1. Dude looked like a pro bowler tonight. He’s finally starting to live up to his draft position.

  2. He had that one stretch play that saved us from having a third down late in the game. We left some plays out there but that was certainly not one of them thanks to him.

  3. Man, I'm gettin really bummed about how much I'm starting to like Jacoby Brissett knowing he's gonna be gone in a matter of weeks.

  4. He had some really nice reads & throws, is strong as hell on QB sneaks, and didn't make any mistakes. I think Stefanski did a nice job scheming guys open, but Brissett took advantage really well.

  5. He looked good out there. I think we’re going to get some great value for him after Watson is back.

  6. They say an onside kick is successful less than 10% of the time, but I'm confident we will find a way to screw it up 99% of the time.

  7. Jacoby! The fact he knows he’s QB1 temporarily and is just balling out is so great to see 🥳

  8. Dude in the Steelers subreddit regarding that last play: "Sorry all. Was my first time playing Madden and I didn't know the buttons."

  9. Never seen a measurement, then a review, then a ten minute pause, and then a reversal, and then adding nonexistent time back into the game.

  10. These last two games it hasn’t even been close. Offense is so much more efficient and consistently productive now that baker is gone.

  11. No other moment in the game do they official review their own chain measurement. The only possible reason to do is to say “are we sure the Browns beat the Steelers?” They didn’t even show what evidence could overall their OWN official measurement!!

  12. Yes for sure. I was like. OF COURSE THEY’RE CHECKING THE CHAIN GANG. Also lots of face mask by the Steelers that wasn’t seen-refs running around with blinders on.

  13. And what was with the clock fuckery. There was 36 seconds left with 29 on the play clock. Then they put 50 on, had a 10 second run off. But then we only have 25 for the play clock. Gave Pittsburgh 7 extra seconds.

  14. Guys, has that "official review" after pulling the chains out and giving the first down happen before? I literally got Oakland 2.0 vibes

  15. Jacoby Brissett operates this offense with surgical precision Jesus Christ man. Pair that with the run game and we just own the ball. Defense and special teams just need to quit being ridiculous. Absolutely no reason why we should be on offensive as much as we are and still barely win these games or lose like last week

  16. He’s also improved in each game. Keep in mind he had very little preseason work. What he looked like in week 1 to now… Wow. You can just see the confidence building.

  17. All that Al Michaels hate and he ends it with that beaut of a send off 🎰🎰🎰 fuck the Steelers fuck the nfl fuck the refs

  18. Not sure what the refs were doing there at the end? Trying to somehow get Pittsburgh back in the game? Or to prevent Sportsbook casinos from paying out tonight??

  19. 90% of this post game show on Amazon has been about Pittsburgh and who they should start at QB. Nobody cares. Talk about the team that won.

  20. Nick Chubb needs a statue. I don’t care what happens, we need to keep him forever. We’ve sucked my entire life this way we can at least keep a good dude

  21. Chubb is so so so ridiculously good. Brissett was absolutely cooking - keep in mind a few of his incompletions were drops. Also being an elite sneaker is clutch.

  22. Girlfriend (a Steelers fan) and I had a bet where we owed each other a pint of ice cream for every turnover. That last play just earned this guy some mother fucking mint chocolate chip!

  23. So happy that Jacoby is doing well with the back up role. If there is no other take away from the season it’s that Baker was most definitely not worth shit as our long term starter and this start proves it. If only the defense didn’t think they could win by just showing up.

  24. LETS FUCKING GO! Defense clutched up at the end and offense looked insanely legit. Also I have our defense in fantasy so that ending was amazing for me lmao. But fuck the refs, fuck pittsburgh and fuck everyone that isn’t cleveland. Go browns!

  25. One thing they mentioned on the radio is how we can actually do a QB sneak now. So nice to be able to rely on that if it's a yard or less to go.

  26. Get Njoku a million touches. Cooper is awesome. Stefanski is doing a great job with Brissett. We’re on to Atlanta!

  27. Brissett has looked super solid so far. Cant ask for much more out of the guy compared to what most of us expected from him.

  28. Gonna be honest the defense looked way better with Jacob Phillips as the green dot. Hoping walker is alright though

  29. I’m not smart, but the refs on that review… are they dumb? Or am I dumb? DOESNT MATTER FUCK YOU PITTSBURG BROWNS ARE BACK

  30. Brissett looking like a top 10 QB shows how many of you, including myself, underestimate Stefanski. He's almost perfectly engineered our offense to maximize the efficiency of Brissett, while keeping the game mainly through Chubb and Hunt. I couldn't be more impressed with Stefanski this season IMO, my only complaint is that he is giving Woods to much freedom to shit the bed and needs to step in and stop that.

  31. +1.... lots of credit to Brissett for how he's managing the offense, but a lot of it is playing well in the scheme that Stefanski gameplanned. I still love Baker, but when a more limited athlete like Brissett can play that efficiently in Stefanski's system, you can see why they wanted to move on from Baker.

  32. Quit the “should be 3-0” talk…we aren’t and shit happens. 2-1, 1st place in the division. Offense is high powered. Defense is going to round into form. Browns confirmed, let’s go!

  33. Very good that we have a long week and a half off to get some rest and let this simmer. Would have been terrible being 1-2 with so much time for a bad loss to fester.

  34. I could care less about my comment being largely unnoticed and at the bottom, but we fuckin won at home against the Steelers in Prime Time TNF, and I even got to have thirty seconds of sex during half time, including the crying. Guardians are in first, Brownies are in first, and it's MF'in Friday. LFG!

  35. If we can sweep the Steelers this year, I'll be so happy. It's never happened in my 32 years of life so I'd love for it to happen.

  36. Jacoby has been nails for the last couple weeks. A guy who can drop back, survey the field, and deliver the ball to the open guy, so good.

  37. Don't let winning distract you from the fact that Preifer's special teams almost cost us an onside kick in three games

  38. Props to Jacoby. That mean has proven me wrong and is playing his ass off right now. This is the exact level of play we needed out of Baker last year.

  39. I am so happy with Jacoby and our offense! It feels good to be able to genuinely root for our current QB with out having to feel bad about him. But our defense...good lord and all the injuries, not good at all. Happy to get the W here because going into this game I didn't think we had much of a shot.

  40. What is the context behind the meme of the Browns Twitter account posted after the W. With the guy wearing a mask.

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