Kirk Herbstreit says balancing NFL and CFB work has ‘been much more than I anticipated’

  1. Everyone in these comments thinks making a lot of money somehow makes travel less exhausting. His schedule is crazytown and he must be completely spent physically and mentally at the end of every football season.

  2. It doesn’t help that he’s like the one dude who actually does his homework before the game he covers. So many of these guys know next to nothing but love him or hate him Herbie does his homework

  3. And he does Corso's homework as well. Watching GameDay you can tell Herbie knows everything Corso is supposed to talk about so he can jump in if/when Coach gets lost.

  4. I appreciate that so much. I'm actually disgusted with how many reporters just talk about the next big game coming up. It's so fucking lazy and halfassed and really makes it seem like they dont know what the hell they are talking about. Not to mention the disrespect to the players in the game they are 'covering'.

  5. I was blown away how knowledgeable he and the other GameDay hosts were about Montana State on Saturday. They really all do their homework

  6. Who hates herbie? He’s hands down the best color guy in the country,who out there scowls when their game gets called by him and Chris Fowler?

  7. You can tell he does his homework and he does a decent job on the NFL games but it seems like his heart isn’t into it like on the college broadcasts. Could be exhaustion, who knows. The college gameday picks segment 5 mins before kickoff is a chore to get through but Herbie helping poor Corso get through it every week is something all of us with old timers in our lives can relate to, so I watch every week.

  8. Well luckily the NFL has spoon fed Amazon some of the shiftiest TNF games ever, so maybe if he has to choose, it’s turned him off from NFL.

  9. I understand people who laugh at saying it's a tough job, but his schedule is brutal. Not everyone is like this, but I'm not exactly at top form after flying, and this guy is flying somewhere for the Thursday night game, then likely straight to the place for GameDay, then after that's over flying to whatever game he is calling. That's just exhausting as hell. Worth it, but a lot of time away from home.

  10. Yeah and then I feel like people forget its not like these guys just have Sun-Wednesday off either, hes probably watching film, doing research and whatever else for each show he has coming up.

  11. Agree but it’s not like he’s flying coach. He shows up gets on a private plane and jets off. Now the whole actual traveling part prolly sucks but he’s not getting a bag of 4 peanuts for a snack I the flight.

  12. I know a lot of people who fly way more than this for work in any given week. Kirk is probably also flying private for these flights so no long airport wait times. Honestly not that bad of a schedule. Especially if you are being compensated like he is.

  13. There’s often a consensus that having a 99th percentile income more than makes up for the rigors of having an insane work schedule, but I think this sort of thought is excessively reductionist and minimizes the toll that one’s work schedule can take.

  14. I think he has been find on Thursday Night Football and has gotten better every week. Richard Sherman is the biggest problem with the Amazon broadcast.

  15. What’s the deal with Richard Sherman? I haven’t watched much of the production but I’ve heard other people say this.

  16. I haven’t minded the Amazon broadcasts personally. It’s just most of the games are awful but that’s how it is when you have a 4 day week to prepare for a game

  17. I feel like it translates better to say “I thought I could manage it better” not that he’s not doing a good job, he is, but I’m sure he thought he could handle the workload and is realizing either he can’t long term or doesn’t want to

  18. I’ll probably get downvoted for this, but even though I love him in college there has been a significant learning curve for him in the nfl. I think that frankly Al is carrying the booth. I expected better and this quote is illuminating. Prepping for the nfl game is a full time job for a lot of folks (yes, it’s not coaching level full time, but still) and I think his work suffers in a league he knows less well.

  19. I mostly like him and Al Michaels together, but sometimes it feels like Michaels just looks for opportunities to shit on college football.

  20. This past weekend, dude flew to Green Bay for TNF, got on a plane and flew to Montana for GameDay (where it was basically zero degrees at showtime), and then got on another plane immediately after to South Carolina to call that game, and then flew home immediately afterward. Dude has to be absolutely gassed on Sundays.

  21. Not to say his weekends are fun, but he does get to skip all the actually exhausting parts of flying and doesn’t have to be a sardine in the big metal tube. He’s the only ESPN employee that gets to fly private.

  22. Maybe he should step away from college football. And then I’d never have to listen to another word from him.

  23. I hate Ohio state but herbstreit. He’s the best, unbiased and excellent analysis and he is so thoroughly prepared. I hope he stays on game day because he’s the only reason I tune in to it

  24. I don't think Kirk Herbstreit has an easy job, but I think he has a great job. I'd trade for his job in an instant.

  25. Tony Kornheiser used to be a color analyst for MNF yet NFL fans wanna shit on Herbie. He’s been the least of TNF’s problems.

  26. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was one-and-done at Amazon. Of course I don’t know what his contract looks like but that’s a lot to ask for one guy. Hope he’s enjoying it but can definitely understand the burnout involved.

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