lmao what if we all bought a bus, renovated it and ran away together?? haha jk ... unless if anyone else wants to buy a bus, renovate it and run away :0

  1. My only problem is I have no money or a license, but I've been wanting a camper for awhile now. It was for me and my cats but more people would be really cool. Especially people who can relate to each other

  2. I'm honestly not really joking. I've been wanting a camper for myself but a bus would be cool. I just don't have money which is the problem. Anybody have bus experience?? :P

  3. I found busses that cost 5,000 and the one I found is already empty so we can customize tf out of it. Im thinking of having everyone graffiti the outside, doodle, draw, express yourself for the people on the road to see! I saw that some of you are very artistic, we can sell art to afford gas, food, water. We can just travel places to see what this god forsaken country has in store for us. Mountains, forests, abandoned buildings to explore. We could low-key be the losers club lmao but of course, we can look out for each other, relate, maybe even find ourselves

  4. Been on the bus for quite some time, and riding it goes a long way to keeping me centered and connected to the world around me. Getting on the bus changed my life and has probably helped me more with coping with MY BPD than anything else. Your mileage will almost certainly vary.

  5. Well I'll take it, the only problem is that we need a buss that can fly over the sea once we're all over everywhere probably hahsjdjdjdk

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