NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says evidence calls for at least full-year suspension for #Browns QB Deshaun Watson via @Jeff_Legwold

  1. Fun fact, assuming he gets a year he'll potentially take his first NFL game snap again 978 days from his last one (1/3/2021-9/8/2023). 2.6 year hiatus. I know he's practicing, staying in shape, etc but it's a decent amount of time.

  2. i’m interested in seeing how much community service, and counseling he needs to complete until he can be reinstated. Then we will see how much Deshaun Watson really wants to play for the Browns and how much he loves football

  3. Apparently not Andrew Berry... And honestly, this begs the question... Why not Andrew Berry? Everyone else on the planet probably guess this was going to happen except for the guy who really needed to know, apparently.

  4. The rebuild starts in 2027! I think by 2030-2032 we have another playoff appearance and our star players are currently freshmen in HS

  5. I’m in the Bay Area. Local sports people out here are talking like Jimmy G is a slam dunk to head to the Browns. Best comment I heard: “If the Browns get Jimmy and he beats us (9ers) in the Super Bowl, I won’t even be mad.” Me neither.

  6. Posted this on another thread and got downvoted. The fact that this FO is planning on trotting out Brissett with this elite roster is criminal. It was clear to anyone with a brain that DW was out for a year. This plan sucks.

  7. This is how I know this whole deal was Haslam. If it was AB or anyone else their head would have rolled already. But no one to fire when it was all the bosses idea.

  8. They found him. He’s on the team. Has been. The year will not be wasted. Brissett wins us the division last year. Take deep breaths. It’ll be okay. Berry has been prepared for months.

  9. There’s alot of weight behind the original arbitrators ruling of 6 games due to precedent. Goodell handing over the appeals process to Harvey allows him the ability to make public statements for the league without actually imposing them. Watson will pay but from his bank account and not games. It’s win/win for the league and owners. Plus Cal McNair gets his 20 million back from last year. It’s all about $ ( ticket sales, tv ratings etc)

  10. Seriously man. We start getting a little bit of success and build a team capable of sustaining it. Then we ruin it all in one offseason.

  11. Who could've seen this coming? It's almost like it was so fucking obvious this entire time that this was going to blow up in our face

  12. I'll keep saying it, worst trade in sports history. Even if Watson gets 8 games, our image and fan base is FUBAR, we sold the farm for a horrible person, and then paid him more money than God. It's terrible and I doubt I'll forgive Haslam and Berry. sigh see you on Sundays I guess :(

  13. The amazing thing is I have been saying exactly this from the start and keep getting blasted with downvotes.

  14. I might be jumping ship. I don’t have the time, patience, or desire to deal with this shit. Why make my life more stressful than it already is?

  15. This has just been an absolute embarrassment. Another wasted year of this core. No future 1st rounders. Jacoby Brisset throwing for 147 yards a game.

  16. Deshaun was the only option that wouldn't waste another year of our core. Nothing has really changed in that regard if he's suspended the full year

  17. When our offense can’t move the ball just take solace in the fact that JB is better than an injured 2022 Baker - that’s what I’ve learned here.

  18. Our team was one of the ones willing to punt a year for him. Hopefully they're smart enough to trade an additional pick for Garappolo, especially considering it's going to be indefinite with the ability to appeal in a year.

  19. Because of the media tbh. No one cared till he got traded. Everyone knows the nfl bases their punishments of off public perception. Before Watson got traded, no one was talking about his legal issues. Then about a week after being traded to the browns it became the biggest story in sports. I’d bet you my life savings that if the media continued to neglect this story post trade, he would’ve only gotten the six games

  20. No it won't be. If he's suspended for a year, he'll be with us through the 2027 season. Locking up a great QB for that long is a no brainer from a football perspective.

  21. A full year suspension was always in play. The Browns still make this trade. It's a long term move

  22. Not denying that it’s been a shitshow, but we weren’t winning a super bowl with baker either. That’s the only silver lining for me.

  23. Deshaun Watson and the Browns are the perfect target for the league to throw the book at here, and have their flex on morality. The Haslams appeared to be disliked and resented by the other owners, and DW's behavior was shocking. No one will feel sorry for either of them.

  24. It has nothing to do with the Browns other than we were the “lucky team” to get Watson. The exact same thing would be happening if he went anywhere else.

  25. The only people being naive are those who are acting like the Browns didn't consider the possibility he would be suspended for a whole year and still were okay with making the trade.

