Is the "Grindcore - Go Long" playlist completely broken?

  1. Xbox series x here. Same problem last night. I got a few games in the it just crashed over and over again. Eventually got a game to go then started crashing again.

  2. Yup, was doing longshots yesterday and ~50-60% of my matches would disconnect after getting 1 or 2 kills. Ended up finishing one set of longshots and called it for the night. I’m on Xbox Series S, if that matters.

  3. I had the same problem and went to look here after about 10 matches of it to make sure it wasn’t a problem on my end. I’m playing on PS5 so maybe it’s a console thing idk

  4. I'm on PS5 and played Grindcore a ton last week and weekend. I got disconnected from the host/server about 60% of the time. Today its about 20% with a new disconnection message.

  5. Same, only tried a few times. Also the only dom matches I've been getting since new season are tactical pacing (I have preferred as assault)

  6. Xbox one S and when I tried this playlist it took about 10 minutes to find a lobby and then another few minutes to start a match where eventually people just left…so it’s kinda pointless I think.

  7. Yes, having the same problems with a PC. This game has so many mistakes and glitches. I wish someone would pull their head out and start fixing all the problems. There are so many and continual.

  8. It's a hardcore large map playlist on the front page, to help with longshots for camo grinding. Which isn't working for a lot of us for some reason.

  9. First couple of games on my ps4 go great. Then I get a pop up asking me if I want to enable crossplay cause they can’t find match, I say no and it immediately throws me in a lobby, game starts and after a minute or so, it crashes.

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