Advice for sore legs

  1. Have baths after each run!! I can’t stress this enough. People seriously under estimate a hot bath with salts and how much it helps after a run. I’m doing the program for the second time (completed it last year) and gonna go to 10K. I’m nearly at the end of week 3 and I can feel I’m pushing myself more than the first time (I did 5k in under 28mins the first time) yet this time around and last time, my legs are fine because I opt for a bath over a shower after a run.

  2. Which massage gun do you like? I'm thinking of getting one of the name brand ones, but can't really tell which specs matter and which are marketing.

  3. Just got one similar to this today, but it came with a medium and large foam roller as well (they all kinda slide into each other for neat storage) - and it feels great to roll that over sore muscles - I used it directly after my run and my legs already feel better

  4. I was obese when I started C25K and I'm 6'5", so I was putting a lot of weight on my legs just by exercising. If you're in a similar boat, just know that the soreness gets less intense over time. Before, alternating 60-second running 90-second walking would leave me wrecked for a couple days, now I run half hour 5Ks uphill and I barely feel it in the morning. Of course I weigh less now so that helps, and I have better balance when I'm running now, so I'm also no longer putting undue stress on my muscles.

  5. WFH has definitely contributed to some weight gain for me over the last year so I’m definitely carrying more than I was the last time I was regularly exercising. It’s good to hear it gets better - thanks for your comment!

  6. I agree with other commenters. Get a foam roller. It hurts like hell while you're doing it, but it absolutely helps.

  7. I find low-impact and high-intensity activities do wonders for the body, especially while needing to give your legs a break from pounding the pavement. Too much running can become monotonous and lead to injuries. Mixing up your workout routine with varied HIIT workouts that are low-impact on your lower body, like

  8. Oh thanks very much! It’s probably good to keep things interesting - I can see how it might get a bit monotonous if running’s the only exercise I’m doing. Thanks for the link!

  9. I’m in week 4 now so still beginning. I had sore legs during weeks 2 & 3. Also did plenty of warm ups and stretches but still had aches. I took a 5 day break and it has done wonders for me. Maybe have a rest?

  10. Thanks for your response! I did take 3 days off actually and did my first run of week 4 today and I don't feel as achey so maybe more rest is needed! Thanks again and good luck with the C25K :)

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