The farming of what makes tons of profit?

  1. I was interested in how much you can make growing mushrooms. Seems easy enough, fairly labor unintensive and the time from "plant" to harvest is fairly small too.

  2. Profit lies in what industrial farming can’t or won’t deliver eg organic, rare, value added - Microgreens, seedlings, mushrooms, rare herbs & plants, raw honey, quail/pheasant /Guinea fowl/goose etc

  3. Ostriches: meat and eggs for food, hide and feathers for accessories and clothing, and lard for cooking and medicine. Sells quite well, and you can raise about 50 ostriches on the same area you could raise 3 grass grazing cows (1 hectare).

  4. Farming is like building, you can have two of the three, but not all three: cheap (profitable), easy, and quick. You just have to pick your poison.

  5. Cut flowers are one of the more profitable crops per acre, but cultivation isn’t the same as a mono crop of something like soybeans.

  6. In Croatia whatever you do its very profitable if you do it on large scale. But there are some furits that can make you ton of money for our standards even if you dont have a lot of them, ex plum, you cam either sell it to marketplaces or you can become destilery and make alcohol out of it, which we call "šljivovica rakija" and it makes great money. That's what my family do and here it is great but it requires work, hard work.

  7. always been v interested in the idea of small scale farming of produce not commercially available due to it being difficult to ship / labour intensive or culturally something your average consumer wouldnt eat

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