  26. The only thing I resent about the impending MEGA-SUSPENSION™️ is that it’s so easy to do this to the Browns.

  27. Man fuck this. We’re going to get a washed up Deshaun Watson. He’s not going to have played in two years. And we got rid of Baker and our future decade of building money and picks for this mess. We’re just cursed honestly. Ever since we’ve come back to Cleveland nothing has felt right. I want to say I can tough it out but at this point I’m simply A fan of the most pathetic team in the NFL in the 21st century. Who even comes close? We had one good year and thought we were all of that. And then got rid of our quarterback who’s been the only quarterback who has made us good 1 year after he left. We are incompetent and our team and leader ship doesn’t know how to manage a winning franchise. Now all of our wide receivers are dropping like flies, our back up running back who we need wants to leave, and our team has no chemistry on offense at all. What a mess

  28. Mike Vick went to jail for like 2 years and then was 2nd in offensive player of the year. Not sure why you think Deshaun would be washed up.

  29. I don’t care what anyone says, the signing of deshaun Watson has ruined this team for so many people, and I think putting him on the browns has done just as much damage to the fan base as selling the team.

  30. I think it’s one or two degrees less than moving the team. But a a whole bunch worse than going 0-16. As long as he doesn’t play I will root for the Browns. I’ll still hate the owner but I hated Modell too.

  31. As much as I loved living in Cleveland and honestly miss it, I’m glad that I won’t be around this football season. Sports is such a big part of the area and I would imagine this whole mess has got the city and NEO feeling weird. What a shit show. Sell the team, Jimmy and Dee.

  32. I get wanting to conserve picks after giving up 3 first round picks, but this roster is built to win now. This front office needs to do what they can to get jimmy G

  33. I agree. This sub is delusional on Jimmy G. Sure, he isn't a top 10 QB, but is he a top 20 QB? Absolutely. Jacoby Brissett is not

  34. This isn’t necessarily new news — we know the NFL wants an indefinite suspension of at minimum one year and Roger is the NFL.

  35. Fuck deshaun Watson. Fuck Stefanski. Fuck AB. Fuck the Haslams. Fuck ANYBODY who thinks being good at football is more important than being a sexual predator.

  36. If the nfl cared so much about “integrity” why did they not stick Watson on the exempt list from the beginning? Especially since the Texans were complicit in his behavior. This has been so bungled from every single party involved. What a fucking mess

  37. I can’t stand it when people say that the browns just shouldn’t have signed him because there were 10 other teams that would have done so. If the league really were competent enough to have protected itself from this shit show, it would have put him on the exempt list.

  38. Because of this, we will have to endure DW talk for the next two years. It’s not going to end in a week. Houston needs to be held accountable for their actions.

  39. If you watch the clip, he responds to a reporter that asked “why are you going back to seeking a year long suspension”

  40. I think I’m at the point where I can’t watch the team anymore until Haslam sells. Seriously, he’s entering Art Modell territory for how much he absolutely just fucked this fan base again and again with his stupid decision making

  41. Good. Sue Robinson found him guilty on all 3 charges, called his behavior egregious and predatory. Just because the NFL has dropped the ball in the past, doesn't mean that they should continue to fail over and over. At some point you have to do the right thing or at least move closer to doing it.

  42. The NFL doesn’t care. 17 games instead of six doesn’t show they care, it just shows they know how to appease the hate mob for the time being. Making Watson wait a whole year to make a hundred million dollars is so tough! You either allow abusers to participate in the league or you don’t. Anything less than telling these guys they can’t get rich in the NFL is just window dressing. They know viewers aren’t going anywhere. And to all the online SJW Browns fans or fans of other teams, if you continue to support the NFL, you’re attempting to pearl clutch with one hand while rubber stamping this behavior with the other.

  43. Browns pursued other QBs like Rodgers and were unable to land them. Watson was the last real chance at an upgrade available. Draft class was weak on QBs, and next year's free agents were pretty bad.

  44. I'm certainly glad we obliterated any crumb of respect we had amongst the league by giving this dude a massive contract knowing he will likely be suspended for the year and possibly never play for us at all.

  45. My love for this team has fucking died. It breaks my heart knowing we have AT LEAST 2 more years of this shit. Winning is not even going to feel good. Everything is poisoned in this franchise from this trade and I truly don't see how this is going to pay off.

  46. You should make a clean break and unsubscribe from this sub. If the team is that stressful for you, just walk away. Ones mental health is more important than any sports team.

  47. He didn’t specifically say “this warrants a year long suspension” the question was leading to him saying that the punishment needs to be more.

