Can we discuss this?

  1. We're absolutely going to discuss this. At the risk of sounding Gatekeep-y, there is ZERO tolerance for this here. While there are bad apples in every fanbase, we will not be glorifying sexual assault/harassment, whether it be alleged or not, especially at the behest of our currently suspended starting QB.

  2. I was surprised to hear discussion on Ken Carman this morning if it's real or not. I don't know if it is, I think it is, but regardless I know there's some (hopefully small amount) of Browns fans who believe and support this message.

  3. Not sure what’s worse, that he made that sign, that he’s holding that sign with his kid, or that he took pictures and posted it. Bad on all fronts

  4. He thinks he’s edgy while simultaneously outing himself as a terrible parent/person. Regardless of what side of the Watson situation people are on, I think everyone can agree that this is absolute trash.

  5. Yeah this is a bit ludicrous and this is just in really bad taste. I will support the browns and watson and hope he gets the counseling and whatever else he needs and hope he does his best to make things right with the people he may have hurt.

  6. Jets fan here, I genuinely feel horrible for the Browns fans that despise this piece of garbage. As a fan of a fellow basement dwelling franchise, I get what’s it’s like to just look up to the sky and say “I would do anything for this team to be good” only to have this happen. You guys didn’t ask for this and it’s not fair to throw the blame on you for this franchise’s mistakes. You deserve better than this

  7. To drag your kid into this too, WTF? So he thinks it's a good idea to instill this line of thinking into his head during his formative years. Low fucking class.

  8. People like this think they are cool and raise their kids like this thinking they are raising awesome kids.

  9. We need to prepare for the “If you support the Browns, you support sexual assault” arguments, because signal boosting this kind of behavior is only going to serve as fodder for that argument.

  10. Despicable misdeeds are pervasive in the NFL...every team has one or more examples. You can't be an NFL fan without rooting for someone in this camp wearing your preferred laundry...whether confirmed or assumed.

  11. I feel like the kid's face should be blurred out. It's not his fault, and the internet is forever, so I don't think he deserves for this to follow him just because he has shitty influences.

  12. Hate to say it but this is the kind of stuff that’s going to shine the brightest. Does it represent all Browns fans? No but all anyone will see from the outside is stuff like this. We invited the negativity and vitriol when we traded for Watson so now we have to deal with it. This isn’t going away soon.

  13. That dude and those guys that sell shitty t-shirts outside FES don't represent the entire fan base, not even the people who are outwardly happy we got Watson. This is just a new level of low.

  14. Personally, I think if he is guilty, send his ass to jail. Otherwise, I could give a fuck about the guy until he steps on the field while the clock is running. At that point. I will hope he plays better than anyone has ever played. Then after that, it's back to not giving a shit again.

  15. Defending any part of the Watson saga enabled people like this. It never should have happened; any of it. They shouldn’t have fought for him, they shouldn’t have paid him record money, they shouldn’t have stood by him after it got progressively worse somehow all summer. I’m absolutely disgusted at this team.

  16. You know how there’s a split second when you wonder if something is real or not…then you quickly realize that it’s satire…but then you get really sad because you even questioned its authenticity for a split second? Yeah…that just happened to me.

  17. There are jackasses in every fan base. People will do anything for 15 mins of fame. The person who took this photo is just as big as an asshole who made the sign. The kid I can’t fault because he was doing whatever his dad or uncle or whoever told him to do it.

  18. 95% of /nfl would be high fiving in celebration if Watson got injured. The other 5% would be bummed it wasn’t worse.

  19. Not much to say. There’s always going to piece of shit fans of any team. We as a fan base were once known to be the best and most loyal fan base in sports. We know that scumbags like this dude don’t represent us. Hope the kids doesn’t get flack for what the father is responsible for.

  20. Since we can't edit OP's post, the NSFW tag is the best that we could do. It is an unfortunate situation for this child, we really hate that he has to be lumped into this as well.

  21. This is exactly what will fuel the average NFL fans hatred towards Cleveland for years to come. 99% of us hate this situation and had nothing to do with it, then a few clowns come along like this and make us all look bad.

  22. Believe what you want about what happened / didn’t happen but the fact that this dude lacked the base level self awareness to recognize this was not a good idea is baffling.

  23. There were so many moments where he could have sat back and thought “you know, maybe this isn’t a good idea”. There’s not much thought going on in that head.

  24. This is one stupid person. He does not represent all Browns fans. Furthermore, I refuse to let Watson take my joy of the Browns. This team has some of my favorite Browns players for a while. I enjoy watching and rooting for Chubb, Garrett and Ward (OSU). I want to see those guys have success despite Watson.

  25. I think it works both ways. This guy certainly doesn’t represent all browns fans, but the people who hate Watson don’t represent all Browns fans either.

  26. That behavior is highly disturbing. It’s one thing to buy a Watson jersey, it’s another entirely to use such awful language regarding Watsons victims. Between this and the T-shirt idiot, it’s a bad look for us.

