What do you think my body fat is? How long should I lean bulk for? (If you think I should)

  1. I wouldn’t worry about body fat percentage because you look extremely under weight. Consider bulking for 2 years + before thinking about cutting.

  2. You have more hair on your body than fat or muscle bro, you need to up your calories significantly, you look drastically underweight. Like, it’s time to see a doctor about it underweight.

  3. I’m really worried about how skinny you are right now. Your BF is stupid low and you don’t have almost any muscle on your core.

  4. Your bf % is very low and you’re very skinny. I’d recommend bulking (not even necessarily lean bulk) for 2+ years like another said, and then cutting.

  5. Don’t know what your body fat is but I do know that you need to bulk for sure. Start at a 500 calorie surplus, absolutely no lower, don’t worry if it is a bit over 500. You just need to put on weight as you look extremely underweight.

  6. Don’t worry about lean bulk. Don’t worry Abt what u put in ur mouth. Just start putting stuff in your mouth. Fast food, junk food, oily food, protein food, no protein, oily food, IT DOESNT MATTER JUST START EATING

  7. Probably 8% but I wouldn't even worry about that at this stage, keep bulking/up your calories quite a bit. What is your daily calorie intake atm?

  8. It’s okay man. You’re here for advice and you got it. Whether it was said pleasantly or not, it is the truth.

  9. Definitely cut for another few months maybe more. 30mg rad140 with yk11 and s4 should do the trick. Might be stage ready by end of the year man!! Keep it up

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