M/20/5’11” [120-150] (1 year Ish)

  1. Either the timeline is off or you used some "supplements". Are you saying you gained 30 pounds of muscle in a year with 0 muscle memory?

  2. And don’t forget the 0% gain of fat lmaoo. That’s my favorite part of these “naturals”

  3. I gained 25 pounds in my first 4 months of training while looking leaner then I did before, it's possible he looked very very skinny before

  4. Remember fellas, angles and lighting can be deceiving. At the end of the day bro looks great, but is still 150lbs at 5’11 20y/o. I was 150 as a 8th grader

  5. This is VERY manageable…he simply started really eating and had newbie gains. I’ve trained a client who did the same exact thing…went from 138 to 174 naturally in a year.

  6. Guy finds fridge and food and is accused of being on roids, barely got much bigger... He was so skinny before hand, and I don't mean this to offend opening post, but even the acne, he's early 20s his body is still changing his skin wasn't much different before hand. I don't know, I think he's natural.

  7. I swear this sub is a joke, 30 lbs of muscle in a year is definitely achievable. That’s less then a pound a week. Man was already in single digit body fat+noobie gains+the right genetics. Just cus he’s bigger than u and you’ve been training for 4 years doesn’t make him not natty. If this transformation took 4 months, u could definitely argue that it was enhanced. But a year is realistic. Keep up the gains bro 💪

  8. 30 pounds of muscle in a year is highly unlikely. Under optimal conditions, a complete noob can expect to gain 20-25LBs of muscle and 5-10 pounds of fat. A nearly 0% increase in BMI + 30lbs of muscle makes his progress highly suspect.

  9. Great point! I’m with you. It is possible given his starting weight and being of low body fat. A lot of folks on here have no clue what dedication, a consistent workout program and diet will do for you in a whole year.

  10. I am not quite where I want to be, but all of these people accusing me of being on gear does put a smile on my face

  11. What was ur diet/training looking like? How many calories per day and macros? And amount of sleep u get per night?

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