Good first conceal carry gun for $400?

  1. Leo trade ins is a good way to find that price. Usually a little worn but still functional and Usually cheap.

  2. Yep. Can get either one for that price and if you get lucky can get one that has not been used a heck of a lot if at all. I agree with you 100% on this.

  3. Id say a M&P is a great choice. They’re on sale and having rebates on a lot of websites right now too. I think I even saw a shield 2.0 going for like $340 on palmetto state armory recently. Either a shield 2.0 or a m&p compact is probably your best choice for your price range. Cant go wrong with a gun that a ton of law enforcement uses. Wouldn’t use it if it didn’t work.

  4. Any of the M&P 9MM are a great choice. My first was a M&P 1.0. I still carry it to this day. Great pistol.

  5. Arex Delta, slightly smaller than a G19 but much easier to conceal. Amazing little handgun, gen2s come with rds cuts.

  6. Real strong second on this, also a lot of compatibility with many (but not all) g19 holsters, so potentially some savings with a used holster there.

  7. People hated Taurus for a long time, and with good reason, but new Taurus production guns are great. I'd recommend their G3C or G3, or maybe a used G2C if you find one. Go check out reviews on those and decide for yourself. I carried a G2C for awhile and liked it, but I found it to be too small for my hands so I moved on to a PPQ. Canik also makes quality guns and may have what you're looking for within your budget.

  8. I know you said no Taurus, but the Taurus GX4 TORO is probably the best modern Micro 9 in the $300-$400 range.

  9. Jump your budget up to 500, that brings the base models of the Sig 365, SA Hellcat, Glock 43x, Ruger LCP, and Kimber Mako into the realm of options. Shop around and you might find one of the above for cheaper. But ultimately handle everything and purchase what feels right, fits your price to quality point with the options you want.

  10. Out of all of those I would only reasonably trust the glock and sig in terms of quality control and reliability. The lcp in particular is trash and the mako has near zero after market support

  11. Used glock, iwi masada, beretta apx. Canik tp9 sc is generally good to go but i see issues with them more than larger brands. That said the issues i’ve seen with canik are not frequent enough for me to recommend against them

  12. Second this, Glock is king but if budget is tight the Canik TP9SC would be the second runner up. Can’t beat a ambi, “sub-compact” (it’s a little chubby), plastic retention holster included, RDS ready pistol for the price. It does however, require a break in period (leave slide locked for about a weeek) due to the recoil spring being rated for 124g. If you have/shoot 115g contact Canik and they will send you a low-power recoil spring at no charge. Mags are also hard to find but Canik recently added 12 rounders for the SC in stock.

  13. Ruger ec9s is probably the best cheap pistol on the market. It’s very compact and lightweight, it’s reliable, it has a good trigger, and it’s very cheap.

  14. Love my ec9s. As far as a first carry gun goes, it's perfect. Once you carry for a while you can decide if you want something else, and not be sad to move on since it's so inexpensive. That said, I don't want to move on.

  15. Canik Tp9 Elite. Bersa Thunder380. Mossberg Mc1sc. Those I can recommend from personal experience. I would advise against SCCY also from personal experience.

  16. Got my Ruger lcp used for $350. Love it. I'm also female with small hands, fits me well. My husband doesn't hate it but he doesn't prefer to carry it because of its micro size.

  17. Dude, Taurus is not bad. There is a lot of snobbery and elitism in the gun community. I’ll admit, Taurus has produced some real stinkers in the past. But you should be good to go as long as you stick with a proven model like the G2c and its successor the G3c. They’ve been producing this lineup since the early 2000’s.

  18. Literally tons of options in that price range if you consider used and new. Taurus G3’s can be had for under $300 new and they are very nice guns and as reliable as anything else on the market regardless of what the gun snobs will tell you. For under $400 you have a few more options for new. My suggestion is go to a range that has rental guns ( or go with friends that will let you try theirs) and try as many as you can and see what feels good in your hands and is “comfortable” to you. For some that means a small pocket gun like a Ruger LCP for others it means a Glock 19. Any gun that you will carry all the time is better than the gun that sits at home because it’s uncomfortable to carry.

  19. Same. I picked up a G3c, with 3 12 rnd mags for $265. With a $400 budget, you can add a kydex holster for $35 $45 (can't recall) and still have plenty left over towards ammo, sights, or optics. Zero problems with the G3c and it shoots 147 grain straighter than 115, btw.

  20. I've carried S&Ws, SIGs, Walthers and 1911s of several makes. I currently carry a Taurus G2C. It feels good in the hand. It has good sights with plenty of minute-of-bad guy accuracy and it's never choked on any ammo I've sent through it. The trigger was a little gritty until it got a few hundred rounds or so run through it, but now it's just fine. Maybe it isn't pretty, but I've got a Combat Elite for that.

