[Game Thread] Michigan @ Ohio State (12:00 PM ET)

  1. When Blake Corum went out and you realized he wasn’t going be playing for How worried were you as a Michigan fan and how confident were you as a buckeye?

  2. I had a feeling they were going to do something. I didn’t expect that, but I did expect something on the scoreboard that was admirable at the end. Going into halftime I was completely confident even being down 3 after seeing JJ throw those balls deep. You could feel things were coming together at the lines and it was a matter of halftime adjustment and we would make them look like more expensive Rutgers.

  3. Congratulations to Michigan. And to me. I talked a lot of shit about Ohio State, and if Michigan had lost, they never would have let me live it down.

  4. I didn't catch that. My bad. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and I wish you the best. Go Blue, make the Big 10 proud!

  5. I'm guessing that one Ohio state fan that comes to shit on USC every game day thread every week won't be there today. 😂

  6. So does CJ stroud go to the NFL after? He's already had 3 years at this point, 2 years as starter. Imagine he leaves without ever beating Michigan

  7. If I was an NFL scout watching that game. I wouldn’t be picking him very high, and our track record for producing NFL caliber QB’s is abysmal.

  8. Get it out. I can't disagree, but I won't do the math for your winless streak. All said, well played, and I'm rooting for you here on out. Make the big 10 proud.

  9. I guarantee you Ohio State fans would take the random "WTF" losses to teams like Purdue and Iowa again if they could get back to beating Michigan.

  10. Smacking Penn State, State, and whoever else would have meant nothing if we didn’t win today. Winning next weekend, again, would mean little in comparison if we lost today (assuming the hypothetical situation where a loss today still got us there).

  11. Me and my friends were saying in the second quarter game would have been over.. turns out we didn't need him but there were definitely opportunities he would have hit that Edwards didn't

  12. After getting our asses handed to us for essentially the last 20 years The Game essentially just sapped what little hope I had each year. It’s one thing losing to MSU, but losing to OSU never gets easier.

  13. I’m assuming you may be a browns fan, so like us Lions fans, you kind of get used to having your heart pulled out through your asshole. But at least both our college teams have had recent success to reminisce on while still having legitimate hope for a turnaround in the immediate future.

  14. We don't deserve to get in, but if Georgia wins (Likely) and USC loses one of the next two who are you sending in @ #4?

  15. TBH it doesn’t seem like OSU’s boosters are as toxic as Texas, and they don’t have an incompetent Athletic Department like USC did with Pat Haden / Lynn Swan.

  16. He either needs an offensive play caller who will run his offense or he needs to go. He can’t get out of his own way trying to out think himself. I’d put out the feelers first, but I’m pretty sure we have a coach in waiting a little down I-71

  17. "Watching Michigan this year has been like watching a psychopath drown a ferret in a bathtub. At first there’s a lot of thrashing around, the ferret draws some blood, and you start to think “Hey, that little guy just might make it out of here.” But then the psychopath’s grip doesn’t loosen, in fact it tightens. The thrashing about slows and the ferret begins to accept its fate, culminated by an anticlimactic gurgle.

  18. Ironically, going backwards in style can be as effective as going to something brand new, if it’s something most don’t use and thus rarely practice against.

  19. Don't worry we will. Ryan will get to lose against Michigan atleast 3 more times before we fire his soft ass. As long as we barely win against Northwestern every year.

  20. Knowles is Don Brown 2.0, dude gives up big play after big play against good teams but destroys lower competition

  21. No they got two big breaks in the first half and then our coach couldn't understand this is the big ten and if your run game is working stick to it. Instead he wanted to try and air it out when are pass game was shit.

  22. See I have this feeling they were saving schemes to get guys open specifically for this game. Even on the big tds the guys were underthrown

  23. Buckeye fans calling for Day to be fired not to chill out. This loss sucks and so does last year, but Day is a great coach. We could have it way way worst.

  24. Ryan is going to get 1 more year. Then he’s out if he drops to Michigan again. Mark that down. waaay to much talent, and OSU has already done the John Cooper years. No reason to revisit it.

  25. Getting blown out twice by your hated rival, especially after talking shit is completely embarrassing. The lack of adjustments and overall waste of talent proves this man isn’t fit for the job. We will never win a Natty with Day, let alone even win a Big 10 championship. Harbaugh is consistently out coaching him and I guess it’ll take another 2 blowouts to finally convince fans that he needs to go

  26. Kids would be 25 now if they were alive when Michigan last won a Natty, 22 years old the last time we won at the shoe. It's a rivalry for a reason lol got a bunch of college kids that know nothing but kicking our teeth in and it shows. Day is a good coach.

  27. No he isn’t. When you have to win games strictly based off having better players and can’t actually you know out coach the other team, then you are in fact not a good coach, you’re a good recruiter.

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