Jim Harbaugh on if he is OK with his players planting flag at midfield: "I want to get that flag and put it in our museum."

  1. One of the biggest moments in the rivalry history was osu coming out of the tunnel and tearing down the M club banner, it’s on a loop in both teams’ highlight reel, are people really upset about this? You win the game, you can do what you want. You know damn well osu will do it next year if Michigan can’t defend home turf.

  2. If this pisses you off more than getting your ass beat in your own stadium, idk what to tell you. The only bulletin board material we need is our complete ass kickings in 2018 and 2019.

  3. Seriously, I almost wish Harbaugh went harder. This rivalry needs a good long stretch of both teams being great and competitive against each other. With much more hate.

  4. Stuff like this is why I watch CFB. Gg Michigan…y’all have been inspired the last couple of years. I can’t hate y’all for planting the flag…people are salty if they care.

  5. I don't see any reason to be upset with anything other than the outcome of the game and anything that led to that outcome. The level of class your program wishes to carry itself with following a victory is its own business. If I had it my way, there'd be little class in this rivalry, exceptions for things like injuries and physical harm. I love the petty classlessness of it all.

  6. It’s disrespectful but doesn’t do permanent harm to the playing field. On top of the sentiment “if you don’t like it then fucking win the game”

  7. The difference is that Ohio tore down the banner before even winning the game. Then it ended in a tie. Michigan earned the flag plant. They did not earn the banner

  8. I still have burning memories of Ohio State fans practicing their spelling lesson in the Big House. This had only better be the very beginning.

  9. Isn’t it turf? I thought there was a joke that baker mayfield really tried planting our flag into turn and it just fell right over

  10. Bulletin board material is something us fans like to think makes a difference. These dudes don't need any extra motivation to win.

  11. Eh. Humans have varying abilities to focus. One sign of a great coach is that they can help 18-22 year old men focus for 14 hours a day 6 days a week, in an environment where those men are surrounded by very enticing distractions (free booze, drugs, co-eds thinking you’re a hero, McDonald’s bags full of cash). You’ve gotta think bulletin board material makes that task easier.

  12. Yeah people think world class coaches and athletes are really like “oh man I’ve kind of only been half-assing my games so far, now I’ll ACTUALLY try!”

  13. This is fan speak. The season is a grind for the players, not 3 hours on a couch once a week. We hear it daily that players take motivation from this stuff.

  14. OSU supposedly spent all year "in the dark" practicing and preparing to avenge that loss and Michigan stomped them even worse in the Shoe.

  15. I think if USC loses to Utah next week (which isn’t out of the question, they’ve already lost to them once), and Ohio State makes it into the playoffs, you guys may end up being on the bad end of the stupid bullet board material stories (as if Ohio State needed more reasons to give all against Michigan).

  16. “In the dark” the buckeyes claim as if their fans and players didn’t run their mouths every day for the 365 days leading up to this game only just to smacked again.

  17. I thought Howard & Hutchinson clowning Stroud & the OL at the Heisman ceremony last year would’ve been sufficient motivation, besides losing last year. Although I will say I think Stroud played fine and the OL played dramatically better than last year.

  18. I wouldn’t say Michigan stomped us worse this year. Obviously the score got out of hand in the end but this was a very competitive game for most of the afternoon and OSU had legitimate chances to come back in the 4th.

  19. I pledge to personally donate the full costs of the repairs for the field after that senseless act of placing a blunt flag post at midfield. I hope this makes up for the emotional damage done by my alma mater to the Buckeye nation.

  20. I hear they are still fundraising to fix the damage done by the stake incident at MSU, if you want to get involved there too.

  21. I fully expect this to be bulletin board material for your team next year, and I think that’s great. Feels good to be hated bitterly again and not just a nuisance on the way to the B1G Championship like we’ve been to you guys for a while.

  22. I hate harbaugh, and I hate everything about ttun, but I have to admit, at least he gets the rivalry, this is the level of hatred I expect on both sides, I respect him for it, I just hope we actually repay them for it next year

  23. He's got his swagger back, but thankfully he isn't abrupting at every single play anymore. He would literally smash a clipboard in half while up 35-3 at the halftime, it was a bit ridiculous.

  24. People being mad at someone planting a flag at midfield at a football stadium is the funniest and saddest behavior.

  25. Ohio State fans think it’s their birth right to win against Michigan and now don’t know how to react after getting bullied 2 years in a row.

