Tailgate Party - Wednesday, October 05

  1. I don't speak Spanish well, but I really enjoyed watching Soler's moon shot from game 6 with a spanish speaking broadcaster.

  2. Tempering expectation because he is super hung over but…actually excited to see what Jackson can do starting. Guy has some decent stuff. Honestly shocked he didn’t get a nod sooner.

  3. i think dansby will get an at bat or two to get to 162 games played and then vaughn will come in for him

  4. Rewatching WS game 6 to get hyped for the playoffs. We should all be thankful Max didn't get Tim Hudson'd on that play at first where he got stepped on. I forgot how scary that was to watch live.

  5. You think they'd let Stephens pound chili dogs on the mound? Like, I know they're not allowed to use sticky stuff, but would chili and hot dog grease count?

  6. The rules not only ban applying any foreign substance to the ball, they also prohibit the pitcher from even possessing a foreign substance while on the mound.

  7. Dansby and Olson playing 162 games is as impressive as any other stat in today's day and age. if nothing else, you can count on them being out there every single day

  8. I’ve gotta think Dansby and Olson get pulled after one or two ABs. Probably trying to keep their games played streaks going

  9. You'd have to make roster moves which seems pointless. Plus, a chance to get AB's for people who are gonna be on your bench for the playoffs.

  10. FYI, y’all, if you’re looking to get the Division Champs hat and didn’t get one on MLBShop last night, they’re on the New Era website right now.

  11. I hope they’re actually in stock and they don’t cancel orders like they did with the champs beanies last year.

  12. betting on a team that will absolutely not care whether it wins or not is like betting on preseason NFL games, absolutely sicko behavior

  13. going to read way in between the lines here and say that today would have been the perfect time to see what Grissom has at shortstop, but we still ran Dansby out there = Dansby extension coming

  14. I know I’m not saying anything new but Cleveland and the Rays are playing a playoff game at noon on a weekday. They gotta let these games overlap during the week. It’s so easy to watch more than one game at a time these days and there aren’t that many hardcore enough to even want to. You want to grow the game among the youth? Stop scheduling playoff games at hours everyone’s in school and work.

  15. I'm assuming Dansby is only starting so that he can get 162 which obviously is cool but he needs to be immediately pulled after the 1st inning for Vaughn and why not just start Muller lol.

  16. Muller’s not on the active roster rn so as I understand it, someone would have to be injured/DFAed to get him up here. Bracho could’ve been that guy but maybe they’ve seen what they wanted to from Muller already.

  17. This gives Dansby a start in every game this year. I'm sure they'll pull him after the first time through the order, though.

  18. He'll come in for Dansby pretty early if I had to guess. Dansby is going into free agency and it would be a big selling point to say he played in all 162 and has only missed 3 games in the last 3 years.

  19. Something you can find in the wildcard area of the black market. I hear they are nasty creatures.

  20. The Giants randomly called up a CF prospect today and now it’s being reported that Joc doesn’t even have a locker anymore... Maybe he's on his way to Miami so he can play in 1 game for us and qualify for another WS ring.

  21. It's playoff season which means the Braves get put under a microscope on social media and we get berated by every other fan base for rooting for them, called racist bigots for doing the chop, ect. And I'm here for it all baby.

  22. In 1960 a Jameson whiskey and an Oscar Meyer hot dog conceived a baby while attending a Jimmy Buffett concert in myrtle beach. That baby’s name you ask…Don Mattingly.

  23. Still no line up card lol! I can just picture the meeting right now, “ok guys, who can still walk a straight line? You’re in!”

  24. can confirm that i'm playing first base today. a little nervous since i've never played first base but alex assures me that it's not that hard.

  25. I just saw the wild card times were released. A lot of the Sunday games shift around depending on which series are over. Seems stupid to me. I get not wanting as much overlap if you don't have to, but changing game times with less than 24 hour notice doesn't seem right to fans.

  26. I mean last year me and my dad were watching the sunday NLDS Games to know if Braves were gonna play at like 12 Monday or 4. Just how it is.

  27. Because NL is on Fox and AL is on TBS, and the Dodgers will be playing either another west coast team, or a New York team, the Dodgers are pretty much guaranteed to be the late Fox spot every time.

