I (32f) keep matching with guys and coming across men irl who just want to chat online or want some barely there situationship.

  1. A lot of people (all genders and ages) are on the apps for validation and the dopamine rush of a match, and have no intention of actually meeting. It's just how online dating is. I just had a match this morning that clearly was not interested in conversation, let alone actually dating. I said goodbye and unmatched after she reached my 3 question limit.

  2. I do feel online dating is getting really bad. there are people wouldn't want to know anything about any strangers because they are not seeking a new friend at right now.

  3. You hit the nail on the head. Guys not wanting to meet almost certainly means they got better options implying they are out of your league.

  4. A lot of times I just want to "feel out" what dating the other person is like. There's just some things you can't pick up on until you have spent some time with another person, and no one wants to overcommit to some one they aren't completely familiar with.

  5. Why bother? … you won’t like the answer but it’s to get laid. Chics that want relationships will still put out. I know I’ll get downvoted for telling the harsh truth but that’s why.

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