Utah is going to its first ever Rose Bowl!

  1. Bought two tickets during the 3rd quarter for $200 each. After the game, I wanted a third ticket and the same seats had gone up to $400 each.

  2. Anyone questioning whether or not to get a ticket needs their Pac-12 fan status checked. Maybe it is because I am part of a fan base that hasn't been to a Rose Bowl since my parents were infants (and hasn't won one since my grandparents were), but I would give my left nut for a chance to watch Oregon State play in a Rose Bowl that they earned by winning the conference.

  3. +1 Also pro-tip, Long Beach has a direct flight from Salt Lake and is the best/easiest airport in the LA area. Come enjoy the California sunshine Utah friends, it will be a blast!

  4. As someone who has been to one Rose Bowl, absolutely get a ticket. Truly an unforgettable experience even if it’s not a playoff game

  5. Utah didn’t just beat Oregon. Utah manhandled an Oregon team with the likely #1 pick in the trenches and obliterated them. Respect. Covey.

  6. Aka the full 2016 USC experience. Hoping y’all finish it out with a win at the Rose Bowl. There’s no other experience like it.

  7. Wait don't they still have to beat Oregon in the conf championship? All I saw tonight was the replay from a few weeks ago? Did Oregon forfeit?

  8. I really thought with all the conference realignment earlier this year a 14 or 16 team PAC might’ve happened with SDSU included.

  9. I honestly wish the best to you tomorrow, Utah State has had a habit of literally dropping the ball to good opponents.

  10. Utah is only the second team from the PAC-12 South to win the championship and the 5th team overall, beating out Arizona, ASU, CAL, CU, OSU, WSU, & UCLA.

  11. Really happy Utah and Whittingham finally got their Pac-12 title after being so good the last few years, especially after everything the team went through. Go win that Rose Bowl

  12. Can you imagine if Iowa beats Michigan and they come into the Rose Bowl with the Big 10 title? Shit would be the best Rose Bowl in years.

  13. I’m not a big Utah football follower nor do I normally root for them (especially against Wazzu or Arizona) but I Honestly can’t think of a more deserving team this year in the Pac-12 to go.

  14. It's definitely nice for them to get their first Pac-12 title and Rose Bowl berth in a year that's featured way more tragedy for their program off the field than any team should have to deal with. That's some impressive perseverance and resilience.

  15. Tbf, Utah and TCU are/were in a different class, especially with TCU once being in the SWC and Utah being the flagship school of Utah.

  16. Utah has definitely earned this. With how consistent they’ve been the only surprise is that this is their first.

  17. Everything was fine until I realized OU in the mirror is UO, sounds like bad voodoo to me. Also great game Utes, let’s hope it’s your first Rose Bowl win.

  18. I was as WRONG as a person can possibly be, I wanted to move on from whittingham and since he has 1) become the most winning Utah coach 2) gone 8-1 in conference play 3) won the pac-12 championship. Just having those things on a resume is fucking great , then spread a mountain west championship, an undefeated season, taking a program into a p5 conference. I WON’T BE CRITICIZING WHITTINGHAM AGAIN. .... and he did it with a roster I didn’t think was good enough....my ignorance is laughable.

  19. If we beat Iowa tonight, I think I'd rather play any of the possible playoff teams (except Georgia obviously) instead of Utah in the Rose Bowl. Yikes. You guys look dangerous af.

  20. Didn't watch them all season, but from what I'm reading, we're getting blasted back to 2011. Bad LBs, no edge rush, and a weak o-line, plus however many will sit out. At least we'll still have TBDBITL.

  21. Pitt and Utah played each other in the Fiesta Bowl in 2005, (2004 season,) as coincidence would have it.

  22. Wrong. I would MASSIVELY prefer a Utah vs Ohio State matchup. WAAAAAAY higher stakes (no offense) + I legitimately think it's a better match up for us.

  23. Being a good sport means acknowledging when you have been soundly beaten. Good game(s) Utah, you guys more than earned your ticket to the Grand Daddy of Them All. Enjoy those roses.

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