Bought my first nice set of desktop speakers and need schooling on what other starter equipment I should look into

  1. These are pretty much designed for you to be able to stream music from your phone or computer via bluetooth or direct cable. They also have a phono preamp so you can hook a turntable directly into them without the need for a separate preamp or a turntable with one built in. They already have a amp built in and I dont believe they would work passively. Dont really see the need for an DAC. Maybe a subwoofer, but my experience with higher end powered speakers (Edifier 1280 vs logitech or that ilk) tend to be pretty bass heavy so I would wait until you hear them and decide that they need bass help. Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks for the reply! I’m going to be living in a stand-alone house with some friends so I’ll see how the speakers sound in the house before I look at a subwoofer.

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