  28. Yeah, NLDS times won’t be released until the field is set or mostly set. Dodgers/Mets will almost certainly get prime slots.

  29. That whole article is the reason they deserve every bit of this. They were talking a ton of shit for a team that hasn't been relevant for a long time.

  30. Will strider be back for game 3 of the NLDS? That wouldn’t be until next Friday. I mean, that should be enough time right?

  31. Hoping we take the first two games and maybe he won't be needed for NLDS unless we lose one of the first 3 games, and can therefore get extra rest for NLCS and WS.

  32. I'm sure this was likely discussed last night in here, but it's a good thing we clinched because Fried isn't even with the team.

  33. I heard from someone in sub last night that heard AA say Fried stayed in Atlanta and was only coming down if he was going to pitch today. He def was not at game last night, maybe he is in Miami though but stayed at hotel?

  34. Fun Fact: Last years “hangover game” was against the Mets & featured the MLB Debut of Spencer Strider in a full-faced beard.

  35. Accounting test in 10 minutes and a finance test in 4 hours. Thank god we finished it off last night or I'd be puking rn

  36. I bet that poster from the other day who said Atlanta sports radio sucks because they don’t talk enough about the Braves is really enjoying the Brent Key segment and this Paul Finebaum interview on 680.

  37. I did that a bit this morning… sorted my posts by “controversial” over the last year to see who replied. I’ve had mercy on most folks so far.

  38. You don’t need to go back that far. There were people saying we blew our chance at the division during Sunday’s game vs the Mets.

  39. I think you mean "Venezuelan Winter League Pitcher of the Year Jackson Stephens" starting today.

  40. Man it’s hilarious but also kinda sad that the Mets are the only team that didn’t celebrate making the playoffs, only to lose the division anyway. If they lose the wildcard that’ll be so depressing.

  41. I got heated with them after we got down by like 2.5 games and they kept telling me to be realistic and not set my expectations to high lmao literally whats the point of being a fan with that attitude

  42. Any hotel in the Battery will be pricey, but to be able to walk to/from the game and not pay parking and deal with the headache of leaving, they’re totally worth it. Aloft is pretty nice.

  43. I hope someone with better graphic design skills than me creates some "THE NL EAST IS OVER!!!" t shirts in the near future. Because... shut up and take my money!

  44. So glad he is following Will Smith’s pattern and was lights out to clinch. Expecting nothing less than an exact replica of the most dominant Braves closer ever…or at least of 2021.

  45. I got warned for harassment by Reddit because someone (Mets fan) reported my comment that said “f*ck off blue” towards the umpire in our GDT yesterday.

  46. Not to mention Umpire Scorecards had them at 18.37 runs in their favor this year. Good enough for 4 best most helped team behind AZ, NYY, and CWS. Braves were at a modest 3.1

  47. Can we please let Odorizzi pitch so he can get his moolah? Guillermo can come in in relief. I should manage this game. We would lose 44-2, but I should manage this game.

  48. Don’t wanna keep harping on the Mets, but I just thought of this: they will literally never feel safe after these last two seasons. They could get off on a legendary pace next season while we struggle, but with the (true) meme now that the Braves start slow only to finish hot, they will never get to feel comfortable with or enjoy a division lead again...

  49. Between the beginning of the season and August 7 (the day the Mets won their 4th game of our 5-game series), the Mets had 110 infield hits, which was the most in baseball. You may recall that whenever anybody brought this up, Mets fans would mock them and say it was because they put the ball in play, that luck wasn't a part of it, this was a sustainable skill, etc., to the point that it almost became a meme.

  50. I’ll never forget the few days after this series where a lot of people here unironically thought that the Braves needed to radically reteach hitting to all of our guys so they could be more like the Mets.

  51. I uploaded the Braves schedule to my Google calendar at the beginning of the season. It thinks the Braves and the Marlins will be playing in 15 minutes.

  52. I really don’t want to deal with the "destiny” shit that might come along with Pujols and the Cardinals. So I’m really pulling for the Phillies

  53. Is anyone else kind of terrified of the Cardinals in a 5 game series? Arenado/Goldschmidt/rejuvenated Pujols is scary, and their BP is right up there with ours.

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