[Griffin Storm] C.J. Stroud on how he wants people to remember his OSU career: “I don’t know. People are gonna say I never won The Game. I understand. People are gonna say I never won a Big Ten championship. I understand.”

  1. He can wipe away his tears with $100 bills but I sure as hell wouldn’t envy him going to the pathetic Texans right about now

  2. Where he’ll never win a playoff game or Super Bowl. Oh state qb’s used to wr separation. Not in the big leagues.

  3. Chad henne, mike hart, Jake long. They understand the pain! So much expectation, and to never win the big game. I have to imagine it eats these guys up, never being able to do it as players!

  4. There’s a lot of really good Michigan players who did not win the big game. Gardner, Devin bush, nico Collins, rashan Gary

  5. Happy for Mike Hart that he technically has 2 now. He was a great player, now a great coach, and deserves it.

  6. This is true, but I think the general feeling is that the QB bears more of this responsibility and affects their legacy more in winning or losing these games than the other position players.

  7. i did too until i remember how excited the security guard next to me in the student section was to let us all rush the field with 9 minutes left

  8. As an OSU fan, if we remember stroud at all it we’ll be as an empty career. Could beat the cupcakes but couldn’t do much against real opponents.

  9. Me too. Especially considering he played pretty well in both games and wasn’t really the reason they lost imo. He’s a great qb who has done great things there and he’s going to inevitably be the least favorite modern qb to their fan base.

  10. Yup. To me it feels like that unsportsmanlike that put us in 1st & 35 was the moment we lost, but we picked up 29 yards in 3 plays and our QB was confident going for it. For the coach to go against that and punt with 4th & medium in plus territory when you’re trailing… just a bad choice.

  11. I feel like Stroud was held back all day. For what reason, I don’t know. Would have loved to see more deep throws.

  12. He’s lit up teams for two seasons as starter. His stats are incredible. He should be remembered fondly. We have great players who never beat OSU. Likely bothers them to this day.

  13. Couldnt he just come back for another year? I mean I feel for him but he is only a Junior right? If he wants another shot for people to remember his name he can go another round.

  14. Come back and potentially lose three and take shit for eternity or go make millions? I think plan B sounds better to me.

  15. He is 21. While I think that he needs more maturity before going pro, it makes sense for him to declare for the draft.

  16. I had OSU people bitch about me for saying this last year. I wasn't the only one, but OSU people have been denying this all year.

  17. Fair assessment. There have been plays where I found myself thinking Fields would have at least picked up 5-6 yards.

  18. If it matters that much then he can stay for another season. But it's all about the money so he will go to the NFL lmao. Why feel bad when college games really don't mean much to him in the first place? Dude probably won't even play in the bowl game. 20-3 as a starter doesn't seem like a very bad stat. No sympathy at all from here.

  19. TIL that we have literally the most spoiled fan base. The OhioStateFootball reddit is full of people saying fire Ryan day and cj stroud sucks.

  20. I'm not saying anybody sucks. I'm not asking for anyone to get fired. The record vs. top 10 teams is going to have to improve if we're going to meet our goals. A lot of the 90% wins are against unranked opponents that cannot match the talent.

  21. Not saying to fire Day at this point but its not unreasonable to point out that he currently has a big game problem. He's 2-5 in games where the talent level is close. And most of those losses werent close. He's consistently outcoached in these games.

  22. I couldn't agree more with you. Losing sucks but throwing the baby out with the bathwater is not the answer. I don't know what the solution is but OSU has so much going for them they shouldn't forget. For your guys sake I hope Day is able to take a good hard look at himself and see where his blind spots are but regardless of that I don't think this rivalry is turning into a sure thing like a lot of OSU fans think.

  23. I don't know why people so often forget that it's not just about your own team/staff, the opposition may simply be better. I was never in the "Fire Harbaugh" crowd even after watching so many consecutive losses in The Game. Because the opponent was Ohio fking State, a team that was consistently top 4 in the nation, year after year. Similarly Buckeye fans should understand this is a competitive Michigan team for once and the coaching staff isn't automatically going to beat them. You're still 11-1, which is better than Harbaugh ever did from 2016 to 2020.

  24. Tbh I didn’t think he was that good against Michigan last year either. His wrs bailed him out a ton in that game

  25. Stroud isn’t perfect but Ryan Day’s playcalling hung him out to dry yesterday. Anyone calling for Stroud’s head had first better start with Day.

  26. This will probably get me downvotes but Stroud and Young should come back to school. While Young won the Heisman they both didn't really have the team or individual careers to warrant 3 and done. Every single above average talented player isn't a 3 and done guy.

  27. Ryan’s Day never helped Stroud. Ran SEVERAL gimmick plays that had no chance on third and never let CJ sit in the pocket and dice the defense for more than 2 plays at a time. Day also OFTEN runs the playcall that doesn’t go with what’s working for his offense. Very strange

  28. Man I am so happy all of those things are true but human beings being sad after working hard does hit me in my feels. I wish the kid well in life

  29. Being serious, I think his ball control is crazy good, potentially elite NFL. But, and it's a big but, he has to roll a nat 20 on learning to keep calm in duress

  30. Im a Michigan guy but he did great and he can throw like a motherfucker. I feel bad for him but I'm sure he will be fine. Sad to see someone get hate after losing to the best team in CFB

  31. I keep saying this. He cares more about NFL stock than being a Buckeye. I guess that is okay, but this is what we get.

  32. As someone who has watches every stroud game and every Caleb Williams game (at USC) this is a dumb take. They're both amazing. Stroud is so stupidly accurate it's insane.

  33. Yes well both true. I have had the overwhelming feeling this year he cares more about his NFL stock than being a Buckeye. More power to him but just not what I care about. I think he is gonna have a rough go in the NFL. I wouldn't take him with a 1st round pick.

  34. I’m 50-50 on the next level. He gets smart ass comments that his WRs are wide open to complete a pass, but I’ve seen him stick in some absolute fits. I think where he lacks is he’s easy to discourage mentally

  35. That’s exactly how Ohio state fans will remember him, as the only qb to lose the game in over a decade. A time hopefully these next few seasons can help us forget.

  36. Kid is from the Rancho Cucamonga, I doubt he really cares about “the game” than say players from that area

  37. I have my problems with Stroud, his unwillingness to run and clock management mostly, but man was he fun to watch with the Buckeyes. Hope he has an extremely successful NFL career.

  38. Don't feel bad at all. Nobody ever cared about depressing quotes from all the Michigan QB's that never won the game. or a big 10 championship. Im not about to feel bad for a fucking Ohio State player losing a game. Get over it.

  39. he’s a great quarterback. neither of the losses to michigan were his fault. we just got completely outplayed by a better team.

  40. I'll say this. As someone who hates Ohio State but watches their big games, CJ is a great QB and Ohio State fans shitting on him are morons. I do think he struggles in the really clutch situations but hell. He's still one hundred percent top three QBs in CFB right now. And from what I've seen hes got a good attitude too. Everyone calling him soft can go fuck themselves

  41. Stroud is a good QB but his fear of running is holding him back. He has some speed so I know he can run, but he looks legitimately afraid to do it. His decision making under pressure is not great so if hes not going to run than hes a liability.

  42. The problem isnt his arm its refusal to run when there is enough green in front of him my grandmother could pick up 15. This coupled with Days ludicrous RPO when every single person playing defense knows he ain’t running is laughable. He also folds under pressure. Its insane that he will prob end up with tye best stats of any OSU QB but wont be remembered because he lost the biggest games when it mattered. He also played himself right out of a heisman

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