  48. This shit is so weird to me. Why are people flocking to the NFL for morality right now? This is a straight up legal issue, and any such issues people have should be 1000% aimed directly at them for failing those women.

  49. The problem is one of contrition. I think all of us are willing to give players a second chance (depending on the severity of the offense). However, no one can get a second chance if they don't speak about it honestly.

  50. I thought Roger designated the ruling to Peter C Harvey...and the appeal is still pending. Doesn't seem right that he could publicly comment on it like this.

  51. Very tongue and cheek tbh. He could have avoided all of this nonsense and distraction to the shield by putting him on non-exempt list and not allowing 13 teams to inquire for his service… 4 teams to have a sit down interview with him… and one giving him the largest contract in nfl history. It’s ironic he chooses now to be forceful because of PR but had year and a half to make this decision and could’ve kept the entire league from dealing with it. I hope people stop acting like the nfl and goodell truly care about women and this nonsense that keeping Watson out is gonna get rid of the problem

  52. Not saying deshaun doesn't deserve suspension but how is it even remotely close to fair to have Goodell post this bullshit before the appeal has been decided by the supposed 3rd party person.

  53. I’m not too worried I believe in Brissett and the talent around him - so many other things about this team and this future to be excited about

  54. The process is spelled out in the CBA. This was all very predictable. Sue’s decision was based on precedent from past cases. She even said this case is unprecedented. The NFL has every right to appeal and did. The process is what it is. I don’t understand your confusion.

  55. She only said six games because of precedent and what the CBA recommended. But in my opinion the wording of her decision was a deliberate set up to allow the NFL to suspend him for a year. “The most egregious conduct the NFL has ever reviewed.” “Watson has shown no remorse for his actions.”

  56. She treated it like a federal case. She ruled on past precedent and in the federal court system the only way to change precedent is to appeal. Unfortunately the NFLPA bargained for the Supreme Court in the NFL to be Goodell.

  57. How does Goodell have evidence that neither the court nor the person that gave 6 games had? This whole process is sketchy.

  58. As far as I can tell that's irrelevant. The agreed-upon intermediary judged there was a violation and the penalty for that violation is, ultimately, determined by the commissioner. Everything else is noise.

  59. It is exhausting to constantly read the bashing and complaining of our FO on this sub. There’s a reason why you’re complaining on Reddit and AB is youngest GM in NFL history. I love the Browns but honestly half of this sub gives me “let’s storm the capital” vibes.

  60. I think what Goodell did here was have the judge give Watson a lower number than a year to see how the public would react. The moment people were sour Goodell now wants to do a year minimum. Everything for the NFL is business and they’re worried about their bottom line. Same thing with the kneeling for the anthem after a season of it they made the players stay in the locker room because they were losing money.

  61. The seismic shift in this sub is hilarious. Days ago when Robinson ruled what she thought, it looked like light at the end of the tunnel. Now that we’re here and the commissioner has something to say about it, we’re back here at the sky is falling. I wonder how the sub will act when it’s official that the PÅ will take the NFL to court on this. 😂

  62. If they miss the playoffs this season I think Berry isn't the only one that will be gone. They took a calculated risk and right now it's looking like an awful decision.

  63. The saddest thing about this whole thing is seeing how whiny our fan base is. Nothing we can do about it. Whiny baker bros, whiny Watson haters, whiny Watson supporters, whiny baker haters. God it’s annoying af. You’d think after all the trash over the years we’d be used to it. Expect the worst and you can’t be let down.

  64. Regardless of how you feel about Watson and what his length of suspension should be, the issue that sticks out to me is this entire suspension process.

  65. The point is that if she finds there is not enough evidence that a violation was committed then there is no penalty and no appeal.

  66. I wonder how many NFL players, coaches and owners have paid for happy endings massages. How many go on social media and find good looking women they want to hook up with? I guess when you do both it means you get the death sentence.

  67. Because he didn't go to a prostitute who also gives massages. He went to massage therapists to have sex. Those are vastly fucking different

  68. So I have a question. Why even have the first trial and say 6 games in the first place. Why not just give him the full year instead of doing the whole runaround to just appeal it??

  69. To test the outrage of the public. If the initial sacrifice quells the outrage, then they can stop there. But if not, there's a chance to fix it.

  70. I just wish I could’ve easily seen this absolute train wreck coming way back when it first started and dropped the team and moved on knowing almost exactly what was going to happen. Oh wait, that is exactly what happened.

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