Hey I have a question is there anyway for me to withdraw my money from bovada besides coinbase and Cashapp cause they both shut down so what’s another way I can use I won 3k and I’m tryna withdraw

  1. You can get your account banned transferring directly to any exchange, Coinbase and Cashapp included. Just use a simple intermediary wallet such as Coinomi in between. Bovada > Intermediary Wallet > Exchange.

  2. 2nded. I use exodus and it’s my first wallet so I didn’t/don’t know shit and it is perfect transferring in and out.

  3. I would buy a nano ledger wallet and transfer your money OFFLINE into cold storage. That way you keep control of your crypto rather than any exchange. Ledger's also have an exchange to buy/sell/swap your coins.

  4. Hardware wallets are great. I have a Ledger Nano X and a Trezor Model T myself. Prefer the Trezor actually.

  5. Gemini exchange will wire transfer you funds either same day or in one business day depending on your withdrawal time. My bank charged me a $15 wire fee for it but that's not too bad. As Frequent Divide always points out though, send it to intermediary wallet before sending to Gemini.

  6. Your bank charged you a fee for receiving funds from Gemini? That’s very interesting I’ve never heard of that, I basically stick with Coinbase.

  7. use blockchain, and then from there you can send to any digital wallet… hopefully you have a hot/cold wallet aside from Coinbase and cashapp? if you don’t have a hot wallet, you could always buy ledger or some sort of private key wallet.

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