his content, I do think tweets like this have a place, not always, however in this instance I think it’s appropriate. Activision have promised so many things without delivering and blatantly disregard their community that built WZ. Jack has a louder voice than most in this community and if Activision even give a minute shit about us, him tweeting something like this is one of the better chances we have at creating change.

  18. I don’t understand the people who watch these dudes and then are surprised by shit like this. They’re streamers. Is it not abundantly clear from watching people like tim, Courage, Nickmercs, Doc, etc. that they’re not having fun? They don’t like Warzone, haven’t for a while. They play it because they’re afraid of losing revenue and sponsorships. All the complaints people have made about Halo not having a BR is because streamers want a game to be able to pull them away from Warzone while keeping the same fanbase numbers wise.

  19. Lmao now everyone is against him cause he’s quitting a game. Warzone just isn’t fun anymore. I’ve been playing since launch it became TERRIBLE with the release of Cold War. I can totally see why he has quit

  20. It is so much more enjoyable now than it was the last 5 months or whatever. New map, new guns and no old guns.

  21. VG Royale is the most fun I've had in WZ since before CW, however, the glitches make it unplayable and the fact there's still cheaters around and it will get worse by the week isn't a good thing to look forward to.

  22. People saying that streamers are the biggest crybabies when all this sub ever does is cry about shit. Hilarious.

  23. Would frequently be in nickmercs videos when he was full time warzone. He’s got an annoying voice and his videos are really aimed towards children. Doesn’t seem like a bad dude overall tho.

  24. Oh look it's the guy ninja made famous that nobody cares about. Bet he's back on by Friday

  25. He's been active in the cod scene as a caster long before he started streaming. He was a caster/commentator on pretty much every major cod tourney since 2014.

  26. I watched a vod in his stream. he died in gulag to a shotgun then started complaining about the visibility and deleted the game

  27. Courage is one of those people that if you don’t think or have the same opinion as him, you’re automatically wrong. He thinks he’s better than all of us and not just in video games. He went down hill fast after fortnite

  28. I’m sure a lot of you in this subreddit have more kills than CourageJD, a full-time gamer. He has 13k kills. He played 15 matches of Caldera and called it quits - go check his tracker. Not sure why he even matters in the WZ scene. Good riddance.

  29. For the viewership exposure in the beginning, they probably can care less now about him quitting. He’s already done the job they wanted him to do

  30. All these streamers are the biggest bitches on Twitter/their stream and the devs care most about what they say. I don’t know how it’s hard not realize them and their communities are the ones that bitch most about this game. They will also drop the game whenever the next big game comes out.

  31. He was actually instrumental in making some changes to Warzone a few months ago. He had a public Twitter convo with one of the devs and it brought specific changes to the game.

  32. Streamers are the one destroying the game. Everytime a new meta gun drops, they are the first one to rock them in their loadout and kill bots. When they start to die to those guns after few days, they start crying how the game is broken and ttk is so low. Instead of improving the game, developers are more occupied to come up with ways to nerf guns to stop the crying.

  33. Yea streamers are the reason SBMM is still a thing and Why i have to play in 80 FOV on my console.

  34. I’ve never watched the guy. But I uninstalled Warzone the other day too. Too much of the same broken, imbalanced shit. Also Activision sucks, so I get to ride out on my high horse.

  35. The person who made this Reddit post must be an Activision Fan boy 😂 the game is shit and in a horrible state. They lied about content multiple times, lied about an anti cheat yet you want people to keep playing ?

  36. I really wish devs - and pubishers - would stop paying so much attention to what streamers think. Most of them not only aren't game devs, but they're not even particularly bright, and their interests always align more with maintaining their profitable relationship with a game over actually seeing said game be 'fun'. They oppose any changes, especially those which affect the meta, because often their entire brand is predicated on being 'good' at the game. Anything that threatens that is suddenly bad.

  37. So he "officially" uninstalled the game? Wow, that is so much more impressive than only uninstalling it unofficially.

  38. The question you should be asking is “I don’t understand why these companies refuse to improve upon their game when they publicly get shit on 24/7 even by big name streamers who bring in millions of views”

  39. Golly gee I'll announce I'm leaving! Then the company will be forced to change the game to the way I want! That'll show them.

  40. That effects literally no one, dudes content is hot garbage and not funny. Now if Tim did this it may have some kind of impact

  41. This games buttcheeks anyway. Keep jerking content into dumbass vanguard and then THEY broke all three games with the last update.

  42. I mean this guy kept backing up Call of Duty even after all the BS they do, and he finally had enough of it. This game promised an FOV slider AND anti-cheat upon launch of warzone and we never got it. There are a lot of terrible bugs in the game that take forever to get fixed. The game only cares about money and numbers and not actually bringing out content for players. So yea, I agree with him

  43. I don't dislike many streamers, most are just hanging out with a community of people gaming. But holy hell is Courage annoying. I watch Teepee mainly and anytime he was playing with courage I'd just immediately quit watching.

  44. I'm not a fan of apex bc it doesn't fill my military niche, bf is abs trash and BF4 serers are basically done. Valorant looks like a child's game and fortnite is a child's game. Halo is too casual and their greed is similar to acti. Without wz or cod there isn't really much out there to play in terms of aim and shoot. Feel kinda stuck with raven and shgs botched VG meta wz.

