One last time for the Mets.

  1. I have seen Timmy Trumpet twice and this makes me love him even more since he is now a double agent in aiding the lolMets collapse.

  2. Taps should be reserved for the funerals of military members and veterans. My great grandfather was an Army vet who fought in WW2. They draped the flag over him and played taps before they buried him. And he would be rolling in his grave in shear happiness at this because that man HATED THE METS WITH THE FIREY PASSION OF 1000 SUNS. FUCK THE METS!

  3. My grandpops loved the Braves and was a career miltary guy as well, Korea, Nam, drill sergeant, etc. He'd have cracked up at this and enjoyed every bit of the Mets collaspe.

  4. man, i REALLY hope we dont lose the NLCS to them cause the blowback from all this would be just absolutely crushing 🤣

  5. Nah man, we’re celebrating the NL East title and a ton of shit talking about it from Mets fans here. No matter what happens, we’re 2022 NL East champions for life. Rest of the season starts tomorrow.

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