If the stars align and the sea parts, is there a way for Alabama to make the playoffs again?

  1. theres a pretty legit way imo. georgia and michigan win next week. either tcu loses next week or usc loses 1 more time. the committee puts alabama 4th over ohio state, which after today i think is reasonable

  2. Why should Alabama, who lost twice, who's best win is 8-4 Texas, get in over 1 loss ohio state who has a win over Penn state.

  3. An 8-4 Texas that TCU kept from scoring an offensive touchdown and beat in MUCH more convincing fashion than Alabama did.

  4. The committee hates blowouts and tends to forgive close losses. Now putting a 2 loss team in would be shocking. I think Alabama finishes 5.

  5. No chance. Why are we still perpetuating this media hype job that somehow Bama has a shot? Can't we just enjoy rivalry weekend?

  6. It adds to the "enjoyment" like a horror movie. You feel better in the end for having survived that horrible outcome.

  7. Idk if they'd get in over OSU but with undefeated Georgia, UM, and a 2 loss XII and Pac-12 champ it could be.

  8. Alabama’s best win is an 8-4 Ole Miss/Texas that both went down to the wire and OSU’s best win is a minimum 9-win PSU by multiple scores AND they have one less loss.

  9. It would take chaos, but if Georgia wins and the other CCG favorites lose, who else could take the fourth slot?

  10. The only possible chance is TCU and USC losing in big ways. Even then I still don't think it's possible. I think they'd probably get legitimate committee talk but no way would it be a unanimous vote for them to be in.

  11. LSU is absolutely in if they win tonight and beat UGA. Not a chance in hell the SEC Champ gets left out unless they have 3 or more losses somehow

  12. There’s a chance but I don’t think they should get in. If they let them in, the committee’s a joke. I doubt they get in over Ohio State though.

  13. No. I’d make the case IF LSU can with against GA they have the most reasonable argument for a 2-loss team to get in. Do they? No idea. That’s the only scenario I see, not Alabama.

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