  27. The kids face needs covered. Also, this guy is a tool, why would he want his employers to see this, or if he is self employed, represent his business like this.

  28. I get the feeling this guy's dad was in the dogpound with child-him in the 80's throwing batteries and beer on opposing teams and he just wants to keep the family traditions

  29. This is what sucks for the fans of the team. While a lot of folks are supporting Watson, you'd never see 99.9% of those fans make a sign like this. Unfortunately, every fan of the team, Watson supporter or not, will be lumped in with this idiot by the media. Fair or not, it sucks that the FO put the fans in the position to defend the trade. Even worse when Haslem make comments akin to "The only reason we are willing to look past his transgressions is because he's a good football player."

  30. If you know anyone like this, then call them out. That’s all you can do. They are doing this because they think it’s acceptable. They will continue to think that it’s acceptable until enough people tell them it isn’t acceptable.

  31. Jimmy Haslam probably agrees with this cat unfortunately. Maybe don’t give a POS the largest guaranteed contract ever, that’d be a nice start.

  32. This is literally the type of dudes picking apart every Baker Mayfield throw and calling him a bust every week on Twitter even after winning a game.

  33. Stupid fans will stupid. These are a part of every fanbase and don't represent the entire group on a whole. Everyone knows this.

  34. I see this and just cringe. I mean Watson wasn’t even on the team last year, there’s no way you’d have the 75th anniversary “1946” football logo on a Watson jersey.

  35. If we discuss this one can we move on when hundreds more like this pop up this season? They don’t represent the majority. Some people suck.

  36. Yes. There will be some version of this guy at every game, we're just letting people know now that we aren't supporting it or allowing people to post content of this sort on the sub

  37. This guy is everywhere in the fanbase, and it is why I have been so against Watson since day one; the people who ignorantly stood up for him with this kind of asinine gusto. I watch these Browns fans attacking people who arent on board for Watson (It is the same POS's that trashed Baker like he was a cheap dawg). It's demoralizing.

  38. You are just reading it wrong, right to left. Fuck, free them hoes, Watson. All just a big misunderstanding.

  39. Yeah, fuck this dude. He deserves all the shade he gets. It's hard enough to accept a situation a lot of us didn't want.....this guy is classless trash and doesn't represent me as a fan, human or especially a dad.

  40. Let’s start a thread where the “I stopped watching the Browns because of Deshaun Watson” crowd gives away their Browns gear to those of us that are going to be sticking around as Browns fans.

  41. Everyone here should condemn this. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is going to be amplified by the media and fans alike, because the perception of Browns fans atm is not necessarily favorable. That’s why condemning this is important, among many other reasons.

  42. Can someone explain how what he did is sexual assault? I have not followed along closely enough with this whole ordeal. My basic understanding was that he paid people to give him massages with a happy ending, is that incorrect?

  43. He paid massage therapists for a massage.. He allegedly tried to get them to do more including directing them where to put their hands so they would come in contact with his penis, getting erections, ejaculating on them, insisting on a tiny towel rather than a full cover. All without their consent.

  44. I was originally convinced it was a Steeler or Eagles fan trying to make us look bad ... man I overestimate humanity sometimes

  45. Cleveland and the Browns shouldn’t claim him to avoid the embarrassment. Just because you’re wearing a Jersey doesn’t mean you’re from there

  46. In the process of making choices you usually have opportunities to see something as a terrible idea. This goes double for a shitty art project. It goes x100000 when you involve a child.

  47. This reflects poorly on our fan base and encourages anyone who stops by our sub to think that this is how we feel. Doesn't belong here or anywhere

  48. This family was sitting just a section over from us at the Eagles preseason game. I saw quite a few makeshift shirts that read “Big Dick Watson” on the front and “Bitch Give Me A Massage” on the back. Unbelievable.

  49. These people are on this sub, and have been for the past four months, and you are just now realizing this is a problem? Typical browns fans

  50. Like I said about this on "lake erie bros.." Man I wanted to give Baker another year and wasn’t happy about bringing all this drama to the team but I’ve also made my peace with it and imagine the truth of what happened is somewhere in between the stories from the side of the women and Watson etc. I’m still a Browns fan. But no… this is fucking nuts.

  51. The barb wire around the calf is enough to make me know he doesn’t make good decisions. I could give a shot about the sign thouh

  52. Smh. Sure hope the Browns Get clobbered the week Watson returns… against the Texans. Or worse. A tie. And that tie costs them the playoffs.

  53. As a generation x season ticket holder, it is fascinating watching the overly sensitive woke generation react to things that are said/done at Browns games. Personally I wouldn’t wear a shirt like that or hold a sign like that but I couldn’t care less if someone else does.

  54. You’re not as tough as you think you are. Just by using the word “woke” you think your so tough. Look at me, look at how tough I am for being so ignorant…, I can’t appreciate ignorant people because I too have no morals…. Pathetic

  55. If these people “wouldn’t have survived one quarter at the old stadium”, then thank goodness it changed. Sounds like a shithole if it was full of people like this guy.

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