  21. Ditto on this one. Most people who bash on the G2 and G3 pistols haven't ever shot or owned one. My G2C has so far never had a single failure and I cant complain about the ergonomics at that price tag.

  22. Well. I'm at risk of people being angry, buuuut. I bought a Taurus G2C as my first carry pistol, and honestly? I love it. It feels very good in my hand, and I haven't had a single issue with it, even with me feeding some weird ammo weights in it. It's ran 65 grain all the way to 150 grain with no problems.

  23. Old Taurus guns had issues. Newer models have proven reliable. My G2C has never had an issue. Feeds and shoots everything I put in it. No issues.

  24. So I’ll probably be downvoted for it because of the negative hive mind here but Taurus GC3/GC2 9mm. I got a new G2C PT111 back in 2015 for $239.00 and it’s been fantastic. Current models (I think the GC3 is current) are about the same price point give or take a couple dollars. No FTF’s, FTE or anything and it goes boom ever single time. I’ve fed probably 1,500 rounds through it and it’s still great!

  25. You can get a Ruger LCP max for that price. Decent capacity, but .380 is a bit pricey for a beginner

  26. Ruger Security-9. It’s like the store brand version of a Glock 19. Some models do have a manual safety if that matters to you. Should be around $350-$400, or even less if you get a used one.

  27. I just got me a g2c an i own a glock45 an sig 365xl. Nothing wrong with the taurus, trigger could be better an sights but u can take some of of the extra cash an upgrade to night sights and get a quality holster and some extra to spare for ammo. Got my Taurus for $207 last month

  28. Taurus GX4. Great affordable micro compact. Pay no mind to the Taurus bashers. Taurus has much improved their handguns. Search on YouTube and you will find tons of great reviews on them.

  29. Stoger STR9 in compact or full. Both are 299 at bass pro shops. That leaves 100$ for a holster. Dara Holsters are nice and custom made. If you don’t get all the flash BS you can get them for 50$. That leaves 50$ for a box of SD ammo, I run hornady critical duty +P.

  30. Right now, you can find an M&P Shield Plus for just around $450. I would spend a bit more and get something really good rather than compromise on price to settle for something more basic. Better wait and save a bit more, in my opinion.

  31. You can get a used Glock 19 for just under 400 bucks. That's a wonderful firearm, and most of those police trade-ins have been carried a lot shot very little.

  32. I’m looking at the Springfield xds mod 2 or the hellcat. I know it’s a little more than your budget but those are my 2. I’m also looking at getting my first ccw

  33. Caanik tp9 elite sub compact is a decent choice. Its sight ready, has a rail for a light. Serations on slide. Different sized mags and a holster in box. All under 400

  34. Lots of people are recommending various .380s. You are sure to find one in your budget, but you’ll be hard pressed to find reasonably priced ammo. Stick with 9mm

  35. If you can get a Beretta apx for that price, it will likely blow away the ruger, taurus, etc. Might try the mossberg pistol in that price range as well, it's a shield copy as far as I know.

  36. My taurus g3 has been flawless with 5-6K rounds through it! Don't listen to the haters. I plan on getting the GX4 soon for edc!

  37. M&P Shield 9mm- 2.0 should come in under $400 now, Plus would be a good upgrade if you can stretch your budget and find a good deal. 2.0 was my first CCW and I loved it and still have it- only reason I switched to the Plus was magazine capacity

  38. Ruger makes a quality firearm at a great price. I shot a Ruger P95 in Production class in USPSA and carry a Ruger 9E every day without any problems.

  39. I’d say beretta APX compact would be a good option. Reputable company and have heard nothing but good things about them.

  40. Taurus G3c... those people probably don't have one.... (get the TORO version and put a red dot on it when you can afford it. )

  41. $400 is that gun, holster, target ammo, carry ammo, training? Good luck. Idk why you are staying away from Taurus ?! I own a bunch of them and no problems. I just got the G3c put about 1000 rounds through it and no problems. The gun was $250 out the door.

  42. I bought an mp shield 7 years ago, I paid 380.00 brand new and its been a great gun. After taxes and a pack of federal hollowpoint 9mm it came out to 450

  43. Canik Tp9 SC. A little above $400. My first gun since January. Carry it when I can. Went on Etsy and got a tacstyle holster as well.

  44. How comfortable is it to carry? Was considering this one for my carry pistol and saw it is a little bulkier than most subcompacts

  45. I had a good experience with a Springfield Armory XD9. Too many safeties for my taste long term, but that was a nice comfort early on and it’s still a decent weapon to have.

  46. A what? You talking Springfield XD 9MM or an HK VP9 because bro those are two separate companies, in two separate quality tiers, and with two separate price points..

