Tennessee QB Hendon Hooker down in pain and holding his knee

  1. This season is way more than anyone of our fans expected. We just experienced growing pains as far as I’m concerned.

  2. 🤣🤣🤣I can. As VFL, we’re used to disappointment. It’s what keeps us from shooting our family members over a game, like the Bamers.

  3. Michigan had something similar at the end of the 2nd quarter today. Corum got hurt being tackled and fumbled the ball when he instinctively reached for his knee from the pain. Really awful stuff for Tennessee :(

  4. man it’s always so close. right there to a miracle season and it all goes wrong. hoping hooker isn’t seriously hurt and can get a bag in the nfl

  5. As bad as it looked, I don’t think you can blame the field for his injury. His feet didn’t slip, stayed planted the whole time.

  6. Hate that for y’all. He had a hell of a game and season. Weird injury but looks like a torn something.

  7. This is the long-term storytelling for retribution for the Lattimore injury. Holy hell, what a shitty field tonight and a shitty game.

  8. Lattimore got tackled dirty. Hooker tripped on his own legs. If you watched his run in the first half he trips up and goes down weird after getting a big first down. Probably an existing issue.

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