"spawns have been fixed and readjusted"- shg :/

  1. the packet burst issues have become a lot less since launch, almost zero if im being honest. the aim assist issue, spawns and this lmg are all terribly broken though

  2. Nuketown in Cold War had fucking 12v12 and those spawns are better than most map and combat pacing combinations in this game. It’s truly absurd. And the more I play these maps, the more I’m just not a fan. Like I can do well on them, even got nukes on my least favorites, but idk, they just aren’t that sweet flowing, arcadey experience that I look for in a cod game,

  3. This happens on medium and big maps as well. Gosh, I even started a match spawning with the enemy team

  4. Cold War had small maps and they managed to make a event spawn system, the only one that had weird spawn was icbm which was fair because it was a circular face off map

  5. He’s third to last in XP points on his team & is higher than the entire other team. The opposing team is down ~100 points on the patrol zone & the game actually spawn flipped them to assist in getting a chance to capture the new location of the zone. He proceeds to search the known spawn locations & obtains a 10+ kill streak during a double XP weekend & wants to complain.

  6. I think its so stupid that people complain about spawns on shiphaus. You literally ask for it in this playlist, just play the normal maps.

  7. it's not that much better on other maps either... but my bad w the caption, i was just trynna show how bad it gets w a bad spawn system and this new lmg

  8. I mean Das Haus is a small map but not shipment small. Roughly the same size as nuketown maybe a lil bigger yet on Das Haus you literally spawn in front of somebody on the other side of the map 😂 I’ve spawned in Molotovs too its crazy

  9. They are the most broken garbage ass spawns I’ve ever seen in ANY game and that’s no exaggeration. At this point, literally the number one cause of my streak ending and not getting a killstreak is someone (Or a whole team) spawning right behind me out of nowhere, leaving me completely defenseless. I will be nowhere near the actual designated spawns either, so it’s not a lack of awareness or anything like that. It seems completely randomized and if you happen to be wherever the game decides to spawn people in at any given moment, fuck you, eat shit. My absolute FAVORITE is when I at least had a Dead Drop down to save the streak, but the respawn is directly in front of actively spraying bullets, so I die immediately and lose the streak for good anyways. That one is a real treat, always makes me marvel at the world class game design on display here, really does. /s

  10. No idea what was fixed or adjusted. Their algorithm sucks period. Spawn Logic in this game is down right embarrassingly bad.

  11. right? it's the 3rd time theyre sending that out in a patchnote, and im yet to notice any significant difference

  12. What kind of bot lobby was that? You didn’t die in 1.32 seconds to shotguns. They just stood there and let you decimate them

  13. Thta what the new lmg do, makes you not die because no matter what the ennemy does, your lmg kill in like 100-200ms

  14. The only thing this update did for me was give me error codes when I try to do anything. Open the game from battlenet? Error code. Fetching online profile? Error code. Connecting to online services? Error code. Finally spawned in to a match after 11 tries? ERROR CODE. It ran relatively okay as far as Vanguard goes but now it's just fucked

  15. Look at this fool complain about spawns on one of the smallest maps in the game. And its a map that its very easy for a full team to lock down every spawn

  16. I think they have bigger things to worry about than cherry picking small issues. How about fixing our aim assist or should I say our non existent aim assist and shitty sensitivity settings that are inconsistent with our shitty locked in 60FPS . Xbox getting the shaft like usual XSX

  17. Yeah yeah it's a total shitshow. And even if it's been this way for 3+ months now, the fact that you can repeatedly spawn in front of the same guy 2-3 times in a row makes me mad every time.

  18. They’re fucking absurd. And it’s not just small maps. It’s every map. Just about every match too. I love so much about the gameplay of this game but the spawns are just atrocious. I don’t know how it got so badly messed up. There’s been like 20 years or whatever to figure out a good system. Yet this is what we got.

  19. Sorry to play the devil’s advocate here but a gamemode like Patrol will be harder to make and perfect spawns for. Put that on a small map and you’re just asking for something to go wrong.

  20. It's not only on Das Haus and Shipment the Spawns are fucked everywhere else too even on the new Maps I had Spawns of Enemy Players either behind or in front of me like Bro your not supposed to be on that Side

  21. You're playing on a small map what did you even expect, game spawning logic always breaks on smaller maps because the enemy team is everywhere so it just randomises your spawn.

  22. Vanguard is the worst COD game I've ever played. Game developers need to get it together over there. The spawns are horrible. This game is a campers dream. Get a team that works together and they will cover spawn points, and u can't even take a step without dying. Fuck this game

  23. The people in charge of the spawns are just fcking with us right? How is it even possible to make it worse and worse everytime

  24. I got three fuckers to spawn behind me several times on shipment games and they beat my back several times like the shit i look at on this account

  25. At this point I just don't think it's possible to have good spawns on this small of map.....at least one person's going to be on the other side of the map at all times making the enemies spawn near them to not spawn near 4 others....it's just logic...

  26. This game is broken and they’re already developing the next CoD so this one is getting as little “under the hood” support as possible.

  27. Game is rigged. Already decided beforehand if you’ll be on losing team or winning team. Activision has a patent for this. They manipulate spawns depending if you’re placed on the winning or losing side. Can link for proof of anyone is interested.

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