  47. A used duty grade gun is better than a new budget gun. There is also a lot more holster and aftermarket support. Look at Glocks, M&P, CZ and Sigs. If you're really strapped for cash, you can get a used M&P shield (original, not the plus) for between 200 and 300. Ill get downvotes, but don't trust your life to a Ruger, Taurus, Kimber, Canik, Bersa, etc. They are not "just as good" and they shit the bed very frequently. Idk whats up with millennial fudds recommending cheap shit, but it needs to stop. Source: I work in a range/shop and frequently have to unfuck aforementioned budget brands.

  48. If you can take the advice of others and save a little more, I personally recommend the Kahr lineup. My EDC gun is a CW9 and I love it so far. Being in California, we have the handgun roster to limit what we can buy new in store and a lot of those great guns are not available to us. I bought my Kahr after owning a Gen 3 G26 and like it a ton more, it's much more slim being a single stack 9. Not nearly as much aftermarket support if that's something you care about and the trigger is a bit weird to someone new to the brand, but it's not bad in the least. I'll be getting my slide cut for a red dot soon, too.

  49. IWI Masada. Palmetto state armory has deals on them almost as low as 399 if your watching but on a regular day your lookin about 430 before tax.

  50. I got a barely used P320 compact with two mags and a crappy holster for $400. Not sure if that’s a good deal or a bad one, but I’m in NY. Might be too big for EDC though. I just use it when hunting/hiking.

  51. The P320C is a great gun. A little heavy, but the trigger is great (at least on the pre-fix guns, I liked mine too much to send it in), they’re shockingly reliable, accurate, and can withstand a lot of abuse.

  52. If you know anybody that Leo mil or first responder you can get a blue label glock in that price range. Used jframes can be had for 400 and those are awesome if difficult to shoot till you get used to em.

  53. Canik TP9sc is probably one of the best budget options out there. Give it a look. See what feels best, and go with that one.

  54. S&W Bodyguard .380 or Taurus G2C and you’ll have money leftover for ammo and accessories. Be sure to polish the feed ramp on the G2C or sometimes they fail to battery until broken in.

  55. Ruger LC9, g43 if you can swing an extra 50 or so. Sw shield series, Sw 442 if you can swing a little extra and are a boomer at heart. These are just the ones I have experience with.

  56. Just gonna mention I think the Glocks are some of the most reliable pistols you can get but that was when they first came out. Now there are others like sig P365 which is the smallest highest round capacity gun on the market and the trigger, sights and grip are much much better than Glock. If you get a Glock those things are gonna be the first you'd wanna replace

  57. Arex Delta is a glock clone for around $420 I believe. Pretty nice, a buddy has one and loves his, I love what I’ve shot so far

  58. Depends what size you want. If you're only looking at new pistols, I'd look at kahr arms. Beretta also makes a few models in that price range. I pocket carry a beretta pico when the weathers hot.

  59. S&W Shield (I carry a .40), Glock 26, Springfield hellcat 9mm, Sig p365, my suggestion is to try them out. Some will fit your hand better than others. My wife's Hellcat I like better than my Shield. Also, S&W or Ruger revolvers are great.

  60. Save up an extra $150 and get a Glock 19, or buy a used one for cheaper. Also the M&P 2.0 and Sig P320 compact are highly favored for concealed carry double stack 9mm handguns. And yes Taurus have a reputation of stealing gun designs and doing them worse with inferieor materials. A buddy of mine almost lost some fingers when his Taurus detonated at the range, luckily he only had a few stitches.

  61. Even if you get a gun for 400, you’ll need to budget for ammo, a good holster, and probably a better belt. I would save up a bit more to get exactly what you want.

  62. I’d check out a shield, there’s a ton of different models (main differences in the grip texture) , you can find them new for like $450 new I believe still :)

  63. Used 365 maybe an xl. The NRA editions can be cheap because the NRA are cringe. I suggest checking out gun broker and filtering by new. Good luck.

  64. Either buy used or try to save 100 or 200 more bucks. Its amazing how much better of a gun you can get only spending a few hundered bucks more. Just had this convo with a buddy who decided to get a taruas because the glock i told him he should get was a hundered bucks more lol.

  65. You used to be able to find 1.0 M&P Shields for like $200-250 when the new models came out. I bet you could find a deal like that if you looked around. That leaves $150 for a holster, belt, ad defensive ammo.

  66. Ruger LCP2 .380. Own several other firearms and ever since buying a LCP2 I rarely carry anything else. Can pocket carry very easily. It's invisible anywhere on the belt line. Amazing pistol.

  67. Palmetto State Armory Dagger then add a Apex trigger. It's an absolute tack driver. Everyone I have let shoot mine has been astonished at the feel of the grip (more rounded and comfortable compared to Glock or P80) the accuracy and the trigger feel.

