Aim Assist, When Will I Actually Have It?

  1. aim assist will be sold in 1hr token increments in your upcoming favorite bundles, so be sure to keep an eye out for em!

  2. seeing as they’re literally treating weapon inspect as a brand new feature to look forward to to cover up the fact that they have no idea how to add it in without breaking the game more, i believe this.

  3. It works when it feels like it, right? The past few days have been nuts. My aim works for a game or 2, and then from then on I literally can’t hit people. It feels like the harder I aim at them the more it pushes my aim of target

  4. Are you on old gen or new gen? I'm on PS4 and I have this same exact issue. For a few games my aim is fine, my aim works how it should, then it's almost as if it turns off and it seems like my vertical and horizontal sensitivity gets higher as well

  5. Same. I watch videos of the mp40 barrel almost bending in rotational aim assist as the player gets a triple. The only time it feels like I'm getting anything is when I drag scope headshots.

  6. I'm on pc as well, most of the time I use m&k but sometimes I want to just relax and use a controller. My scuf xbox controller gets no aim assist at all. It makes gunfights pretty difficult and it just makes the game a chore to play. I've not been wanting to play the game at all, but I need to because I'm trying to complete all the battle passes like I did in cold war.

  7. Go into a private match, setup the recruit bots and do testing. On Xbox X, the aim assist works fine in that area. Go into regular matches, it is hit/miss. No idea why it works sometimes or not. I feel I've tried every single setup/thing I can think of to problem solve and there is none. I just tweak my screen zoom, sensitivity and work on my skill to snap aim and work on hitting targets whether it is there or not. If so, great easier kill, otherwise, maybe a shot/two more to finally get a kill or readjust as something is moving across the sight. It's absurd at this point. Yet we have plenty of new blueprints you can buy from the store or level up tokens!

  8. I had zero aim assist from pre season to season 5 on Cold War due to a glitch by daring to play splitscreen I doubt they’ll fix it anytime soon

  9. Well just look at it this way, your aims gonna be insane when you do have aim assist in the next title

  10. No ads aim assist for me on Zombies since the update, but crazy camera moving aim assist when not adsing. But have only played like 6 games this season.

  11. I play on ps4 and started now playing with a controller for the first time, and I feel the aim assist very strong... I'm not used to using controllers but I sure have an assist somehow

  12. While I play on pc, I sometimes play with a PS5 controller for fun instead of M&KB and I definatly have aim assist when playing. I've had it lock onto a random guy and do almost a 180 flick while he just walked by me after I spawned on shipment while I was aiming at somebody else, it looked like I had aimbot on steroids lol

  13. Yeah same, sometimes on PC I just play on TV with an Xbox Series X controller. The aim assist is enormous and you really "Feel" it. Its just easier to track when an enemy is strafing left n right.

  14. Imagine talking about aim assist and get you still don’t understand how it works. Also can’t use the excuse that I use it since I’m M&KB. It’s not OP like most PC players say. It’s just bad players trying to make up excuses for dying

  15. Kb/m player here. I've lost count of the number of times i've ran past a controller user in close quarters only to have them 180, lock on and kill me faster than I can flick the mouse. Maybe there are intermittent aim assist issues in the game, but it definitely exists.

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