  26. 30 years ago people lost their damn minds when Florida State would take a chunk of grass from road wins to bury outside Doak Campbell. But back in the early 90s the sport took it’s fainting spells over any sort of swagger very, very seriously.

  27. IMO this is the prefect level of celebration mixed with a touch of disrespect. Exactly what makes rivalries in sport, you don't get this why by not throwing a bit of shade at each other time to time.

  28. Not an OSU fan and I don't care about the flag planting. The thing I thought was classless/ridiculous was the stupid picture UM ran down the field to take after the first interception

  29. My absolute favorite Buckeye fan take of the year was the day of they game; a guy saying something to the effect of, “They didn’t PLANT anything, it’s turf! He and the other players held it up!”

  30. NC State and Michigan "planting" flags at UNC and OSU are memories I'll take to the grave. I know I keep saying this but god damn what a weekend lol.

  31. One week ago, I texted my friend (NC State grad) that I felt sorry for y'all losing three quarterbacks after having such a promising season.

  32. This is great. Winning that game should mean something. Celebrating that win should mean something. It’s a rivalry.

  33. I grew up in the Woodson years and will forever be afraid of them because of that man. The last decade has been a lot of fun at the end of November but I'm glad to see it balance out again and hopefully shut up some of these young, entitled fans who didn't experience David Boston getting flipped over Woodson's shoulder on their way to yet another rout. It's best when each team is one hundred percent focused and no one knows who will come out of a game where everyone gives everything they have.

  34. Michigan alum and current head football coach more than okay with players planting flag at rivals midfield after win. More at 11.

  35. Last I remember Schembechler hall (vomits) does have a little museum part. My first year in the band we got to visit the entire facility, including the workout room, field house, etc. because Brady Hoke really liked the band and invited us for a visit and even came and talked with us.

  36. Throw it in the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum on North Campus and then elect Harbaugh president* so it qualifies as an exhibit.

  37. Harbaugh did make a good point later on. These teams already have enough motivation to beat each other. A flag plant isn't going to change much in the motivation department.

  38. I believe Harbaugh is pushing for a large Michigan football history museum on campus. It will be much larger than the current one in Schembechler Hall that has very limited hours.

  39. Tbh don’t even need a “large” one but it’d be nice to have a public one that’s more easily accessible, especially if fans can visit it before a home game. I’d put it near Ferry Field in the IMSB or even as an addition to the Rec Sports center across from Elbel.

  40. When teams plant flags in artificial turf, they should have a tripod or stand for the flag. So it actually stays upright by itself for pictures.

  41. But "And there it is, [Winning Team] stands the flag upright with a perfectly weighted patio table umbrella base at center field" just doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

  42. Man, I hate Michigan and USC but it's great to see them back in the National Championship picture again. Now if we can get Texas and Florida back it'll be like the 00's all over again.

  43. Exactly what I want to hear from a football coach. I wish we did that in Autzen when we beat the Ducks. The best part about this sport is the rivalries. Let there be fights, plant flags at mid field, play for obscure trophies and let the mascots brawl on the sidelines.

  44. Harbaugh has no respect for Day, and he's not afraid to show it publicly. Michigan has all of the swagger and positive emotion in the rivalry right now, and we're searching for answers.

  45. It’s weird that we’re just ok with coaches being this openly disrespectful to each other. This sport is getting trashy as fuck.

  46. I love that they did it. Hell, the next time we win in Autzen, I hope the entire Oregon State team meets at midfield and takes a synchronized shit on the toilet bowl at midfield.

  47. Curse baker mayfield every day for that stupid fucking shit. Glad he’s riding pine where he belongs. Also Harbaugh is a dumb fucking corny asshole who can’t hack it in the NFL

  48. Maybe I'm old school and at the age of 46 set in my ways. But, to me this will ALWAYS be pure bush league and extremely disrespectful.

  49. It's amazing how short their memories are (Harbaugh won 2 in a row!!!! who cares we almost universally wanted him fired before that) or how long they can be (remember those victories we had in the late 1800s that give us the series lead even though we're sub-500 the past HUNDRED years) depending on the situation. They're adorable.

  50. You really would think that, yknow, losing the game would be a much bigger deal than anything that happened afterwards.

  51. For the 2nd straight year you’ve been disrespected and then go out and embarrass OSU, this year in Columbus… you deserve to plant the flag in the Block O.

  52. Yes, it will probably the last time in many years that Michigan will win at the Horseshoe, so it makes sense they want it in the museum

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