Wisconsin has officially posted its Head Coach job application on its website.

  1. QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum of 5 years of successful collegiate football coaching experience preferred. Division I head coaching experience is also preferred. Other qualifications include the ability to work cooperatively with diverse groups and administrators, faculty, staff and students. The successful applicant must be able to develop and implement innovative approaches and solutions; work well independently and in teams; and be flexible in accepting new responsibilities.

  2. I've been thinking of moving to Madison. Guess I'll go ahead and apply. I do have lots of experience in NCAA Football and a profound love of Culver's.

  3. Wisconsin might be one of the worst programs for Prime to coach at, due to how weird Wisconsin’s recruiting system and academic standards are.

  4. Believe it's legally required for non elected state employee positions or something like that. Doesn't mean it's not funny

  5. No fucking way would I deal with the stress and long hours of being a football coach for that much. I can think many many much, much easier ways to make $100k.

  6. And my buddy told me the spreadsheet I use to keep track of all of my NCAA 14 Dynasty accomplishments was useless.

  7. I started a cupcake school from scratch and won 16 straight national championships only playing the top ranked schools every pre-season. I'm available at 150k.

  8. Dress for the job you want. I have been wearing sweater vests, golf pants, and a visor. I'm a shoo in but I need an OC who has like a thousand variations of the bubble screen. Yall interested?

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