[Big 12] TCU will play Kansas State in the Big 12 Football Championship Game in Arlington, TX on Dec. 3

  1. It’s honestly hilarious how media members slowly pieced together that we had a really damn good team with a lot of experience returning, had the most preseason All Big 12 selections, yet slotted us as 5th best in the conference. Welp what do you know we’re heading to Arlington as if no one should’ve ever seen that coming.

  2. Kansas State is looking really scary... We've got a top 10 matchup in Arlington with playoff hopes on the line, does the Hypnotoad have more in him?

  3. It would be something that y’all finely “truly win” a game and then blow it in the CCG. I’ll be rooting for y’all though just to stick it to everyone at ESPN and anyone else who have been shitting on the SOS of the Big 12

  4. We can, but our defense is going to have to play a lot better. If our QB’s can stay healthy that would be great too.

  5. Committee gonna fuck TCU over and kick them out for losing to a team they already beat for OHST who goes on to beat Michigan in the natty.

  6. I just want to go ahead and make it clear before this game in the case that the committee wants to pull some bullshit:

  7. It’s all about the brand. The committee will never admit it, but when the choice is close, they’ll always go with the bigger brand. They proved that in the very first cfp where they picked osu over both Tcu and Baylor. Granted, osu won it all that year, but still, the name I felt secretly had a lot to do with the decision to put them in.

  8. Well, for as God awful as this season ended up being for us, I'm glad we're on year two of an all H8 Big 12 Championship Game! Go Purple Team!

  9. The H8 can devour each other and shit talk like brothers, but no one shit talks the H8 other than us. Lets just hope the CFP doesn't pull it's typical bullshit and keep the Big 12 out of the playoffs.

  10. Not really. TCU has a relatively small fanbase being a small private school. I’m a DFW resident and they didn’t even sell out their home night game against us in Ft. Worth this year when we were both ranked. K-State fans travel very well and Dallas is actually our biggest hub of alumni outside of the state of Kansas. We’ll be there.

  11. 12 games in a row and y’all all still finna pick K State. TCU literally beat them and they still gonna be doubted by the masses. Shit is wild.

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