  45. Courage been a bot at warzone bro, if it wasn’t for him streaming with Tim, nick, cloak I wouldn’t have even looked twice in his direction

  46. I played for the first time yesterday. Very first match at the end of plunder leveling my weapons it stops working and back to Home Screen of my console. This is ridiculous.

  47. I don’t understand why some streamers hate it, shit on it then uninstall and swear they’re done. Right after that they reinstall and continue to stream and play it. It’s like Stockholm syndrome

  48. Realized a new map dropped, what's the issue? Found the new Battlefield a bit disturbing with Michael Williams likeness speaking to me.

  49. I moved to those games before he ever tweeted this so I get where he's coming from. Even nadeshot who owns a CDL team was complaining about the Warzone update

  50. Y'know, for the community that is known for being offensive, y'all get really offended over a streamer.

  51. Because they’re a very popular influencer. Make a good game and maybe it’ll get the credit it deserves. I’d much rather trust the opinion of someone that plays an IP hours on end day in day out on whether a product is my time or not.

  52. Don't these streamers just echo the same problems we all complain about? Why get mad at someone who complains about the same things we complain about? Do we really hate ourselves that much? I feel like we are getting mad at ourselves. Maybe we shouldn't be so toxic and give more constructive criticism?

  53. As someone who plays everyday and mostly has a good time this games quality is objectively terrible. This recent update was even worse. I don’t get why anyone would be surprised or mad at this type of news other then stupidity.

  54. Whole sub shits on the game for being the state it's been in for the last year on and off. But when a big content creator properly drops it, 500 fucking upvotes for the guy who calls them out for making a twitter post saying they quit. So it's cool for us to say it but if a streamer says it you're personally offended? Sometimes I swear this community just wants to bitch at everything.

  55. This update is dreadful, anyone who likes it obviously plays a campers game. The map is bad, no cover and the foliage is outrageous, you cant see anyone. The forced use of Vanguard weapons is ridiculous and the pace of the game is terrible. All people wanted was a new map, not for them to change every single aspect of the game.

  56. I mean the loadout change kinda ruined the game. I haven't touched it either. Just not fun to play a br thats basically generic. Loadouts made the game.

  57. He said that he gave feedback on foliage for Caldera when it was in pre alpha but they didn’t listen to him he also said that he hated the color pallet

  58. why? because they finally started playing games that they like, and not the ones that will make them the most money?

  59. Good on him! There are a fuck ton of people that don’t have the courage to do what needs to be done for their sanity. If he isn’t enjoying the game he isn’t a sellout, a twat, or unloyal. He’s a person with an opinion, get ready for this OP cuz I’m about to rock your world; there’s a whole planet full of people like him and you’re just going to have to learn to deal with that.

  60. I'm not a fan of Jack but it's funny that this sub spends its time shitting on the game but when a streamer quits the world has gone mad.

  61. Yeaaa no, you're not going to play games that "you want to play". You're just gonna act like the cookie-cutter streamer you are and jump between the games that get the most views, that being Warzone and Apex.

  62. Clearly with the Vanguard only BR cause a huge problem, force people to buy newest Activision products to play or win. Even the Vanguard Arsenal is trash too with OP guns and dumb P2W Blueprints. Good for him to move on, me either.

  63. games should be fun not hectic... i am not competing for eSports i play games for fun and have a good time

  64. Does anyone else just have an incredibly difficult attempt at finding a streamer they enjoy? I like StoneMountain and have since his battlefield days but if I’m being honest, I’ve never finished a full video from him. Jack frags is great and I’ve seen some good informative videos from him on YouTube but not once peeked at his stream. I killed Timthetatman and Cloaxy(I think is his name) in superstore and had never even heard of them my friends were just freaking out. I just think it’s so weird there’s an entire industry and world out there that are obsessed with these people and the developers let them run the games they work on like they’re in control and it’s nuts to me. It would be nice to enjoy watching someone because I’m obviously have a passion for gaming but I just can’t do it. Every time I talk to people they think I’m the crazy one, anybody else share this same feeling?

  65. This sub complains when a streamer speaks wonders about warzone “because they’re getting paid”.

  66. I mean technically he’s kind of being my voice right now so I appreciate it. The game is the worst it’s ever been and it’s sad to see.

  67. People grow in and out of love with games constantly, issues with gameplay try our patience. Who cares. People like this will be back when the next MW game drops, lol.

  68. Why would anyone give a fuck about someone uninstalling a game? I've uninstalled tons of games over the years but i dont brag about it...tf?

  69. So, because a great game, that this guy has obviously been playing for a long time, has a rough start to a new installment (or map, in this case), he's just going to uninstall the game and never play it again?? Has he never played a new game in his life? Does he not realize that pretty much every online game nowadays, has issues when it first comes out? Does he also not realize that usually those issues are addressed at some point and the game will be much improved through updates? He just sounds like a whiny liitle baby to me.

  70. It’s pretty obvious why. they bring viewers/attention to the game? doesn’t mean they have to be fake and act like they like the game when they don’t

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