  68. Just save up $100 more and get a gen 3 Glock 19 for $500(or cheaper if the prices aren't gauged to hell in your area)

  69. Go fondle everything in the used gun case and get whatever feels good to you, then grab as much ammo as you can afford and learn to shoot it well.

  70. S&W Shield plus. 13+1 capacity, 9mm and right now $449 with a $50 mail in rebate from the manufacturer. Just got mine today.

  71. This may not be helpful in your case but I want to suggest you consider a full budget including a holster, belt, ammo, and training. Those alone can cost upwards of $250-300

  72. M&P Shield all the way. I have a compact version before they made the Shield Plus, holds 8+1. Bought mine May of ‘20, it’s a reliable pistol. Also, really easy to find an array of holsters for.

  73. Canik. You’ll need to save a little more but they’re reliable. Also you can get a sig p365 or a glock 43x for close to 500 ish

  74. Consider a Rock Island Armory model 206 snub nose 38 special. Double/single action, easily concealed. I often carry mine in my pants pocket. Very reliable, costs about $300. Good gun!

  75. Do you like revolvers? I have a Smith and Wesson .38 air weight model it's my favorite to carry. But I'm a revolver guy, you like what you like.

  76. Save a little more and get a Glock. You’ll own that gun for the rest of your life if you maintain it even slightly. If you shop around a little you’ll be able to walk out the door for under $500 and you’ll have 0 regrets about it.

  77. (I carry either a Glock 43 or a 19. Sometimes a S&W J frame.) Can’t go wrong with a Glock, S&W, SIG. Go to a range where you can rent/hold/fondle a bunch of these and see what you like. Shoot them if you can afford it. If not buy one. A good kydex holster and some Federal Speer gold dot JHP’s and be Good to go!

  78. If you can find one, a used P365 would be a really good option. But if you want something new, maybe look into the Palmetto State Armory Daggers. They're $300 for the most bare bone model, and not to much more for things like night sights or RMR cut slides.

  79. Used S&W M&P 2.0 Compact or used Glock 19. I would save up the extra little bit and buy new. I went with the 4" M&P because I like a manual safety ( shot Hi Powers and 1911s for years) and I wanted to compare as close as possible to the G19.

  80. I carry a Glock 43x… you can find them on sale all the time for $450 new… I also pocket carry a Glock 42 when I’m wearing shorts… those are $400 all the time at different places

  81. Plenty of good options….check out iwi, they make a few cheaper options right now. Also, my girl shopped around a bit and picked a ruger lc9. Little baby has been awesome. No complaints at all and there is probably 2500 rounds through her now. She’s still new. That, I got for 300, and I didnt give her a budget. You’d still have room for holster, extra mag, ammo. Go to your local range. Rent a few guns. Don’t settle. If you need to save a little more, do it. Your life could be saved by this tool, don’t buy harbor freight over fluke, ya catch my drift. Most pawn shops by me will let you put down 400 and pay the rest off before getting gun in hand. Just my $.02

  82. If you go M&P Shield I’d recommend shooting one before you buy it. They are small and can be annoying for people with bigger hands, especially if you’ve never shot before.

  83. You can get a Canik TP9SC elite for like ~320ish if you order online. Maybe a little less, but keep in mind it will be another 15-30 to get an FFL to transfer it to you in-state.

  84. I saw M&P9 2.0s for $400 somewhere online very recently. I don't know where so I'm sorry for that, but definitely that's THE gun I would recommend if you can't add $100 to go Sig P365.

  85. The LEO trade ins are solid suggestions. I’d also like to offer up that Ruger has 3 great 9mm pistols in that price range: the LC9/EC9 (basically the same gun), the Security 9, and the Max 9.

  86. I bought my daughter a Glock 48 for Christmas , just saw one for around $450. Rock Island is a good manufacturer and their 9mm 1911’s are around $450. Although I’m not a 1911 in 9mm fan it’s a good price for a great gun. There’s options but you may need to save a bit more but buy what you want, don’t settle.

  87. Go with a used Glock, Sig, S&W. I no longer work in a gun store but I’m sure Canik prices went up, if they didn’t tho they are good cheaper option as well. Think of your CCW as a life insurance policy. If you’re going to depend on this gun to possibly save your life someday, would you wanna spend $400 on something new but doesn’t have the best track record? Or save up/buy used for something that you’re confident in and has the reputation to always work.

  88. Depends on what your looking for and what is most comfy to use really. M&P makes good stuff around that price point. Personally I like the Bersa 380 thunder conceal carry varient for warm weather carry though its a bit too snappy for some people.

  89. I’m sure it’s probably been mentioned already but the Canik SC is a beast of a carry pistol and you should be able to find it sub $400…

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