1. It defies all logic how we've ended-up here after the high of the wild card victory over the Steelers. Everything pointed to the Browns having arrived and really only improving. Absolutely banana pants crazy town insanity. Oh well.

  2. I really think that’s a huge part of it all. The fans and the organization felt like we were finally (for real this time!) on the right path, on the way up and then a bizarre, injured riddled season sent us into a rage/depression. In my opinion the fans and the team have overreacted badly to last season. Get everyone healthy and add some talent at WR and I think we’d have been just fine this year.

  3. This was the experience watching the Jags in 2016 and onward. If you have a subpar QB and a shitty organization the team won’t be good very long no matter how good the roster is overall.

  4. Pretty pathetic to keep hanging on that one game. Yeah it was nice to win a playoff game agains our rivals but it’s not like the Browns won the division, conference or super bowl that year. The Browns were one of the 31 losers that year, like every year.

  5. Did you see game threads last year? It absolutely was. Baker bros, Baker haters, and those who wanted to watch football.

  6. I was thinking the same. D. Watson just happens to be the topic of division at the moment. Prior to this is was Baker (is he the future vs. is he a failed scrub). At least we are fairly united in Haslam being a shit human being.

  7. It won't last. Watson supporters and Watson nay-sayers are natural enemies. Like Steelers fans and Browns fans! Or Ravens fans and Browns fans! Or Bengals fans and Browns fans! Or Browns fans and other Browns fans! Damn Browns fans! They ruined Cleveland!

  8. Also look at all those now without flairs. We get far more fans of other teams now than we ever did before.

  9. That was my first though after seeing the meme. This subreddit has a surprising amount of fans of NFL franchises that are not the Cleveland Browns. There is no reason they can’t sub. I do question the motives tho. Perhaps our fan base has more interesting banter than theirs or they wanna see how our team will shoot their own foot again.

  10. Most Ravens fans don’t really care about Lamar not signing because it’s painfully obvious that he is just letting the market go higher with each passing year. It’s the greedy agents that sell their clients out for the most possible money as soon as possible. Lamar isn’t in a hurry. He will probably end up playing on the tag next year before signing. I think he is hoping to pull a Flacco and win a SB in his contract year. He’s going to take us for all we got but he’s a generational talent so that’s about right.

  11. In a months time 8000 women and several species of animal will have sued our QB and the league's investigation will implicate so many people in so many ways that they will shrug and bring back John Gruden.

  12. Every time I see this, I swear thats my cousin eating the popcorn watching her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend's ex fighting

  13. I think too many ppl forget you play to win the game. If you want morality go to church. How do you think ppl who get hit for living are going to be good all the time?

  14. Honestly anyone who can’t get on board to understand the severity and reality of these allegations can get fucked. Tired of letting this place become a safe haven for their ignorance.

  15. I have been a Browns fan my whole life, and in that time, we've never been good. But we've always been a good team. I can sit through another lifetime of 0-16 seasons but I cannot support a sexual predator over a game

  16. Two grand juries, ambulance chaser attorney, multiple girls bragged on social media before scrubbing it, allegations after the HBO special when more women realized there was money to be made, and to top it off he's a black man in Texas. If he sneezed in the wrong direction he'd be in prison.

  17. i mostly lurked last season. wasn't really involved in posting to any capacity. was definitely here all the time after games. there will always be infighting, that's for sure.

  18. The mods should honestly change it to where you have to subscribe for a month or so before you're allowed to comment or post on here. These aren't browns fans.

  19. It’s crazy too because this current roster ON PAPER is absolutely better than anything the overwhelming majority of us have ever seen, even if you cut the QB arguments entirely out. Besides WR, this team Is pretty stacked.

  20. The sanctimonious stuff is over the top. You don’t have to like what DeShame seems to have done or be happy he’s on the team, or got such a big contract. But are you really “shocked and horrified” that something like this happened (and happens, and has been happening) in the NFL? It’s not some humanitarian Boy Scout group of Rhodes scholars. Doesn’t make anything right, but if you have an appropriate amount of cynicism it shouldn’t be shocking.

  21. for what its worth, i think that most people here know that this is not surprising given the history of offensive action throughout the NFL.

  22. There is not liking what he did, then there is orchestrating arguably the most expensive trade in history for said questionable guy. That is the line.

  23. whats even better is i was watching moneyball the other day. jonah is portraying your gm. that jackass gave d watson all that money because of analytics lolol. he said fuck everyone, this is the right movie cause the numbers

  24. I don't think DePodesta made this decision unilaterally. Analytics were a component, and in our FO, probably a major component but there is no one person to blame here. I'm sure they believed they did the correct amount of diligence but I think a lot of outsiders are doubting that. We don't know what diligence our FO did in pursuing Watson, we will never know that extent.

  25. Your QB who got the richest guaranteed contract in NFL history is a sexual predator and if the Browns don’t waive him today, it’s a travesty. As a Raider fan, I’ve always liked the Browns because of the Denver history and the Dawg Pound was similar to the Black Hole in Oakland.

  26. How's that Gruden contract and lawsuit working out for you guys? I'm asking you, instead of brigading your sub with stupid comments.

  27. Other teams fans seem to be so much more interested in our team than we are. Go sniff your own dirty laundry.

  28. well, looking at your comment history it seems like you, ben and DW share an interest in trying to make advances on women who are clearly uninterested.

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