Iowa beats Nebraska next week and they're heading to the Big Ten title game against either Michigan or Ohio State. If Iowa loses, Purdue needs to beat Indiana to make the Big Ten title game.

  1. The B1G West is definitely infuriating since it plays a 1920s version of football where punting is the best offensive play.

  2. Lol. We have zero shot of beating you guys. As bad as your offense has been, it is somehow better than ours right now. And we don’t have one of the best defenses in college football. Unless Petras purposefully throws the game, we have no shot.

  3. With how Michigan played today, it gives me some hope that Iowa could win. But that's if they had an offense with a pulse.

  4. More than just my team winning Purdue objectively has a (slightly) better chance of making it a watchable game like Northwestern did those two times--maybe just for 2.5 quarters but still

  5. We’d get blown the fuck out against Ohio State because our defensive secondary is a war crime, but at least it’d be entertaining to watch.

  6. I love Iowa football. However, I 100% wish we would have tanked this season. Getting out asses kicked means BF is gone. This narrative has the appearance of overcoming troubles and fighting for the win.

  7. You don’t tank in college football that’s so stupid. This isn’t the NFL where we get the first pick of this year’s recruits. Recruits don’t want to play for a team that purposefully loses games.

  8. Again, it’s a travesty that a B1G west team will head to the B1G Championship and the loser of The Game next week won’t go.

  9. I placed a $2 bet on Purdue to win the conference back in July to potentially win $130 for shits and giggles. I will use every penny of that win money to buy as much Purdue stuff as I can if it happens

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