PLEASE don't flash your CCW badge at Wendy's to get a discount on a burger and fries 🍔🍟😂. "Florida man accused of impersonating officer to get discount at Wendy's, police say"

  1. They are the kind of people that create made up titles for themselves at work. I guarantee you this guy has talked to his boss about being the ‘assistant security commander’ or something like that. Total Dwight Schrute type

  2. It could buy you a few seconds from being shot by the police or another ccw carrier immediately after a self defense shooting or after stoping a mass shooter.

  3. For that matter, let's take this one step further. Don't buy a badge for your CCW. If you are that much of a LARP enthusiast, stick to comic book heroes.

  4. Exactly, I agree. I never saw the point for these CCW badges because it's supposed to be CONCEALED. I've taken CCW classes in multiple states. None of them advocate carrying a CCW badge. CCW badges are dumb IMO.

  5. I feel so shafted! I never got any kind of badge with my Florida CWP. What the hell? Should I go back and ask them for a badge?!

  6. Just join your local volunteer fire department or rescue squad if you want a first responders discount. They likely will need the help, you can get awesome training, and you can actually help out rather than just larp about it.

  7. This guy doesn’t want to help, he wants the respect that he perceives authority figures like police officers are given because of their job

  8. Did you look at the mug shot? Do you think the guy could put on fire kit with the air tank, mask, heavy coat and trousers, then hold a charged line?

  9. And you can still be an insufferable entitled jackass that daily Larps as a man who personally saved 99 babies from the north tower. I absolutely despise most volunteer firemen.

  10. Stupid firearms owners are more damaging to the firearms Community Than any anti-gunner. We need to police our own and stop these idiots from doing things like this.

  11. It's the same as with any group, really. Religions, political beliefs, hobbyists... Most people are fine but there's gonna be idiots in any group that make the whole group look bad. There's not much you can do to stop idiots from idiot-ing :(

  12. I use to work night shift at a gas station some 20 years ago and I tried to let an officer have his coffee for free and not pay and he told me that’s against the rules for business to give them discounts on food cause it could be considered a bribe. I apologize and thanked him for what he does and took his .99 for his coffee lol

  13. Yup that’s one with integrity, even if the department doesn’t have a policy against it directly they are usually technically city/county/state employees which almost always has policies against freebies/discounts/bribes. Though enforcement obviously varies a lot. Some also have exceptions for below certain dollar values and/or off duty/clock.

  14. North Carolina just gets a shitty piece of paper, not even a real card, not even laminated, doesn't even fit in a wallet if you laminate it yourself, but these fuckwits in Florida get a motherfucking badge?

  15. They dont. The badge is a garbage terrible idea that you can buy on amazon to make yourself feel special. And pull dumb stuff like this.

  16. The badge is bought from a store, not issued or even authorized by the government. I'm sure you could buy one as well.

  17. They should laminate it for you. The four counties I have dealt with in NC do. Even Mecklenburg, and they make the process as painful as possible. Might be time to shame the sheriff into at least keeping up with his peers.

  18. No, he most likely bought it via mail order. There are tiny ads for these dumb badges in the back pages of many firearms (print) magazines. Open a magazine at any place that sells books and you'll see.

  19. He most likely bought the badge. They sell them in tiny magazine ads and on Amazon. Somebody posted a link to a badge website above 👆.

  20. I could see that getting someone in trouble in court if a person ever did use their weapon in self defense. They’d claim that individual was trying to “clean up the streets with vigilante Justice” or something like that.

  21. I reposted a different link to the same story because my previous post was deleted. I didn't know that the OP is required to post a comment after posting a link.

  22. Is it the heat and humidity ? Is it the coke and meth ? Or is it the fact that you can be gator snack at any moment that makes people in Florida, Florida people ?

  23. It's the fact that the laws surrounding arrest information are extremely slack (or something like that), so media can quickly get ahold of juicy deets.

  24. Wendy's offers a discount to seniors, but not to military veterans. I read another article that states the law enforcement discount at that Wendy's is 50%

  25. FYI, the article doesn't even specify whether he even had a concealed carry permit or not. It could have been some idiot who bought the first realistic badge he could find on Amazon.

  26. I never understood why people need to have a CCW badge in the first place. The whole point of Conceal Carry is to NOT draw attention....

  27. I don't care if you're a cop or someone waving a badge pretending to be one. You shouldn't get free stuff or try to get free stuff. You're a citizen just like everyone else pay for your own food and move on don't be stupid.

  28. very stupid thing to do. I look upon my badge as an honor to protect and serve the public. As an LEO i when off duty don't expect ant free bees... and always I try to keep a low profile.

  29. And that difference in attitude and approach to life is why you are a real LEO who is trusted with a real badge and the guy in the mugshot is a schmuck.

  30. I've seen tiny ads for these CCW badges in the back pages of many firearms (print) magazines, since I first started reading them in the early '90s. I have CCW permits in multiple states. I know of zero jurisdictions that issue or recommend buying a CCW badge.

  31. People who carry ccw badges are absolute weirdos. Like why, I saw those wallets that have badges already in them. That’s soo odd.

  32. I didn't even know CCW "badges" were a thing. That's really fucking cringey, haha. That dude is super embarrassing.

  33. They've been advertised in the back pages of firearms (print) magazines since I first started reading them in the early '90s, usually tiny ads.

  34. He most likely bought that badge. Many firearms (print) magazines have tiny ads for these badges in the back pages.

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