1. I like how we give Joe Woods an amazing defensive roster and y'all were still tugging him off after how horrible our d was at points last year

  2. The coaches should all lose their job, but this organization had a losers mentality so playing the Jets this close at home is a huge success. Btw, hot take, cade york will be cut by week 8.

  3. Zebras had some bad missed penalties, but my god the defense in the last 3 minutes... I'd have them doing wind sprints before they were allowed back into the lockeroom

  4. You had backups lead an offense to 30. Sorry Stef, woods answers to you. Preifer answers to you. Both defense and special teams let us down HARD today. Just bottom of the barrel scheming.

  5. That shitty midfield logo and how funny I found that touchdown just highlight how little I care about the Browns anymore. I forgot there was even a game until 11:30.

  6. I can’t see a world where Delpit isn’t cut, or at least have a diminished role. Woods should probably be fired. We saw what happened last year how the CBs were playing lockdown after week 7, but unfortunately you don’t want to have to wait until week 7 again

  7. This coaching staff has no clue how to close a game out. Two weeks in a row. They got bailed out last week.

  8. Two weeks in a row that Joe Woods has fucked us. He needs to go. If he wants to be the one accountable for these mistakes, let’s hold him to that

  9. Un fucking believable. Grandpa Flacco just owned us/gave up an onside kick and march down the field barely being touched. Rarely seen some shit like this.

  10. Ok, this is the game that should seal it. We need a new defensive coordinator. This defense should be one of the best in the league but we just gave up points everywhere. Absolutely horrible decisions.

  11. All I can do is laugh. Idk how some of you people get cocky and think games are over when we go up by 2 scores. It’s like some of you have never watched this team before

  12. Everyone deserves to be fired for this. At home, 2 score lead, and you blow it in under a minute. That is all time all time failure. Across the board.

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