Manny Pacquiao went back to school

  1. What are you talking about? Boxing teaches everything you need to know about politic. Why else do you think Vitali is the mayor of Kiev?

  2. A.B. Poly Sci taught by... Broner. “Today we gonna talk about political relationships between Ameri Cans, Mexi Cans and Afri Cans. None of these weak muthafuckas wanna put an embargo on me because I’m the best ever at this. A.B. About Business! You got your notebook out Emmanuel?!”

  3. I’m a teacher so I was able to imagine saying that to my students and I’m still laughing as I type this.

  4. He must be doing it online or privately. No way he can just walk into class on campus and not be mobbed the entire time.

  5. I've met people with degrees in Poli-Sci. I honestly hope they never get elected to any office with any amount of power.

  6. Could you imagine Mayweather going back to preschool to learn how to read? It would be like Billy Madison 2.0

  7. Lmfaoo! Daym man that's savage! But in all honesty someone needs to pay Floyd 100 million dollars to do this for the rights to document and sell his journey. Surely there is profit to be made there. Lord knows it would be hilarious to see him getting trash talked by 5 year olds and his reactions to it. I'm a Floyd fan so I'm not meaning to disrespect his boxing prowess.

  8. They offered Floyd one hundred billion Pac tokens and a free private concert and Floyd accepted but Manny threw his shoulder out hugging all his children at church so negotiatons fell apart

  9. I love how well loved and respected he is in the Philippines. The fact that he chooses to go back to education within the Philippines shows that he loves the country. Nice to see :D

  10. Imagine being in the game that long and just now deciding you should probably learn something about government administration.

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