Are forefathers

  1. The fact that no one, not the tattoo artist, not the person wearing this, not the sister wife, no one caught that makes it even better.

  2. I imagine these aren't the kind of people who would be too happy with having polyamorous, gay fathers.

  3. Would have been awesome if the artist added a question mark at the end, guy probably wouldn't have noticed lol

  4. Stupid fucking tattoo aside, this person will never be able to get that “are” to turn into “our”. It’s so densely put together and the lettering choice makes it worse. I’m sorta happy they’ll be branded with this for all to see forever

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  6. It's a little known fact that the Continental Army's innovative use of wooden musket barrels directly contributed to victory.

  7. He definitely meant "Are forefathers fought for our freedom?" as in, "Is someone fighting forefathers for our freedom?" 😂

  8. So many people make the same error. Another well used could of for the conjunction of ‘could have’ could’ve. Sad

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