EDC Magazines and Use at the Range

  1. I stopped buying budget "range magazines". Everything is factory, and it is expensive. But I know they will work, and I don't have to load and unload my magazines every trip to the range. Storing them is getting interesting though, haha.

  2. I use quality mags so there is no need to dedicate range and carry mags. Something a lot of people neglect is magazinge maintenance. After every range day, just like I clean my weapons, I open up the mags, clean the dust out and "exercise" the springs. I also replace carry ammo every year.

  3. Wear down of EDC ammo as in wearing it down by loading and unloading it in a magazine. But I see you followed up with the answer of just using it.

  4. Rounds in the mag won’t take any damage from loading / unloading. They will outlive your mag springs multiple times.

  5. I have 8 carry mags and 6 range mags. They are dedicated as such. Only HST goes in the carry mags and only cheap junk goes in the range mags. When it’s time to cycle my carry ammo I shoot them out of the carry mags and reload with more HST.

  6. I follow the advice of cycling my carry ammo twice a year. I shoot the old stuff and then load the new stuff. My other ammo is stored in an ammo box with silicate packets to keep things dry.

  7. Buy a bunch of cheap ammo and a box of whatever defensive stuff you plan on using. Shoot the cheap stuff and then the good stuff, but leave enough to fill your mags before you leave. Rinse and repeat but make sure you use old stuff first like the other commenter stated.

  8. I see lots of comments regarding no need for dedicated range magazines. I guess this depends on what type of practice you engage in at the range.

  9. Keep a dedicated group of magazines for carry and then have a bunch for training. Because magazines are the weakest mechanical aspect of the pistol it is strongly recommend that you do not train or practice with your carry magazines.

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